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Chapter 410: Xue Lin Entered Vegetative State

Chapter 410: Xue Lin Entered Vegetative State

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Seeing his hand was broken, Teng Wang’s face went pale; he was in pain.

He was a SSS level master, the Wang family’s elder, and was extremely powerful. How come the youth in front of him broke his hand so easily. He was shocked.

But that was only the beginning. Just after Qingfeng Li broke the elder’s hand, he started snapping his other bones starting from his fingers.

Ka ka ka ka ka…

Qingfeng Li’s face was ferocious. He broke the elder’s fingers, hands, wrists, elbows, rib cage, waist, and legs. All the bones in the elder’s body was snapped by Qingfeng Li.

The elder was like a noodle. He fell to the ground like a puddle of mud. Apart from his mouth and eyes, he couldn’t move anymore.

Devil, he was a devil.

Teng Wang was spitting out blood, and was in extreme pain. He would rather die, breaking all his bones was a punishment even scarier than death.

"I am a level SSS master, why can’t I kill you." Teng Wang asked fearfully.

It was like he heard what Teng Wang asked, Qingfeng Li said, "You are only in the early stages of the SSS level, nothing in my eyes."

In the under world, masters had their own division of levels. SSS was separated into low tier, mid tier, master tier, and pinnacle tier.

Teng Wang was only low tier SSS, but Qingfeng Li was at pinnacle tier, the King of a continent. Thus, Teng Wang couldn’t beat him.

King, he was a King! Teng Wang suddenly remembered a tale, only Kings had strength at the SSS-pinnacle tier. For example, the Dragon King or the other continents’ Kings.

At this moment Teng Wang was filled with regret. If he were to know Qingfeng Li was a King earlier, he wouldn’t have tried to kill Qingfeng Li at all.

Seeing the powerful Teng Wang was killed within a blink of an eye, Sky-Ruling Tiger turned his body and started running immediately.

Sky-Ruling Tiger was Hujiang Provinces’ boss, a level S master. Even though he was strong, compared to the elder, he was nothing.

Would Qingfeng Li let Sky-Ruling Tiger go? Obviously not. With one step, he appeared behind Sky-Ruling Tiger. He lifted him up and broke all his bones with an oppressive look.

Ka ka ka ka…

All the bones were snapped by Qingfeng Li. Sky-Ruling Tiger’s body fell to the ground amidst his painful screams.

In a short moment Teng Wang and Sky-Ruling Tiger died in pain. They were killed by pain alone.

Qingfeng Li came in front of the car and snapped the door open. He carried Xue Lin out of the car.

Seeing how Xue Lin was holding onto their wedding picture, his heart ached even more.

Qingfeng Li wanted to give Xue Lin the best wedding ever, but he didn’t think a car crash would happen. At this moment his heart was filled with self-blame. Tears welled up in his eyes.

Boys shouldn't cry so easily, but that was only because normally, life wasn’t that sad.

It was him who harmed Xue Lin. Ever since Xue Lin decided to marry with him, she never seemed to live a peaceful life. If it wasn’t assassinations, then it was kidnappings, or even car crashes.

At this moment, Qingfeng Li hated himself. He hated how powerless he was, he hated his enemies.

"Boss, let us get her to the hospital. Maybe she can still be saved." Seeing how sad Qingfeng Li was, Taoist hinted at him.

"Yes, hospital." Qingfeng Li carried Xue Lin and prepared to send her to the hospital.

Wait, I know medicine as well, I can look at Xue Lin first. Qingfeng Li hated himself for forgetting he knew how to cure people.

Qingfeng Li placed his finger on Xue Lin’s wrist, feeling her pulse.

Her pulse is still active, Xue Lin was still alive. Qingfeng Li was filled with joy.

When he was feeling her pulse, he found that her heart was still beating. Even though it was weak, as long as it was pulsing, it meant that she was still alive.

If Xue Lin didn’t die, then it meant she could still be saved.

Qingfeng Li used his skills and started diagnosing Xue Lin. But after a while his face changed.

A bunch of Xue Lin’s bones were broken. Her head suffered crucial damage; and there was internal hemorrage in her head.

Even though he was extremely skilled as a doctor, he could only fix some sickness. Xue Lin had suffered too much damage. He wasn’t sure if he could really save her.

Xue Lin’s pulse was extremely weak; her heart wasn’t beating as fast either. She was going to die any moment from too much blood loss.

No, Xue Lin cannot die!

Qingfeng Li bit his thumb and fed Xue Lin a drop of his Blood Essense.

The blood was filled with mysterious power. After it entered Xue Lin’s body, it slowly started to repair her damaged heart. Her heart started beating faster and her pulse was a bit stronger as well.

Qingfeng Li knew because of his blood, Xue Lin wasn't in danger right now. But because too many of her bones broke and her head was filled with blood, they had to go to a hospital.

Qingfeng Li carried Xue Lin into the car and told Taoist to drive towards the hospital.

In a short moment, they arrived at the hospital. He went straight to the hospital Dean Xu Zhao and sent Xue Lin into the emergency room.

Even though Qingfeng Li’s Chinese medicine skills were extremely skillful, he wasn’t too skillful in western hospital procedures. He knew Chinese acupuncture, but not surgeries. Thus, Dean Xu Zhao personally started the surgery with the best surgeons.

Outside of the surgery room, Qingfeng Li was walking back and forth.

"Boss, don’t worry, sister-in-law is going to be fine." Monk trying to comfort him. Seeing how sad Qingfeng Li had made him worried.

"Monk, call back the Wolf Fang team. After Xue Lin wakes up, I am going to demolish the Jing Capital Wang family." Qingfeng Li said ferociously.

He knew that the car crash was planned by Jing Capital Wang family. He was going to get revenge for Xue Lin and destroy them. Even if they were from the top four families of Jing Capital, he was still going to do it.

"Yes sir, I am going to call them now and tell them to come back to Eastern Sea City." Monk nodded and started calling them in a corner.

After a couple of hours, Xue Lin’s surgery was finally finished. Xu Zhao came out looking extremely tired.

"Dean Xu Zhao, is my wife okay?" Qingfeng Li asked nervously; he was scared to hear unfortunate news.

"Your blood saved her life, but she might not wake up anymore and enter a vegetative state." Xu Zhao looked at Qingfeng Li with sympathy and said.

He just found out that today was the wedding between Qingfeng Li and Xue Lin. He didn’t think that the bride would enter a vegetative state on the day of the wedding. It was really cruel.