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Chapter 393: One Punch

Chapter 393: One Punch

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Break my limbs and smash my balls?

Qingfeng’s expression darkened when he heard Shaoyang Wang’s malicious words. Shaoyang Wang was too malicious. He wanted him to have a fate worse than death.

"Shaoyang Wang, great. I need to return your favors. Today, I will break your limbs and smash your balls," Qingfeng said cold smile.

Qingfeng was not one to let his enemies go easily. His enemies should kneel before him.

The surrounding spectators were excited to see Shaoyang Wang and Qingfeng fight. Men were naturally bloodthirsty; the upcoming battle made them excited.

When two tigers fight, one was sure to lose. In their eyes, Shaoyang Wang was the tiger. Qingfeng was at most an insect and no match for Shaoyang Wang.

"Cousin, who do you think will win?" Meier Li asked Wuqing Li.

Wuqing Li said with a faint smile, "Meier, do you even need to ask? Shaoyang Wang will win for sure. He will kill Qingfeng."

Sigh, was cousin going to die? Meier Li sighed and a flash of sadness appeared on her face.

Afterall, they were all descendants fo the Li Family. Even though there was conflict amongst the previous generation, she did not want Qingfeng to die. But there was nothing she could do as this was a battle to the death.

"Hmph, what a joke. Qingfeng Li will not die. It will definitely be Shaoyang Wang who dies." Suddenly, a voice of disdain was heard.

Wuqing Li turned around and saw that the person who spoke was Red Butterfly Yip. He furrowed his brows and said, "Miss Yip, what do you mean? How could Qingfeng win?"

Wuqing Li was very confused as to why Red Butterfly Yip would think that Qingfeng would win. Was she sane?

"Yes, the winner will definitely be Qingfeng," Red Butterfly Yip said confidently with a smile.

Others might not believe that Qingfeng will win but Red Butterfly Yip was very confident. After all, he was the Wolf King of the Wolf Contident. How could Shaoyang Wang be a match for Wolf King?

The surrounding people were all speechless when they heard Red Butterfly Yip’s words. Even the LengXue Ye had lost to Shaoyang Wang, how could Qingfeng defeat Shaoyang Wang?

At the same moment, two people observed the battle from dark hidden corners.

In the east corner, a tall man in green coat stood there silently. He seemed to have blended into the surroundings. No one around him seemed to have discovered him.

The man in green was none other than Green Dragon Demon King. He was one of the ten demon kings who worked under the Third Master. He was the true ruler of the Great Conqueror Hotel.

Ning Yang had notified him when Qingfeng and Shaoyang Wang had agreed to a battle to the death. It has been more than a dozen years since anyone had agreed to a battle to the death. He wanted to see the courageous people who agreed to the battle.

But his expression changed when he saw Qingfeng’s facial features. Qingfeng heavily resembled Third Master of the Li Family. After questioning Ning Yang, he became aware that the Qingfeng was the son of the Third Master.

Third Master was the master of Green Dragon Demon King, Qingfeng was naturally the crowned prince . Thus, Green Dragon Demon King chose to hide in a corner. If Qingfeng was in any danger, he would protect him.

In the West corner, there was an elderly man who wore a black robe. He looked frail but his body was exuding a strong sense of power. Even the ants on the ground ran away when they saw him.

The man was Ku Wang. He was an elder of the Wang Family and extremely strong. His duty was to protect Shaoyang Wang.

Green Dragon Demon King and the frail elder had both noticed each other. They looked at each other with killer intent in their eyes, wishing to erase the other one’s existence within the next instant.

The Wang and Li Family have been enemies for generations. Ku Wang and the Green Dragon Demon King were also enemies who frequently battled each other in the past.

Truthfully, if Qingfeng and Shaoyang Wang were not on the battle arena, the Green Dragon Demon King and the frail elder would have started fighting.

Qingfeng and Shaoyang Wang stood across each other on the battle arena. They were not aware that they were each protected by a strong fighter behind them.

Of course, Qingfeng had great perception so he could sense that there were strong auras emitting from the two corners.

But Qingfeng was about to start a fight to the death with Shaoyang Wang so he had no time to acknowledge the two powerful auras.

"Qingfeng Li, I will defeat you with a single strike with my sword today," Shaoyang Wang arrogantly said as he drew his sword.

He decided to defeat Qingfeng with a single strike. Then he would break his limbs and balls so that Qingfeng would die in pain.

"It is no wonder Shaoyang Wang is the number one young master of the Capital. He is so powerful; he plans to defeat Qingfeng with a single strike."

"Yes, Shaoyang Wang has the skills to do so. It seems like he plans to torture Qingfeng or he would have killed him with a single strike."

"Sigh, Qingfeng is so pitiful. I am starting to pity him."

"He is reaping the fruits of his actions. Who asked him to be oppose Shaoyang Wang?"

The surrounding people discussed animatedly. Everyone believed that Shaoyang Wang will win and that Qingfeng will be killed. Only ryl and Red Buttefly Yip had confidence in Qingfeng.

Defeat me with a single strike?

A flash of coldness appeared in Qingfeng’s eyes. He was angry that he was being looked down upon.

No one can humiliate the Wolf King.

The Wolf King cannot be treated with such disdain.

Qingfeng smiled coldly and emitted a strong aura. He said arrogantly, "You are not qualified to defeat me with a single strike! You should not look down upon the Wolf King. Today, I will defeat you with a single punch."

Defeat you with a single punch.

A flash of disdain appeared in Shaoyang Wang’s eyes when he heard Qingfeng’s words. He thought that Qingfeng must be boasting. He managed to even defeat Lengxue Ye’s Cold Blooded Fist. How could Qingfeng be a match for him? Qingfeng was daydreaming!

"Red Butterfly, is Qingfeng crazy?" Lengxue Ye asked Red Butterfly Yip as he furrowed his brows.

"Cousin, why do you say so?" Red Butterfly Yip asked with displeasure. She did not understand why her cousin would call Qingfeng a crazy man.

Lengxue Ye looked at his fist and said, "Shaoyang Wang even managed to defeat my Cold Blooded Fist, how could Qingfeng defeat Shaoyang Wang with a single fist?"

"Cousin, it is because he is Qingfeng Li."

"Qingfeng Li is only an old young master of the Li Family. I don't think he will be able to defeat Shaoyang Wang."

"Cousin, trust me, Qingfeng will definitely defeat Shaoyang Wang," Red Butterfly Yip said confidently.

Red Butterfly Yip was confident in Qingfeng’s abilities as he was the Wolf King. However, she was not going to reveal Qingfeng’s identity to her cousin as it was classified information.