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Chapter 392: Qingfeng, Come Up and Accept Your Death!

Chapter 392: Qingfeng, Come Up and Accept Your Death!

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What a powerful punch! Everyone in the crowd was shocked from what they witnessed. Lengxue was, indeed, strong enough to defend himself from Shaoyang’s blade with his own fist. The inherited Cold Blood Fist from the Ye Family was truly impressive.

Shaoyang frowned and didn’t expect Lengxue’s Cold Blood Fist was so powerful that it could even block his blade.

Yet, he wasn’t worried at all since the Cyclone he made from his blade was just the first cut, the next two cuts he hadn’t used were going to be more devastating.

Shaoyang was thinking of killing Qingfeng with his Whirlwind Blade Technique, but since he was now being challenged by Lengxue and he vowed to beat him within three attacks, he decided to reveal his real strength and attack Lengxue with his final techniques.

"Lengxue Ye, I’m telling you that you still wouldn’t be able to beat me even if you did learn the Cold Blood Fist," Shaoayng said arrogantly while sneering.

Lengxue laughed and said angrily, " Shut up, Shaoyang Wang. Didn’t you say you were going to beat me within three attacks? You already used one and you have two more left."

‘Lengxue Ye, let me show you what my Whirlwind Blade really looks like," Shaoyang waved a loop with his blade and formed a huge cyclone.


The air froze and formed multiple light distortions under Shaoyang’s blade.

Air blades? Air blades were actually formed?

Qingfeng frowned and was surprised how Shaoyang was actually able to form air blades with his swings.

In fact, only S level aces could form them. This Shaoyang was unbelievably skilled for knowing such a trick at such a young age.

Even the head of the top four Assassin Organization in the world only had one SS level ace.

No wonder Shaoyang could be so confident that he could kill Qingfeng with his S level strength. Unfortunately, he was so wrong. Qingfeng wasn’t scare of him at all.

Lengxue was shocked and glared at the light strips. He could feel a invincible flow from them.

Lengxue held his fist tightly and started to embed his family hidden punch technique into his hands. Soon, his fists turned bloodily red and were covered by a thin layer that protected it from any regular swords or blades.

Yes, Cold Blood Fist wouldn’t be hurt by any regular sword or blade, but the ones of Shaoyang wasn’t anything regular. His blade was made of fine steel and joined with titanium alloy, plus the Whirlwind Blade Technique he formed could destroy Lengxue within a second.

"Whirlwind Blade Technique, Whirlwind Air Blade," Shaoyang yelled and waved out two streaks of light strips formed by his blade at Lengxue’s fist.


Two streaks of light strips were, indeed, forceful. They broke the protective layer of Lengxue’s Cold Blood Fist and smashed the skin out of his hand that even made his bone visible.

Once the protective layer of the Cold Blood Fist was destroyed, it would become an ordinary fist. Shaoayng could easily cut his fist in a half with one more blade attack.

What, he broke my Cold Blood Fist layer?

Lengxue freaked out and he could felt his burning fist as blood kept flowing out.

He felt the strength of Shaoyang has at least doubled up which made him way stronger.

Shaoyang stared at Lengxue aggressively and waved the third attack. Three air blades were formed and shoved towards Lengxue.

Lengxue lost his sanity when he saw the strips. He knew he could let them hit to his fist since it would completely destroy it.

The Cold Blood Fist relied on the fist and it would be like a eagle without claws once he lost his fist.

Backed off…

Lengxue kept stepping back while the blade strips kept moving forward.

Lengxue missed his step and fell out of the arena.

Shaoyang tucked in his blade after seeing Lengxue has dropped down from the arena. The cyclone formed by his blade also disappeared right away.

"See what I’ve said, I’ll beat you within three attacks. You are no match for me,"

Lengxue’s face became clouded. He thought he would be able to remove his humiliation last year once he adopted the Cold Blood Fist. Right now, he was even more mortified that he was beaten by Shaoyang within three attacks.

He sensed the strength of Shaoyang has become stronger. He was at least a S level ace to break his Cold Blood Fist.

"Cousin, your fist is bleeding, let me bandage it," Red Butterfly Yip ran up to Lengxue and started to wrap up his bleeding fist while feeling sorrowful.

She tears some pieces of her clothes and wrapped up Lengxue’s fist with it

Yet, this first son of the younger generation was beaten within three attacks by Shaoyang now. Hongdie knew her cousin must be really mad.

Lengxue felt his heart hurt more than his bleeding fist since he has lost the game. He felt ashamed for being such a loser.

Shaoyang walked to the middle of the arena and pointed at Qingfeng with his blade, said arrogantly, "Qingfeng Li, come up and accept your death."

"Qingfeng Li, come up and accept your death", his voice was oud enough to let everyone in the hotel be able to hear it. The crowd all looked at Qingfeng and was doubting whether he still had guts to go up there.

After all, since Shaoyang has confirmed the Death Challenge with Qingfeng, one of them would have to die until the game ended.

Besides, Lengxue’s being defeated by Shaoyang within three strikes has proven his strength. That being said, nobody else would dare to challenge Shaoyang in Yanjing.

Qingfeng hated to be threatened. Now, he was even pointed with a blade by Shaoyang right in his face in public, it made him really irritated.

"Shaoyang Wang, I’ll fulfill your wish if you want to die so much like this," Qingfeng sneered and jumped up to the 3-meter-high arena like a leopard.

What an impressive jump! Shaoyang paused a bit with surprise. This black concrete arena was 3-meter-high an even he had to walked up along the stairs. How could Qingfeng just jumped up on here right away?

Instead of disdain, Shaoyang has raised his alert on Qingfeng at the moment.

"Qingfeng Li, you cuckolded me and kissed my fiancée, I would break your limbs, smash your balls and torture you to hell today," Shaoyang yelled viciously and looked ferocious.

Shaoyang felt killing Qingfeng with one attack was too easy for him, he had to let this dude taste the torture and bitterness of this world that made him regret being here.