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Chapter 396: Number One Young Master of Jing Capital

Chapter 396: Number One Young Master of Jing Capital

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The frail elder jumped like an eagle into the air. His two hands were like claws that sliced the air. He clawed viciously towards the Green Dragon Demon King.

He knew that he had to kill Green Dragon Demon King first before he could kill Qingfeng Li.
The Green Dragon Demon King smiled coldly when he faced the attacks of the frail elder. His fist turned into a flash of green light as he hurled it towards the frail elder.

Boom boom boom boom.

Loud booms were heard as the claws and hands of the two men collided repeatedly. They were both fighters of the SS Level and extremely strong. Their attacks caused piercing sounds in the air. The hard marble floor was dented by the steps of the two men.

But Green Dragon Demon King was clearly stronger than the frail elder. Green Dragon Demon King’s attacks caused the other to step backward. One of Green Dragon Demon King’s fists landed on the frail elder’s body and caused him to cough out a mouthful of blood.

Unfortunately, Green Dragon Demon King did not realize that the frail elder was taking steps towards Qingfeng’s direction.

The frail elder was intentionally making his way towards Qingfeng. He wanted to avenge Shaoyang Wang and kill Qingfeng.

When the frail elder was two meters away from Qingfeng, he suddenly turned around. He leapt towards Qingfeng and clawed his hands towards Qingfeng’s neck.

"Be careful, young master!" Green Dragon Demon King was filled with panic. He did not expect the frail elder to be so cunning and despicable. They were in a battle but the frail elder suddenly turned around to attack Qingfeng.

Everyone was stunned when they saw the scene. No one expected the Elder of the Wang Family to sneak attack Qingfeng. Ruyan Liu’s face was ghastly pale. She was just about to warn Qingfeng of the attack but the claw was already in front of Qingfeng. It was too late.

A flicker of delight appeared in the frail elder’s eyes. His hands were just next to Qingfeng’s neck. He only needed to move his hand and he could break Qingfeng’s neck. However, the next moment, he was unable to move his body. He stared fearfully at his neck. There was a bloody cut on his neck. Blood poured out of the cut.


The frail elder felled onto the ground. His head was beheaded from his body and rolled on the ground. Before his death, the frail elder’s eyes were wide opened. Till his death, he did not understand how Qingfeng attacked or beheaded him.

Qingfeng smiled coldly and cleaned the blood off the broken sword. He then threw the broken sword which he had used to behead the frail elder casually on the ground.

Qingfeng had realized immediately that the frail elder was going to sneak attack him. He waited till the frail elder was in front of him before killing him with a single strike.

The frail elder dared to sneak attack the Wolf King, he was seeking his death.
gulp gulp…

The surrounding people gulped anxiously. They were stunned when Qingfeng killed Shaoyang Wang. But they became terrified when they saw Qingfeng killing the frail elder. The frail elder was an Elder of the Wang Family and a level SS fighter. However, Qingfeng had killed him with a single strike. How strong must Qingfeng be?

Even Green Dragon Demon King was stunned. He knew that the frail elder was not his opponent. However, he would need at least thirty strikes to kill the frail elder. But the young master only used a single strike to behead the frail elder. The difference between them was so striking.

At this moment, Green Dragon Demon King looked at Qingfeng with surprise and excitement. He was reminded of the Great Conqueror by Qingfeng.

Back then, the Great Conqueror had beheaded the head of the Wang Family with a single strike. He was then named the number one fighter of the Capital. Then, he led the ten Demon Kings to conquer Huaxia.

"The number one young master of the Capital is Qingfeng Li," yelled someone in the crowd.

Everyone started to shout, "Number one young master of the Capital, Qingfeng Li."

"Number one young master of the Capital, Qingfeng Li." The sound resounded in the battle arena.
Everyone looked at Qingfeng with admiration. They knew that the new number one young master of the Capital was born. Furthermore, Qingfeng was stronger than the previous young masters by a shocking scale.

These young masters were all descendants of big families. It was in their blood to worship strong fighters. Of course, in some corners, some of the intelligent young masters were worried on Qingfeng’s behalf. Qingfeng had killed Shaoyang Wang and an Elder of the Wang Family. This would be a personal grudge between him and the Wang Family.

The Wang Family was the number one family in the Capital. They would not let Qingfeng go.
"Young Master, you are so strong," Green Dragon Demon King said respectfully. His eyes were filled with excitement.

"I will bring Ruyan Liu home first. Wait for me at the hotel," Qingfeng said with a faint smile.
The gathering of the young masters has ended. It was time for him to bring Ruyan Liu home. After bringing her home, he needed to speak with Green Dragon Demon King to gather some information about his father.

Qingfeng walked down the battle arena and walked towards Ruyan Liu’s side. He said with a smile, "Ruyan, let me bring you home."

"Okay," Ruyan Liu nodded as she held onto Qingfeng hand. The two then headed out.

The surrounding people made a path for them. They looked at Ruyan Liu with enviousness in their eyes. It was the dream of many women to have the number one young master of the Capital bring them home.

Outside the hotel, Qingfeng and Ruyan Liu sat on the Maserati. There was a driver but Ruyan Liu asked him to go home. She has not seen Qingfeng for a long time so she wanted to spend some alone time with him.

Qingfeng took the driver’s seat and drove towards the bridge in the distance.
"Qingfeng, that is not the direction to my home," Ruyan Liu reminded him as she furrowed her brows.

Before she got into the car, she had already told Qingfeng the directions. Why was Qingfeng heading towards the opposite direction?

"Ruyan, I know that this is not the way to your home."

"Since you already know, why are you driving towards there?"

"Don’t ask me, you will know soon," Qingfeng said with a faint smile. A heated glance flickered in his eyes.

30 minutes later, they arrived at a large bridge. The bridge was quite hidden. The river was right under them and there were few passersby.

"Why did you bring me here?" Ruyan Liu was puzzled when she saw that there was no one here.
"Ruyan, I missed you," Qingfeng said after parking the car. He looked at Ruyan Liu with a heated gaze.

Ruyan Liu’s face reddened when she saw Qingfeng’s heated glance. She naturally knew what Qingfeng wanted to do. He definitely wanted to xxoo her.