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Chapter 411: The Tears of Wolf King

Chapter 411: The Tears of Wolf King

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What, vegetative state?

Qingfeng freaked out after hearing Doctor Zhao, he felt light-headed and almost fell to the floor.

He felt like his heart was shot a thousand times and it hurt so much that he couldn’t say anything.

He was clear that ones became vegetative because their brain was damaged, and they lost the sense of movement and could no longer wake up.

That being said, being a vegetable was basically being a dead erson who still maintained living functions but could no longer wake up.

Qingfeng walked in the room and saw Xue Lin was wrapped all around her body in the bed like a mummy.

Her face was pale, her eyes were tightly closed and her body didn’t move at all, as if she was a sleeping beauty.

Qingfeng could tell based on his medical expertise that Xue Lin’s brain was damaged and some of her nerves were split completely.

The most magical part of a human being was its brain since it contains the most nerves and controls everything. It is extremely challenging to cure once the brain was damaged.

Healing damaged nerves is the toughest challenge in the world. Barely any medicine could recover it once it happened no matter in Huaxia or in other countries.

If it was a regular nerve damage issue, Qingfeng would have already started to heal Xue Lin with his medical skills, yet only half of the nerves in Xue Lin’s brain were damaged, Qingfeng didn’t want to kill her since it was extremely risky and easy to fail.

Although he was a god-like doctor, he still had things he couldn't manage, like finding his own parents and his master.

Qingfeng sat beside Xue Lin and was holding her freezing hands. He felt heartbroken and as if his heart was seared when he recalled every moment he spent with Xue Lin.

They have been through so much since they knew each other. At the beginning when they just engaged, they didn’t really talk to each other, but after dating and spending time for a while now, they had been relying on each other more than ever.

When Qingfeng was almost assassinated by the Poison Spider, Xue Lin tried to make Ginseng broth for him. It was even the first time for such a prestigious boss to cook for somebody else. Even though she failed at it in the end, Xue Lin still tried to learn how to cook for him, regardless of her position in the company.

Xue Lin had told Qingfeng once that she would wait in the living room for him until he came back home. Since then, she never broke her words.

There had been so many instances past midnight when the light in the living room was still on, that Xue Lin was sitting on the couch in her pajamas and waiting for her husband to come home.

Xue Lin always waited for Qingfeng to come back no matter whether it was raining or windy outside, or whether she was sick.

Five days ago, Xue Lin was still making him breakfast; four days ago, she was still drawing a wedding picture for him; three days ago, she was still buying outfits for him; two days ago, they were still sending invitation letters in her father’s house; a day ago, they were still going to Jing Capital together; yesterday, they were still buying the wedding dress, wedding ring and taking wedding pictures…

Last night, Xue Lin said to Qingfeng, "Honey, tomorrow would be that date of our wedding. Don’t forget to pick your wife up earlier."

It seems like Xue Lin's face was the same as yesterday and her voice still mingled around Qingfeng. But now, the woman who had been treating him so well wouldn’t open her eyes ever again.

A vegetable, an alive person that’s dead. Qingfeng was really trying to save her life by using his acupuncture skills, but he was so afraid that he would lose her forever since there was only one chance out of a hundred to save her life by doing this.

Qingfeng couldn’t help but feel his tears dropping down while recalling how Xue Lin had always been nice to him.

Since he had lost his parents, Xue Lin was the woman who treated him the best besides his master. Only she would make breakfast and wait for him before going to sleep in the middle of the night.

Xue Lin was like a snow lotus that moistened Qingfeng’s stubborn heart with elegance and patience. She kept waiting for Qingfeng before bed since she had her husband in her heart.

She was gentle yet tough, and spared no effort in loving Qingfeng. She kept loving him even if she still got hurt sometimes, like a flower being splashed by the rain, or fall leaves being blown away by the wind.

Qingfeng had no clue how many nights he had made this woman wait for him to come back home since they were married. She didn’t know how many times she got in danger, was harmed by assassinations, or was kidnapped merely for him.

She might not have encountered all these struggles if she didn’t marry him at the beginning.

Qingfeng’s tears dropped down along his cheeks. He’d rather take all of this suffering from Xue Lin onto himself.

Red tears, were cried by the Wolf King.

"Honey, I’d rather I have never met you if everything started over again. You have suffered so much, so much," Qingfeng whispered while holding Xue Lin’s hand tight.

He loved this woman, yet, she kept getting hurt because of him. If possible, he hoped all of these things never happened and he had never met her from the beginning, so that at least she would be away from injury.

Unfortunately, Qingfeng had met Xue Lin already, as if they were meant to be together in their fate.

You have told me you would be my most beautiful wife in the most beautiful dress, but now, you leave me here by myself, never to open your eyes.

"I cried and the tears has swollen my eyes, numbed my nose and my throat, just for waiting for you to wake up, while you are still in sleep.

The cigarette is meant to be hurt once it falls in love with a match. The promise made is a debt that’s owned. Qingfeng felt like he owed Xue Lin so much that he needs a lifetime to return the debt.

"Honey, do you remember this song "Farewell to my Concubine"? I sang it to you in the New Year’s Eve feast held in the company and you said you liked it. I'll sing it for you now," Qingfeng whispered gently.

He still clearly remembered he has sung this song to Xue Lin in the holiday feast held in the company and she liked it very much.

I stand in the fire and let it burn through my emotion. The sky was clouded, I asked who is the real hero with my sword. How many women in the world while I only fall for you. everybody sorrow in their own ways, but how many years would I still be with you...

"You’re the biggest part in my life, we have been through hardship and happiness together. You melt my masculinity with your soft tenderness."

Qingfeng hummed the song for Xue Lin gently since it was her favorite one.

Beautiful women tended to have a short life, it seems to be inevitable for all the pretty girls out there.

Qingfeng was singing so emotionally, yet Xue Lin didn’t seem to move at all. She kept her eyes closed on the bed as if she would never wake up anymore.

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