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Chapter 398: The Heartless Li Family

Chapter 398: The Heartless Li Family

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"Green Dragon Demon King, how do I find the Great Conqueror Badge?" Qingfeng asked.

His voice was anxious. He yearned to find the Great Conqueror Badge as he would be able to find his teacher if the found the badge.

"Young master, the Great Conqueror Badge is in the hands of the Lion Demon King. If you want to find it, you need to find the Lion Demon King."

"Where is the Lion Demon?"

"Young master, he last appeared in Miaojiang 3 years ago. He later disappeared," Great Conqueror Badge explained with a bitter smile.

Disappeared? Qingfeng’s expression changed. He was upset. First, his parents had disappeared, then his teacher also disappeared. Now, Lion Demon who held onto the Great Conqueror Badge had also disappeared.

Qingfeng felt that the events were not ordinary. He instinctively felt that there was a hidden secret.

But Qingfeng’s wedding with Xue Lin was in two days. He could only put this matter to the side first. He decided that he would seek to reveal the secrets after the wedding.

"Green Dragon Demon King, please manage the Great Conqueror hotel well. I will go home now," Qingfeng said with a wave of his hand. He then left the hotel.

When Qingfeng walked out of the hotel, Wuqing Li and Meier Liwere waiting for him outside of the hotel.

The expression of the two changed slightly when they saw Qingfeng. Meier Li was happy that Qingfeng had wont the battle to the death. Wuqing Li was pale and frightened.

Wuqing Li was truly scared since he had mocked Qingfeng in the past. He even said that Qingfeng would lose the battle for sure and that he would bury Qingfeng’s body for him. But now that Qingfeng had beheaded Shaoyang Wang and the frail elder, Wuqing Li was afraid that Qingfeng would go after him.

Wuqing Li knew that he could not even beat Shaoyang Wang. There was no way he would be able to win against Qingfeng who was the number one young master of the Capital.

It was clear that Wuqing Li had been thinking too much. Qingfeng only glanced lightly at him before he got onto the car with Meier Li.

Qingfeng did not care about people like Wuqing Li. He had many things to attend to. He did not have time to deal with Wuqing Li.

Soon, the car arrived at the Li Family.

The head of the Li Family was clearly aware of Qingfeng’s actions at the gathering. Qingfeng had showcased his strength and killed Shaoyang Wang and the frail elder.

However, Zhenjaing Li did not welcome Qingfeng. Instead, he said coldly, "Qingfeng Li, do you know you made a huge mess?"

"Uncle, what mess did I make?" Qingfeng said as he furrowed his brows. He was unhappy with Zhenjiang Li’s tone.

"Let me tell you, Shaoyang Wang is the successor of the Wang Family. The Wang Family will definitely kill you for killing Shaoyang Wang. You are bringing trouble to the Li Family," Zhenjiang Li said lividly.

Wang Family was the number one family of the Capital. There were countless strong fighters in the Wang Family such as the number one fighter of the Capital, Dragon King. The Li Family dared not go against the Wang Family.

In the eyes of others, Qingfeng might have attracted everyone’s eyes with his actions. But in the eyes of Zhenjiang Li, Qingfeng had brought trouble to the Li Family. Thus, he was deeply dissatisfied and livid with Qingfeng.

"Uncle, you are afraid that I will implicate the Li Family?" Qingfeng said coldly.

He was thoroughly disappointed with his uncle. At this crucial moment, his uncle was more concerned with the interests of the Li Family.

"Qingfeng, it’s good that you know. Since you have angered the Wang Family, I will not attend your wedding," Zhenjiang Li said coldly.

When Qingfeng had arrived at the Li Family, Zhenjiang Li had promised to attend his wedding. But now, to cut ties with Qingfeng, he went as far as to refuse to attend Qingfeng’s wedding.

The Head of the Li Family actually went back on his words for his own interests. His actions disgusted Qingfeng.

"Uncle, it’s okay if you don't attend my wedding. I don’t care if people from the Li Family attend," Qingfeng said coldly. His eyes were filled with disdain.

He did not want to inform the Li Family of his wedding. But he still came to inform them since he was a descendant of the Li Family. He did not expect the Head of the family to go back on his words and refuse to attend his wedding in front of everyone.

Qingfeng was well aware of Zhenjiang Li’s thoughts. He wanted to cut ties with Qingfeng to let the Wang Family know that Qingfeng was an abandoned member of the Li Family. The Li Family would not protect Qingfeng.

The Li Family was heartless. They had heartlessly abandoned Qingfeng.

"Xue Lin, let’s go," Qingfeng said as he grabbed onto Xue Lin’s hand and headed out.

He did not want to stay in this family any longer. This family had completely broke his heart.

"Little Qingfeng, stop for a moment," Tiangang Chen quickly stopped Qingfeng.

"Grandfather Chen, what’s the matter?" Qingfeng said in a low voice. He still respected Grandfather Chen deeply.

"Little Qingfeng, I will attend your wedding," Tiangang Chen said with a smile.

It was Zhenjiang Li’s business that he refused to attend. Tiangang Chen was determined to attend the wedding. Little Qingfeng was his grandchild.

"Cousin, I will attend your wedding too," Meier Li said suddenly.

Meier Li was also . As the head of the family and Qingfeng’s uncle, he had already promised to attend Qingfeng’s wedding. But now, he refused to attend Qingfeng’s wedding as he was afraid of the revenge of the Wang Family. She could not stand by anymore.

Zhenjiang Li’s expression darkened when he heard that Tiangang Chen and Meier Li were both attending Qingfeng’s wedding. He was the Head of the Li Family; the members of the Li Family should listen to his words.

But now, the housekeeper and his niece had both disobeyed his orders. They have publicly proclaimed that they would be attending Qingfeng’s wedding? They were publicly disrespecting him!

Zhenjiang Li looked at Tiangang Chen and Meier Li darkly with displeasure.

"Grandfather Chen, Meier, thank you," Qingfeng said with a smile.

He was very disappointed with his uncle. But he was very touched that Grandfather Chen and Meier Li would both attend his wedding. He knew that within the Li Family, only the two of them cared about him.

"Little Qingfeng, if the Wang Family finds trouble with you, Grandfather Chen will shield you. Even though I am old, my skills are still sharp," Tiangang Chen said with concern as he patted Qingfeng on the back.

Wang Family was strong but Tiangang Chen was unafraid. Qingfeng was the grandson of his sworn brother. Even if he had to die, he would die protecting Qingfeng.

"Grandfather Chen, be rest assured. If the Wang Family dared to find trouble with me, I will destroy them," Qingfeng said arrogantly with pride.

Qingfeng chatted with Grandfather Chen for a little longer before he lef the Li Family with Xue Lin. They headed back towards ES City.