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Chapter 400: Buying Wedding Dress With Xue Lin

Chapter 400: Buying Wedding Dress With Xue Lin

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The next day, Qingfeng and Xue Lin got up earlier to buy the wedding dress and the ring since the wedding would be tomorrow.

They were supposed to buy these things several days before the wedding, but they were crazily occupied these days. Today, they definitely had to get these two things since they were necessities for a wedding.

It was seven in the morning when Qingfeng and Xue Lin left home after finishing breakfast.

The weather was awesome today. Qingfeng checked the weather forecast for the next few days days just for this wedding and found it would be sunny for a while. He was content about it since it would be more convenient to hold the wedding when the weather was pleasant.

At the moment, Qingfeng was driving to the Fortune Fate wedding boutique and Xue Lin was sitting beside him.

The Fortune Fate Wedding Boutique was a wedding dress chain enterprise in Hu Jiang Province. It was the largest wedding dress brand in Hu Jiang as well as the largest wedding boutique in Eastern Sea City.

Undoubtedly, all the wedding dresses there were high-end and the cost varied from a minimum of a few thousands, to ten thousand, a hundred thousand, and even a few millions of Yuan. They even had a diamond wedding dress that cost five million Yuan, the treasure of the whole store.

Since all the wedding dresses tended to be more expensive, not a lot of people shopped here. Also, the consumers would mostly be some rich and upper class elites instead of regular people.

The shop had just opened when Qingfeng arrived there. This boutique was big enough to have 5 storeys that occupied more than tens of thousands of square meters.

Not only could you purchase your wedding dress, they also provided photoshoot services there. They had everything you need.

"Welcome," two receptionists said politely when Qingfeng and Xue Lin arrived at the door.

They would usually have two beautiful receptionists standing at the door, especially for fancy shops like this one. These two reception ladies dressed in red Cheongsams and in red high heels, making everything more festive.

Since it was still in the morning, a thirty-year-old woman walked up politely when Qingfeng entered the shop.

This was a stunning-looking woman. She has clear and brightening skin with a charming look. She also dressed up in a professional red business suit that made her look more mature.

"Hello, sir. My name is Yan Pei and I’m the manager of Fortune Fate. How can I help you?" She talked in a great manner with a bright smile on her face.

Yan Pei was always happy to meet the first customer in the shop, which was Qingfeng today.

She only needed the last order to hit her commission for this month. She could be rewarded a BMW as long as she could sell one more wedding dress that was over a hundred thousand Yuan by this month.

"Mrs. Pei, I’d like to check out some wedding dresses," Qingfeng smiled and said to her.

"Sure, please follow me, we have the most stylish and high-end wedding dresses in our store," Yan Pei explained while leading Qingfeng and Xue Lin to the first floor.

There were different types of wedding dresses on the first floor, varying in colors, styles, and designs.

Certainly, they also had different prices varying from the minimum one, three thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine, to the highest one, three million nine hundred and ninety-nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine.

All the prices ended with the number nine since it represented "lasting forever", which was a good symbol.

Qingfeng certainly would want the best wedding dress since he didn’t worry about the price. Although these wedding dresses looked nice, they seemed to be a bit outdated.

"Mrs. Pei, I’ve heard you have a dress that is considered the treasure of the store, could you show it to me?" Qingfeng smiled and said.

In fact, Qingfeng had already planned it in mind before coming here. He owed Xue Lin a wedding and he would want to give her the best wedding dress since the wedding would be tomorrow.

Yan Pei smiled faintly and led them to a room in the second floor. She brought out a white diamond wedding dress later.

"What a stunning wedding dress," Xue Lin said in astonishment when she saw the diamond wedding dress.

This wedding dress deserved, indeed, the title of the treasure of the shop. It was a delicate, elaborate masterpiece made with 100% pure swan wool and inlaid with a row of diamond beads on the collar which kept it diffusing bright light.

There were two things beautiful girls liked the most, diamonds and wedding dress. No girls could resist when these two things combined together. See, even Xue Lin, this glamorous, proud woman, has fallen in love with this weeding dress.

Qingfeng was content after seeing Xue Lin’s excitement. When he was about to buy the wedding dress, an arrogant female voice suddenly came from far.

"Bin Ye, that wedding dress is so pretty, could you buy it for me?" A woman said arrogantly while pointed at the diamond wedding dress in Xue Lin’s hand.

Qingfeng looked up and saw that there was a young couple close by. The guy was around 25 years old. He had a handsome face and was wearing a high-end suit and a fancy watch. Apparently, he was an extravagant guy. Beside him, the woman had a slender figure and was dressed up sexily.

"Ya Wang, would you marry me if I bought you the wedding dress over there?" the guy asked her with a greasy look.

Bin Ye has been seeing this sexy woman for a while and they were engaged but Ya Wang kept postponing the wedding which upset Bin Ye.

"Bin Ye, I could think about the wedding if you buy me the diamond wedding dress," Ya Wan said with a sly grin.

Ya Wang had fallen in love with this diamond wedding dress at the first sight and she would love to own it. Yet, it would be a different story in terms of a wedding after she got the dress.

Bin Ye became so excited after hearing Ya Wang’s commitment, he walked up to Yan Pei and said loudly, "Wrap this wedding dress for me, I’m taking it."

Bin Ye talked arrogantly and asked for the wedding dress from Yan Pei as he didn’t even care Qingfeng and Xue Lin were standing right there.

"I’m sorry, sir. This gentleman here asked for the diamond wedding dress first," Yan Pei smiled while motioning towards Qingfeng.

Yan Pei was a decent manager that she still valued first comes first serves instead of giving Bin Ye the wedding dress because of his extravagant appearance.

Bin Ye was shocked a bit, he turned his face and said to Qingfeng, "Hey, I’m getting this diamond wedding dress, you go pick another one."

Bin Ye spoke in a highly arrogant manner which bothered Qingfeng a lot.

What the heck, I eyed this diamond wedding dress first and you asked me to pick another one? Who do you think you are? Qingfeng didn’t pay attention to him after giving a glance.

Bin Ye became a bit frustrated and mad after seeing Qingfeng didn’t respond, he said coldly, "Dude, are you deaf so you didn’t hear what I said? I want this dress, you go pick another one."

Qingfeng frowned and said indifferently, "I picked this diamond wedding dress first, if there should be someone picking another dress, it should be you, not me."