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Chapter 394: Stomping Shaoyang Wang, Again

Chapter 394: Stomping Shaoyang Wang, Again

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On the battle arena.

Shaoyang Wang’s sword flashed as he waved it towards Qingfeng.

In order to defeat Qingfeng with a single strike, he used his most powerful attack. The sword flashed as it sliced the air and emitted a sharp piercing sound as Shaoyang Wang swung the sword toward Qingfeng.

The surround people felt a chilling sensation. They knew that if the sword landed on a steel plate, it would be enough to split the plate in two. A sword which could split a steel plate must have a scary amount of power. None of the surrounding young masters would be able to take the strike.

But Qingfeng was calm when faced with Shaoyang Wang’s powerful attack. He did not even move an inch.

"Brother, don’t be so arrogant. You should at least try to dodge it," thought the surrounding people as they looked at Qingfeng speechlessly with disdain in their eyes.

An ordinary person would have tried to dodge Shaoyang Wang’s powerful strike. But Qingfeng did not move a single inch. When the sword was about to strike his body, Qingfeng suddenly waved his left fist towards the sword.

Since Shaoyang Wang had used the most powerful attack of the Wang Family, Qingfeng also used the most powerful attack of the Li Family – the Conqueror’s Fist.

The Conqueror’s Fist was an attack passed through generations in the Li Family. Only the Third Master of the Li Family knew how to execute this attack. Naturally, as the Third Master’s son, Qingfeng had also learned the attack.


Qingfeng’s fist landed like a meteorite onto Shaoyang Wang’s sword. A loud boom was heard.


Shaoyang Wang was stunned when the sword in his hand was broken into two. Qingfeng’s fist did not stop after he broke Shaoyang Wang’s sword. His fist landed onto Shaoyang Wang’s chest and sent him flying through the air. Shaoyang Wang landed heavily on the battle arena and coughed up a mouthful of blood. Four of his ribs were also broken.

Shaoyang Wang was defeated with a single fist.

All attacks were weak when compared to the Wolf King. Furthermore, Qingfeng had used the Great Conqueror Fist. Shaoyang Wang was no match for Qingfeng.

"What? Shaoyang Wang is defeated? Am I dreaming?"

"You are not dreaming. Shaoyang Wang is defeated by Qingfeng with a single fist."

"Wtf, is Qingfeng still human? Why is he so strong?"

At the moment, everyone was stunned and their mouths were wide agape. What happened was beyond their imagination.

In the Capital, Shaoyang Wang was the number one fighter of the younger generation. But he was defeated by Qingfeng with a single fist. His sword was also broken into two pieces with a single fist. What the heck?!

Before the battle, everyone thought that Shaoyang Wang would win and Qingfeng would be defeated. But the result was that Shaoyang Wang had lost terribly.

Even Red Butterfly Yip was stunned. She already knew that Qingfeng was extremely powerful but she did not think that he could defeat Shaoyang Wang with a single fist.

Cough cough…

Shaoyang Wang’s face was ghastly pale. He coughed up a mouthful of blood and looked at Qingfeng with hatred.

He lost. Shaoyang Wang refused to admit defeat. He wanted to stand up and continue the battle with Qingfeng.


Just as Shaoyang Wang was about to stand up, Qingfeng walked towards him and slammed his foot on his chest. Qingfeng looked down at him and said, "Loser, you cannot even take a single fist of mine."

Shaoyang Wang coughed up another mouthful of blood when he heard Qingfeng’s words. He said furiously, "Get your feet off my chest!"

Shaoyang Wang was furious and humiliated. He was not only defeated by Qingfeng with a single fist, his chest was also stepped on by Qingfeng. It was too humiliating.

"Get my foot off your chest? In your dreams," Qingfeng said with a cold smile. Qingfeng lifted his left leg and kicked towards Shaoyang Wang’s limbs.

katcha, katcha, katcha, katcha!

Shaoyang Wang moaned painfully as his limbs were broken by Qingfeng. It was too painful; he could not endure it. After Qingfeng broke Shaoyang Wang’s limbs, he lifted his leg and kicked towards Shaoyang Wang’s balls.

Shaoyang Wang was scared shitless when he saw Qingfeng’s actions. If his balls were crushed, how could he be a man anymore?

"Stop!" Suddenly, an angry voice was heard. A frail elder dashed towards the arena with fire in his eyes.

He thought that Shaoyang Wang would win for sure so he kept his distance. He did not expect Shaoyang Wang to be defeated with a single fist. Shaoyang Wang’s limbs were already broken before he had recovered from his shock.

The frail elder quickly ran towards the battle arena when he saw that Qingfeng was about to crush Shaoyang Wang’s balls.

He knew that he must not let Qingfeng crush Shaoyang Wang’s balls or there would not be a successor for the Wang Family.

"Save me, Elder." Happiness appeared in Shaoyang Wang’s eyes when he saw the frail elder rushing towards the arena.

He knew that the frail man was an Elder of the Wang Family. The frail elder was very strong. The Elder would be here in a few seconds. Then, he would be saved. He must make the Elder avenge him.
Qingfeng ignored the frail elder’s words. He lifted his legs and stepped mercilessly on Shaoyang Wang’s balls.


Blood spewed out of Shaoyang Wang’s balls as his balls were crushed. He let out a painful moan and passed out from the pain.

What a vicious young man. The surrounding people looked at Qingfeng with fear in their eyes. They unconsciously stepped back; some even held onto their crotch in fear. Qingfeng was too vicious. He not only broke Shaoyang Wang’s limbs, he also crushed his balls. At this moment, Qingfeng was a devil in the crowd’s eyes.

"Bastard! I told you to stop!" The frail elder said furiously when he arrived at the battle arena.

"Who are you to tell me what to do?" Qingfeng said proudly with a smile.

"Bastard, you dare to crush Shaoyang Wang’s balls. Do you know you are in trouble?" The frail elder said coldly as a flash of killer intent appeared in his eyes.

"I am not only doing that. I am also going to kill him," Qingfeng said coldly as he slammed his feet towards Shaoyang Wang’s head.

He was prepared to step Shaoyang Wang to death. The two had already agreed to a battle to the death before they stepped onto the battle arena.

The frail elder was furious when he saw Qingfeng’s intentions. He would not allow Shaoyang Wang to die here.

"Withered Vine Claw!" The frail elder yelled as he pounced at Qingfeng.

He was going to kill Qingfeng with a single claw to avenge Shaoyang Wang.