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Chapter 402: Free Wedding Dress

Chapter 402: Free Wedding Dress

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Excuse me, Yanzhi Pei? Was she the owner?

Qingfeng opened his eyes wide in surprise as he didn’t expect the Wedding Boutique was also a property under Yanzhi Pei.

She was, indeed, the richest woman in Hujiang Province, having so many properties involved under her name.

However, if the President here was Yanzhi Pei, then everything would be easy. Qingfeng could definitely get the diamond wedding dress based on his closeness with Yanzhi.

"Mrs. Pei, I’m a good friend of Yanzhi Pei, could you just give this diamond wedding dress to me?" Qingfeng smiled and said.

Yan Pei wouldn’t take what he said seriously and shook her head, "That’s impossible, how could you be friends with our President? She is the richest woman in Hujiang Province."

Qingfeng didn’t know how to react to Yan Pei not believing what he said. Damn, was there one person out there who would believe me?

Qingfeng took out his phone and called Yanzhi after searching out her number. Yanzhi left her number with him when she was in Eastern Sea City before and Qingfeng had saved it since then. He finally found it useful today.

Phone Ringing…..

omeone answered the phone soon after Qingfeng pressed the number.

"Hello, President Pei, this is Qingfeng Li," Qingfeng smiled while introducing himself on the phone.

"Right, I remember you, What happen?" Yanzhi said as she felt a bit awkward. She was kissed on her lips by this guy when she was out with him in Eastern Sea City last time.

Yanzhi always had this man on her mind, but she was just too busy recently and didn’t have time to contact him.

"President Pei, well, My wedding with Xue Lin is going to be tomorrow and I wanted that diamond wedding dress. You said you were taking that dress so I was wondering whether you can give it to me instead?" Qingfeng said to the phone while smiling.

Yanzhi has said she was getting the wedding dress for her friend, once she gave the dress for him, her friend wouldn’t be able to have it.

"What, your wedding with Xuelin is tomorrow? Why didn’t you tell me such an important thing?"

"President Pei, I didn’t tell you since you are always busy."

"Well, if you are going to have a wedding tomorrow, I'll give you the diamond wedding dress for free then, " Yanzhi smiled and said with her melodious voice through the phone.

Qingfeng passed the phone to Yan Pei and let her speak to Yanzhi. After three minutes, Yan Pei put down the phone with a surprised look.

"Sir, my President said she is going to give the diamond wedding dress to you for free as a wedding gift,’ Yan Pei said enviously.

Honestly, she had never seen her President being so generous that made such a fast decision on giving the extravagant diamond wedding dress to someone else like this.

Certainly, 5 million might be a huge amount of money to others, but it was just a number to Yanzhi.

Qingfeng received the diamond wedding dress that costed 5 million for free by just making a phone call. This is what was called reputation.

"Honey, let’s get our photos taken," Qingfeng smiled and said.

Qingfeng and Xuelin would definitely want to have some memories by taking some photoshoots after getting the wedding dress.

Xuelin nodded and went upstairs to the photoshoot room with Qingfeng while being led by Yan Pei.

You had everything you needed in the photoshoot room upstairs. They had modern scenes involving ocean, mountains, islands background, and even some ancient costumes like the ones from the Han or Tang dynasties.

Qingfeng wanted to take the photos with Xue Lin on the beach but unfortunately, they were running out of time and could only take the photos indoors.

In order to provide the best service, Yan Pei became the photographer and started to take wedding pictures for them this time.

Qingfeng chose the background with the ocean, the mountain and the island. He was holding Xue Lin in his arms on the beach, facing the ocean while looking at the distance with joy.

Qingfeng also chose the Han and Tang Dynasty scenes after finishing the modern ones. He asked Xue Lin to change the costume for the ancient photoshoot.

Xue Lin fit perfectly in either modern or ancient costumes because of her stunning face. Qingfeng believed that she would have been an ancient beauty if she was in the past.

Xue Lin looked fulfilled in Qingfeng’s arms while Qingfeng was kissing her on the forehead. This beautiful scene was captured by Yan Pei with her camera.

"You two look so cute with each other. Your future baby must look adorable," Yan Pei gave her best wish to them after finishing the shooting.

She swore to god that Qingfeng was the hottest man and Xue Lin was the most beautiful woman that had ever come in for wedding photos. They looked like they were meant to be together since the beginning.

Future baby?

Xuelin flushed her face and her heart started to beat faster.

Xuelin became nervous once she started to think she was going to marry Qingfeng and sleep with him tomorrow. After all, she had no experience on those things.

Yet, she still anticipated the night she was going to spend with Qingfeng tomorrow, since she also wanted to have her own baby.
Qingfeng and Xuelin both were satisfied with the photos shot by Yan Pei. She had professional shooting skills that made her a perfect fit to be the manager in Fortune Fate Wedding Boutique.

"Mrs. Pei, then when should we come back for our photos?" Qingfeng asked and smiled.

He wanted to get them as soon as possible since these photos would be the love symbols between Xue Lin and him.

"Mr. Li, it takes approximately two days. Please come back here after tomorrow," Yan Pei smiled and replied.

It normally took several days for other places to print out wedding photos, two days was already fast enough as Yan Pei promised. After all, it takes time to print out high-quality wedding photos.

"Alright, then we are coming back in two days," Qingfeng smiled and left the wedding shop while holding Xuelin’s hand.

Yan Pei tried her best to mark the look of these two people in her mind since she knew she would get promoted once she gets good comments from them, since they were friends with her President and she provided them good service.

Yan Pei gave them a platinum VIP card and told them they could purchase anything from the shop for free in the future.

"Honey, why is Yanzhi Pei is being so nice to you like that?" Xue Lin asked Qingfeng skeptically when they were out of the wedding shop.

In fact, she already wanted to ask when they were inside the shop, she just didn’t since Yan Pei was there.

Even though the Ice Snow Corporation had a collaboration with Yanzhi’s Fengtian Corporation, they were just business partners. It wouldn’t make sense for Yanzhi to sacrifice her diamond wedding dress that cost 5 million to Qingfeng as easily as that.