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Chapter 404: What a Stubborn Head

Chapter 404: What a Stubborn Head

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Qingfeng frowned and didn’t pay attention to any of the sales ladies since he didn’t think about buying either a gold or silver ring, he was looking for a diamond ring.

Certainly, a diamond ring would be more beautiful than any other rings. The diamond represents love and longevity. A small piece of diamond could last forever as love could sustain for life. Diamond is the symbol of love.

All the sales ladies were disappointed after realizing Qingfeng wasn’t going to buy their rings.

Qingfeng arrived at the diamond ring department. There were two sales ladies around twenty years old, one with long hair and another with short hair. They both looked fairly pretty regardless of the length of their hair, since appearance was a must for a sales representative.

"Hello, sir. How can I help you?" the long-haired girl said while putting on her red lipstick.

Qingfeng was actually heading to the short-haired girl but he was, called by the long-haired one first. Competition still existed between these two girls even if they were the only ones in the diamond department.

Both of them wanted to sell as much for their commission, but since the short-hair just started for a month, the experienced long-hair always tried to get more customers from her.

"Again…trying to snatch my customers from me," the short-haired one glared at the long-haired girl but didn’t say anything even though she was pissed since the long-haired one was always favored by the manager because she was experienced and could reach good sales goals.

Qingfeng took a quick look at all the diamond rings and still didn’t find one he liked, he asked, "Do you have any others besides these ones?"

"Absolutely, we have the treasure of the store, the tri-color diamond ring," the long-haired girl said.

Diamonds were divided into different levels even with different colors. The transparent ones, which were the white ones, were the most common ones. There were also pink, beige, black, gray and so on.

The one carrying its more color was called the tri-colored diamond ring, they are varied from tri-color, quintuple color, septuple color and so on.

It was impressive that a tri-color diamond ring actually appeared in a city like Eastern Sea.

"Can I see what it looks like?’ Qingfeng smiled and asked.

He wanted to get the best ring for Xue Lin for the wedding.

"Sir, we only sell our colored diamond rings to our VIP clients, could you show us your VIP platinum card, please?" the long-haired girl said.

All the regular rings in the store were for everybody, but the treasures of the store like the colored diamond ring, were exclusive to VIP clients and could only be viewed and bought by them.

"I don’t have a VIP platinum card."

"Well, sir, you can’t purchase our colored diamond ring if you don’t have one. Please select other types."

"No way, I want nothing else but the colored diamond ring," Qingfeng shook his head and replied.

He had checked out the whole store and didn’t find any rings he favored, he only came for the best wedding ring here.

The long-haired girl got a bit mad after hearing Qingfeng, "Sir, you’re such a stubborn head, you won’t be able to purchase the colored diamond ring anyway. Not having the VIP platinum means you are a regular client, so please go look at the regular ring sections."

The long-hair treated Qingfeng politely since she thought he was some kind of rich guy. Now, she completely changed her attitude after knowing he didn’t even have a VIP card.

She has two drastically different attitudes to rich and non-rich clients as a salesperson in the store.

Am I a stubborn head?

Qingfeng frowned and felt frustrated at the behavior of this girl. What salesperson would disrespect their clients face-to-face like that? And did she just call me a stubborn head?

Without acknowledging the long-haired girl, Qingfeng walked to the short-haired girl and was going to purchase the ring from her.

"Hello, sweetheart, could you show me the tri-colored diamond ring?" Qingfeng smiled and said to her.

The short-hair blushed in the face and became a bit nervous since she was called ‘sweetheart’ for the first time since she started work.

"Sure, sir, one second, please," she was about to bring out the colored diamond ring while still blushing.

Yet, she was blocked by the long-hair when she just turned around. "Lily, didn’t I tell you the colored diamond rings can only be viewed and purchased by our VIP clients, not by regular clients? You are not allowed to show him that," said by the long-haired girl.

The short-haired girl became annoyed and tried to argue with her, "but he is still our client, no clients deserve to be labeled and I’ll show whatever ring a client asks for."

"Are you dumb? He looks obviously like a poor dude and wouldn’t afford the colored diamond ring even after you showed him."

"You always tried to grab my clients away, this is my business, thanks for caring, though."

"Huh, well, then help yourself and wait for the manager to fire you," the long-hair looked at the short-hair with disdain.

She has decided to tell her manager that Lily showed the colored diamond ring to poor clients.

Soon, the short-hair brought out a wooden case. There was a stunning color diamond shining white, yellow and green light inside the case.

"Honey, do you want to try it on?" Qingfeng said to Xue Lin while taking the ring out.

Xuelin smiled and put her ring on her finger. It fit perfectly, even the design and the shine added extra credits to the ring.

"How much is this colored diamond ring, sweetheart?" Qingfeng smiled and asked the short-hair.

The shirt-haired girl smiled and said, "This ring is a bit expensive, 5 million Yuan, sir."

Qingfeng nodded and knew the ring was worth the price for its authenticity.

"Well, can you afford that? You don’t even have a VIP platinum card," the long-hair kept snapping Qingfeng with contempt.

She felt pissed and decided to irritate Qingfeng after seeing that the short-haired girl and him were having a great conversation

Qingfeng frowned with frustration and said coldly, "It’s not your business whether I can afford it or not."

"What…what a rude person," the long-haired girl was furious as she flushed in her face.

At this moment, a forty-year-old woman walked in. She wore a pair of black glasses and dressed in professional business attire, which made her look very experienced.

The long-haired girl became shappy and ran towards the middle-aged woman after seeing her.

"Manager, Lily showed a client who doesn’t have a VIP platinum card even if I have stopped her, what should we do," the long-hair stated to snitch on the short-hair to the manager.