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Chapter 403: Going to Buy the Wedding Ring

Chapter 403: Going to Buy the Wedding Ring

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Qingfeng freaked out when Xue Lin asked him why he was treated so well by Yanzhi Pei.

The reason why Yanzhi Pei was being so nice to him was simple: Yanzhi Pei and Qingfeng weren’t just normal friends, they had hugged and kissed in the cable car accident when they were out touring Eastern Sea City before.

Yet, Qingfeng certainly wouldn’t tell Xue Lin about this in case she became jealous.

"Honey, don’t you remember I saved Yanzhi Pei’s life at the Antique Competition in Western Sea City before?" Qingfeng explained while smiling faintly.

Qingfeng and Yanzhi Pei went to a nAntique Competition a while ago, Qingfeng saved her life when Yanzhi Pei got into a car accident.

Yanzhi Pei agreed to cooperate with the Ice Snow Corporation since she was so grateful to Qingfeng.

Xue Lin nodded as she suddenly realized there was such a thing. Qingfeng saved Yanzhi Pei’s life before, so it made sense that she was being so nice to him then.

"Let’s go buy our wedding ring," Qingfeng smiled and headed to buy a wedding ring while holding Xue Lin’s hand.

When they had just walked for several feet, they were blocked by a bunch of thugs called by Bin Ye.

"Dude, how dare you fight for the diamond wedding dress with me. Let me show you some bitterness today," Bin Ye sneered coldly.

Since the diamond wedding dress eyed by him was grabbed by Qingfeng and he was kicked away by Qingfeng in the wedding boutique, he knew he wasn’t capable to deal with Qingfeng alone. Instead, he called a bunch of thugs and got them to lecture Qingfeng with their fists.

Qingfeng sneered when he saw Bin Ye, "Seems like you didn’t learn anything after getting your ass kicked by me, huh?"

"Beat this dude hard for me, bro! I’ll treat everybody to a meal later on," Bin Ye waved his hand and signaled the dozens of thugs behind him.

As long as they could kick Qingfeng’s ass, he wouldn’t be bothered to pay for meals and pay for those thugs since money wasn’t an issue for him.

The thugs started to approach Qingfeng and were about to beat him after hearing what Bin Ye said. However, they lost their shit when they saw it was Qingfeng.


The head gangster sat down on one of his knees and said frighteningly, "Big brother Li, please forgive our mistake that we didn’t recognize it was you."

This head gangster was King-Kong’s subordinate and he knew Qingfeng since he had seen him and his picture before.

Bro…brother Li? Is that him?

The other thugs also freaked out when they heard their head. They certainly knew who Brother Li was. He was the real head of the underground forces in Eastern Sea City and even King-Kong was his subordinate.

Dozens of thugs all went down on their knees and begged with fear, "Please forgive us, brother Li."

Bin Ye didn’t know what to say, he didn’t expect the thugs that he paid for kicking Qingfeng’s ass were now begging him on their knees.

"Wimps, I paid you for beating this dude, not begging him!" Bin Ye yelled at these thugs madly.


The head gang stood up and slapped on Bin Ye aggressively, "You fucking fool, how dare you called us to beat Brother Li, are you tired of living?"

"Jerk, did you just slap my face?" Bin Ye held his face with his hand and couldn’t believe what was happening. These thugs he hired actually turned the table and beat the young master of the Ye Family in Eastern Sea City.

"Slap your face? I am going to beat the crap out of you," the head gangster shouted out and waved his fist at Bin Ye.

Bin Ye tried to resist but the head gangster seemed to be fighting a lot. He knocked down Bin Ye with one punch and the rest of them came up and started to beat him non-stop.

"Oh my Jesus, it hurts!" Bin Ye cried out loud. His face was swollen and his body got bruises. Two of his ribs were even broken by thugs. What a poor dude.

"Brother Li, are you satisfied with us beating Bin Ye like this?" The head gangster walked up to Qingfeng and tried to flatter him.

He beat Bin Ye hard because he tried to flatter Qingfeng and hope he could forgive them. After all, Brother Li was someone that wouldn’t hesitate with killing others as long as he decided in the eyes of these thugs. He was a god but also a demon.

"Yeah, it’s alright, don’t kill him," Qingfeng sneered and left while holding Xue Lin’s hand.

"Have a good day, big brother Li," the head sat back on his knees immediately and spoke out loud.

He knew he was lucky enough to save his life himself by not getting into trouble with Qingfeng.

Indeed, he would die undoubtedly if Qingfeng found him annoying. He got more mad once he recalled he was called to punish Qingfeng by Bin Ye.

"Bros, beat the shit out of Bin Ye as long as he is still alive," the head gangster waved his hand and order his subordinates.

Pa pa pa pa…

Dozens of punches and feet were all shoved at Bin Ye, this poor little man could only scream on the floor but did nothing.

Bin Ye knew that his body was screwed after this.

Yet, Qingfeng had no compassion at all when he heard Bin Ye was screaming behind since this dude tried to get into trouble with him first. Qingfeng wouldn’t step into other’s zone as long as others mind their own business, otherwise, he would show them what pain and pay were.

"Honey, let’s go to buy our wedding ring," Qingfeng smiled and brought Xue Lin to a Wedding Ring shop.

This Wedding Ring Shop is a national chain enterprise called Lucky Lucky. They had gold rings, silver rings, platinum rings, diamond rings and so many more.

In fact, the company of Xue Lin also do business with jewelleries, but Qingfeng wanted to get the best diamond ring for Xue Lin, that’s why he came to Lucky Lucky for an optimal wedding ring.

All the jewelries in Wedding Ring Boutique were authentic, they claimed to pay ten real ones if they was a fake one. The shop has opened for a hundred years since the Qing Dynasty and has developed a good reputation.

The shop also occupied over thousands of square meters with hundreds of counters and sections. Each section would be helped by several beautiful young sales ladies.

People would tend to hire beautiful young ladies as sales in these types of high-end wedding ring shops so that they could attract more customers.

"Hello, Sir, do you want to check out some hold rings here?"

"Hello, sir, come check out some of our silver rings here?"

"Hello, sir, what about a platinum ring? They are all beautiful."

These young sales ladies started to sell their sections once they saw Qingfeng and Xue Lin walking in. They tried their best to sell their products since they could get a high commission from every ring they sold out as each of them worth intensively.

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