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Chapter 391: Battle to the Death Challenge

Chapter 391: Battle to the Death Challenge

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"Qingfeng, will you take the Battle to the death Challenge? Or will you be a coward and make a woman protect you," Shaoyang said sarcastically while sneering.

"Hahah, alright, why not? I'll take your challenge," Qingfeng replied arrogantly while laughing.

Qingfeng acted more arrogant than Shaoyang since he didn’t even take this petty Fight Challenge seriously.

Ruyan freaked out and grabbed Qingfeng shoulder once she heard him, "Qingfeng, why are you so impulsive that you accepted the challenge? Once you accept it, one person will definitely die."

"Ruyan, don’t worry, you are mine. I’ll kill whoever tries you take you away from me."

"Oh My goodness, what a real man!"

"Right?! I’ve never seen any other men as masculine as him."

"Damn, I feel like I already fell for him."

The girls outside the arena started to adore Qingfeng, almost like they were seeing a hot male celebrity.

These girls were all princesses in royal families in Jing Capital. They were rich and beautiful and had seen countless gorgeous-looking men in town. Yet, it was their first time witnessing a masculine , real man like Qingfeng.

Especially when he said "You are mine, I’ll kill whoever tries to take you away from me". It drove all the girls crazy.

All the ladies in the lobby started to adore Qingfeng while all the guys became jealous. They glared at Qingfeng as if they were glaring at a dead corpse. This dude dared to not only get in trouble with Shaoyang but also get his woman, he is basically a deadman walking.

"Qingfeng, you have guts. I'll be waiting for you at the arena," Shaoyang sneered and walked towards the arena outside.

The arena was a gigantic marble platform located in an open area outside the hotel.

Qingfeng smiled faintly and followed up after seeing Shaoyang walk out. The rest of the princes and princesses followed behind them.

The Battle to the death only happened once every ten years. Everyone would, certainly, not want to miss this chance. Yet, most people were curious how Qingfeng was going to be killed by Shaoyang.

"Cousin, why did you accepted this challenge?" Meier asked frustratingly while walking up to Qingfeng.

Wuqing and her brought Qingfeng to this Jing Capital Young Master Gathering today. How would she explain to everyone back there if Qingfeng died?

Qingfeng could tell Meier was worrying about him and said, " Cousin, don’t worry, Shaoyang won’t be able to do anything to me."

"Cousin, Shaoyang is the top master in the younger generation in Jing Capital, he is far stronger than you."

"Cousin, trust me. He really can’t do harm to me."

"Cousin, remember to surrender if you are going to die. Maybe he'll let you off," Meier told Qingfeng in a low voice since she still didn’t believe he could win over Shaoyang.

Wuqing was laughing on the side, "Meier, you are too innocent. One person will have to die once they are on the arena. Quitting won’t do anything, we just need to wait here and carry his dead body after."

"Cousin, seems like you really want me to die, huh?" Qingfeng said indifferently while glancing at Wuqing.

"Cousin, what I said is true. You put yourself to death once you accepted the challenge, it’s not like I could stop you anyway." Wuqing said calmly.

Wuqing really disliked, even hated Qingfeng, since this dude was over arrogant. Even more arrogant than himself.

"Cousin, then I might let you down, because I won’t die," Qingfeng smiled lightly and stop talking to Wuqing, walking outside with Ruyan.

Arena, Conqueror’s Hotel. At this moment, the edge of the arena was surrounded by people, who were all princes and princesses from different families in Jing Capital.

Shaoyang was dressed in black with a long blade in his hand while looking at Qingfeng arrogantly on the arena.

When Qingfeng was about to step on the platform, someone suddenly jumped on the platform before him. This person was no one else but Lengxue Ye from the Ye Family.

"Lengxue Ye, I’m challenging Qingfeng, what are you doing here?" Shaoyang frowned and looked at him confusedly.

He challenged Qingfeng and wanted to battle with him. What was this dude doing here?

In spite of Shaoyang, everyone in the crowd had no clue what was going on. There must be something wrong with Lengxue’s mind.

"Shaoyang Wang, I am challenging you!" Lengxue yelled out loud while sneering.

Lengxue lost the battle with Shaoyang in the Jing Capital’s Young Master Gathering last year. That was a remarkable humiliation for him. Therefore, he decided to beat Shaoyang and remove all of his shame from the gathering this year.

"I can take your challenge after I kill Qingfeng," Shaoayng waved his hand and said indifferently as he knew what Lengxue was thinking.

"No way. I won’t take advantage of your weakened state, I need to fight against you right now at your pinnacle condition!" Lengxue said calmly and insisted on fighting with Shaoyang immediately.

What Lengxue meant was simple. Shaoyang would be exhausted after the battle with Qingfeng. Even if he did kill Qingfeng, he would lose most of his energy. Therefore, Lengxue wouldn’t feel any better even though he could beat Shaoyang

Lengxue wanted to win against Shaoyang officially and gained the title of the Top Young Master in Jing Capital.

Shaoyang became mad after hearing that. He only wanted to kill Qingfeng at the moment yet his plan was disturbed by Lengxue’s stupid challenge.

"Lengxue Ye, then I'll have a match with you. I'll end it with just three swings of my blade." Shaoyang said arrogantly while moving out his long blade.

Excuse me? Beat me after using your blade for three times?

Lengxue felt like he was being underestimated and he looked at him furiously, "Shaoyang Wang, you don’t have the skill to beat me within three swings of your blade, watch for your arrogance."

"You would know my position after this."

"Then come at me!"

"Lengxue Ye, here we go. Taste my Whirlwind Blade Technique," Shaoyang sneered and made a huge cyclone by waving his blade in the air.

"Perfect, I also wanted to show you my Cold Blood Fist."Lengxue held his fist tight and it turned into a bloody red color.


Shaoyang shoved the cyclone that formed from his blade at Lengxue while Lengxue hit that with his Bloody Punch.


The blade and the fist hit together and made a huge noise on the arena. Shaoyang didn’t move at all while Lengxue took several steps back. He could feel some burning on his fist after the first hit which obviously brought him to a vulnerable position.

Qingfeng was looking at Lengxue fighting up there and didn’t know how to react while standing under the platform. He didn’t expect there would be an idiot popping out halfway on his walk to the death battle arena.