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Chapter 401: Yanzhi Pei“s Wedding Boutique

Chapter 401: Yanzhi Pei's Wedding Boutique

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"Brat, I'll say it one more time, I‘m getting this wedding dress or else! If you keep picking a fight with me, you’re getting your ass kicked," Bin Ye sneered and glared at Qingfeng aggressively.

Who was he? He was the young master of one of the four top Families in Eastern Sea City. He definitely wouldn’t take Qingfeng seriously.

The only mission for Bin Ye now was to buy the wedding dress for Ya Wang, since her identity was nothing ordinary. She was the daughter of Tianwu Zhen, the Equity CEO of the Eastern Hu Jiang Province.

Bin Ye knew that as long as he married Ya Wang, not only could he become the young head of the Ye Family, but also he could unify the underground forces in Eastern Sea City since Tianwu Zhen was head of the underground force in the Eastern Hu Jiang Province and he was surrounded by many subordinates.

"Fuck off," Qingfeng yelled out loud since he was irritated by Bin Ye.

Qingfeng found it absurd but funny at the same time since there were still some morons who dared to try him in Eastern Sea City. Some people might have a really bad memory and couldn’t remember that both the Chen Family and Wang Families had already been demolished by him.

"Dude, I’m Bin Ye, the young master of the Ye Family! How dare you insult me?! You should find someone else to break your legs to appease me! Don’t you understand?" Bin Ye looked at Qingfeng with madness as his face turned pale.

Nobody had ever cursed at him since he grew up and Qingfeng had just become the first one. He tried to gain back his dignity in front of Ya Wang since men would always want to show off their masculinity in front of their woman.


While listening to Bin Ye’s threats, Qingfeng kicked his stomach and launched him off the ground. Bin Ye was now feeling dizzy and light-headed.

"Asshole, I’ll kill you if you say one more word," Qingfeng glanced at Bin Ye viciously and warned.

It was a killing intent that frightened Bin Ye like a little helpless puppy.

"What a useless piece of trash," Ya Wang turned around and left after throwing him a contemptuous look.

In fact, Bin Ye didn’t know he was used by Ya Wang today. She followed Qingfeng into this wedding dress shop and got Bin Ye into trouble with him to test whether he could contend against Qingfeng. But now she was disappointed after realizing her tool was such a useless thing.

Ya Wang decided to stop testing and leave since she couldn’t get any information from Qingfeng.

Bin Ye's face turned blue as the girl he liked walked away. He knew that she must be looking down on him after he was kicked by Qingfeng and lost his dignity.

Bin Ye held intensive grudges at Qingfeng at the moment. He walked out of the wedding dress shop while throwing a glare at him, and called a bunch of gangsters to kick Qingfeng’s ass.

"Mrs. Pei, I’m buying this wedding dress. Can you let my wife try it out?" Qingfeng smiled and said to Yan Pei.

"Of course!" Yan Pei smiled while nodding her head.

Xue Lin smiled and walked in the dressing room with Yan Pei while holding the wedding dress, she finally put on the dress with the help of Yan.

When she walked out from the dressing room, Qingfeng froze his face. What a gorgeous piece of artwork.

Xue Lin already looked amazing with her beautiful face and clear, jade-like skin. She now looked even more elegant, as if an angel came down to the human world with this wedding dress.

Not only did Qingfeng froze his eyes, even Yan Pei who stood next to him also paused for a while. Even though she was also very pretty, she was far from comparing herself to Xue Lin.

If one was saying Xue Lin was a peony, Yan Pei was only a decorative leaf.

"Honey, you look gorgeous," Qingfeng said with excitement while holding Xue Lin’s small hand.

Xue Lin looked way too beautiful in this wedding dress and was driving him crazy.

Xue Lin's face blushed and became shy. It was obviously her first time trying on a wedding dress since she still not used to it.

Yet, she still felt happy that she could catch Qingfeng’s eyes since Qingfeng seemed captivated.
Women would still want to win their man’s heart, especially the one they were into, no matter how proud they were.

Xue Lin had fallen for this wedding dress and found that both the design and the color were perfect, it almost felt comfortable on the body.

She had tried the dress for a couple of minutes and changed back in the dressing room, ready to take it back home.

"Mrs. Pei, could you wrap it up for me, please?" Qingfeng said to Yan Pei with a light smile.

Even though the wedding dress costs 5 million Yuan, it would be worth it as long as Xue Lin liked it. In fact, Qingfeng wouldn’t hesitate to buy it even if it cost 50 million Yuan, as long as he could please Xue Lin.

While Yan Pei nodded and was about to wrap up the wedding dress, the phone started to ring.

Phone Ringing...

The volume of the ring from Yan Pei’s phone was loud enough to be heard by several people. Yan Pei took a look on the screen and found out it was call from the boss. She answered it immediately.

"Hello boss, can I help you?" Yan Pei asked politely.

After all, it was called by her boss, and she barely called her in general. Yan Pei had no clue what she called her for.

"Yan Pei, I heard there is a diamond wedding dress in your location, right?" A pretty voice that seemed to be spoked by someone in her 30s came from the phone, with a slight hint of maturity and experience.

"Yes, boss, we have one more left."

"Great, I have a friend who is going to marry and wants a diamond wedding dress. Could you send that dress to Hujiang Province?"

"But boss, someone had just ordered this dress a second ago."

"Hmm, well, how about this, apologize to him for me that we won’t sell the dress anymore, and give him a 50% off for every single wedding dress he purchases in the store," the woman said from the phone.

As the boss of the company, She absolutely knew it would be unfair if she just took away the wedding dress from the customer like that. Therefore, she decided to offer a 50% discount for him as compensation.

"Alright, boss," Yan Pei nodded and hung up.

"I’m so sorry, sir! Our boss wants to save this diamond wedding dress as a gift for her friend. Could you pick another one? We will give you a 50% discount on everything else in the store." Yan Pei apologized as she felt sorry to them.

She knew such a decision was unfair for them, but since the boss needed the diamond wedding dress, she had to obey what she said. After all, everything in the shop, even the whole shop belonged to her boss.

Qingfeng frowned and felt frustrated.

He came here for a wedding dress and finally found one piece he was satisfied with. Now, he was told it was saved for the boss, are you kidding me?

Qingfeng frowned and asked coldly, "Who is your boss?"

"Sir, our boss is Yanzhi Pei. She is the boss of the Phoenix Corporation," Yan Pei replied while smiling faintly.

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