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Chapter 399: Returning to Eastern Sea City

Chapter 399: Returning to Eastern Sea City

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Qingfeng and Xue Lin arrived at the Jing Capital’s airport, bought their tickets and flew towards Eastern Sea City.

It was the two of them that came, and the two of them that left. Although the number didn’t increase, their experience increased a lot. At the Jing Capital, Qingfeng joined the Jing Capital Young Masters’ Banquet and became the Number One Young Master of Jing Capital, killed Shaoyang Wang, met Grandpa Chen, Green Dragon Demon King, Ruyan Liu and the others. The experience was unforgettable.

Three hours later, the plane landed at Eastern Sea’s airport.
"Eastern Sea, I am back again." Looked at the familiar city, Qingfeng felt relaxed.

In his heart, Eastern Sea City was his real home, because here, there is his wife Xue Lin, as well as his close friends Xiaoyue Zhang, Wanqiu Xia, Hao Luo, King Kong and the others.

When they got back, it was already 7 o’clock. The night scenery at Eastern City was brightened with lights with streets full of shopping crowd.

The nighttime Eastern Sea City was even more lively than daytime. Many people that had worked their asses off for the whole day came out to relax. They would eat some hotpot, take a walk, or chat a bit to relieve the fatigue of the day.

Qingfeng Li and Xue Lin went back to the villa, both feeling a bit tired. After all, the day spent at the Jing Capital was not relaxing at all.

Qingfeng went into the kitchen to cook. He cooked some simple minced beef on noodles because both the readers and himself already had (read enough about) enough egg noodles, so it was good to change things up a bit.

Not for long, two bowls of delicious noodles were made.

"Dear, the noodles are great this time!" It was clearly Xue Lin’s first time eating Qingfeng’s minced beef on noodle, she smiled and complimented him.

"As long as you like, I will make it for you every day." Qingfeng smiled and said. It was his biggest wish to be able to cook for his wife.

Qingfeng and Xue Lin finished their meal and didn’t proceed to watch TV next. Since they were a little tired, they both took a hot shower and then went to bed.

Jing Capital, Wang Family’s Mansion.

At this moment, in an underground training room, Cangqiong Wang was holding a black blade and slicing towards the steel plate in front of him. The hard steel board was swiftly cut in half by the long blade.

The long blade’s width is equivalent to holding up 3 fingers, and the blade itself is about a meter long. The edge is sharp, the back of the blade carved a dragon’s pattern, and the handle carved with the two characters "Green Dragon".

Green Dragon Blade, one of the four most famous blades in Huaxia, matchlessly sharp, capable of cutting through iron like slicing mud.
The Green Dragon Blade kept on dancing in Cangqiong Wang’s hand, on top of the blade’s edge actually formed 10 air blades.

One must know, Shaoyang Wang could only form 3 air blades and he was already a level S elite, so how powerful would Cangqiong Wang be…


A burst of violent knocking sounded on the door, breaking the silence of the underground training room. Cangqiong Wang frowned, and a chilling light flashed past his eyes.

He told others before to not interrupt him when he’s training, how could there still be someone daring to knock.

Although Cangqiong Wang was dissatisfied, he still opened the door. There was a beautiful middle-aged woman standing at the door with her face covered in tears.

This beautiful middle-aged woman was no other but Cangqiong Wang’s wife.

Behind her followed a black and skinny elder. His name is Teng Wang, also senior at the Wang Family.

"Dear, why did you come?" Cangqiong Wang asked. If it was someone else that knocked, his blade already went up their ass. But it was his wife that knocked, he obviously didn’t dare to do just that.

"Cangqiong, Shaoyang got killed! His death was really brutal, he was beheaded, you must avenge him!" She said loudly with her face covered in tears.

What? Shaoyang’s dead?

Cangqiong’s face completely changed, his eyes were filled with rage. Shaoyang was his son, the future successor of the Wang Family, who dared to kill him?

Cangqiong remembered very clearly, during the day time he was still with Shaoyang. He remembered asking Shaoyang whether he was going to get first place again, and at that time Shaoyang very domineeringly said of course, how the f*ck is he dead now?
Cangqiong suppressed the rage and pain inside his heart, and asked coldly, "Dear, tell me what happened."

"He went to the Banquet, and he was beheaded by Qingfeng Li."

"Qingfeng Li, who’s he?"

"He’s the son of the Conqueror Third Master Li! It was him that killed Shaoyang, you must avenge the death of our son!" Her words were filled with hatred.

The Conqueror Third Master Li’s son?

Cangqiong Wang’s face became livid: this is way too much! 16 years ago, the Conqueror killed my big brother, and 16 years later, his son killed my son! Qingfeng Li, I’m going to cut you into pieces!

"Teng Wang, wasn’t your little brother Ku Wang responsible for protecting Shaoyang? Why did this still happen to my son?" Cangqiong Wang turned around and asked the black and skinny elder in anger.

Cangqiong Wang knew, the elder Ku Wang had always been secretly following Shaoyang Wang to protect him, and he was a level SS elite!

"Master, my brother was also killed by Qingfeng Li. According to the news that got back, Qingfeng Li is at least level SS or even higher." Teng Wang replied. When talked about Qingfeng, he was also filled with hatred because his little brother was also killed.

Level SS?! Cangqiong Wang’s face changed. He completely didn’t expect Qingfeng to reach such high level at such young age. Just like his father the Conqueror, he’s also very powerful.

This man must not be left alone and must be killed. Cangqiong Wang secretly decided.

"Teng Wang, did you investigate Qingfeng?" Cangqiong Wang asked.
He knew, since Teng Wang followed his wife here, he must have did his investigation or else he would’ve come down.

"Master, the investigation is done, Qingfeng currently resided in Eastern Sea City, and he came this time to deliver his wedding invitation to the Li Family. In two days he will be marrying a woman called Xue Lin." Teng Wang reported his findings.

"Humph, wedding in two days, very well. You killed my son, then I will kill you and your wife, and turn your wedding into a funeral." Cangqiong sneered, and his eyes were filled with murderous intent.

He wanted Qingfeng to die, die with a brutal death. He already decided to kill Qingfeng and Xue Lin in two days on their wedding night.

"Teng Wang, you are a level SSS elite. You should have no problem taking care of Qingfeng right?"

"Master rest assured, I’m stronger than my little brother, I can deal with Qingfeng for sure."

"Very well, go to Hujiang Province right now and get into contact with Sky-Ruling Tiger. At the wedding in two days, kill Qingfeng Li and Xue Lin." Cangqiong Wang coldly smiled and said with strong murderous intent.

Teng Wang bowed, then turned around and left.

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