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Chapter 412: The Way to Save Xue Lin

Chapter 412: The Way to Save Xue Lin

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At this moment, a lot of people came to see Xue Lin from the room outside. Xiaoyue, Wanqiu, Mengyao, Yanzhi, Hao Luo, Tianchi, King-kong, Yunchang and so many others.

They were all supposed to be waiting in the hotel for Qingfeng to pick up Xue Lin, yet after a long time without seeing them, they called him and realized Xue Lin got into a horrible car accident. They now all rushed to the hospital to see what happened.

They were all heartbroken when they saw Qingfeng was crying in the room. Especially Xiaoyue, she even started to sob.

They all felt sorrow seeing this tragedy happen to Xue Lin since she was their boss and she used to treat them very kindly.

Xue Lin was obviously a good boss since her employees were crying for her misfortune now.

While Xiaoyue was sobbing, Wanqiu and Hao Luo coudn’t hold their tears anymore and started to cry, too.

Xue Lin was not only the boss of ther Ice snow Corporation, she was also Hao Luo’s sister-in-law. Therefore, Hao Luo felt tremendously sad and couldn’t stop his tears.

Everyone was crying loudly in the room.

Meanwhile, Tiangang squeezed into the room while pushing away the others. Nobody would try to bother Qingfeng now, but Tiangang had to do so since he found a way to bring Xue Lin back from the coma.

Tiangang also liked Xue Lin as his granddaughter-in-law. She was a beautiful, smart young lady and was always caring towards Qingfeng. He had a great impression of her since he met her in Jing Capital.

Tiangang had rushed to the hospital with Meier when he heard Xue Lin got into a car accident, since he knew Qingfeng must be crushed at the moment.

While hearing the steps, Qingfeng became mad. Who the heck is walking in and bothering Xue Lin when she needs good rest?

However, Qingfeng’s anger immediately disappeared when he saw the one who came in was Tiangang. He smiled bitterly and asked, "Grandpa Chen, Xue Lin needs to rest, what brought you here?"

If it wasn’t Grandpa Chen but somebody else, Qingfeng would have already gone furious.

Tiangang glance at Qingfeng and said, "I am coming to tell you the way to save Xue Lin."

What? The way to save Xue Lin?

Qingfeng froze his face and became surprised once he heard Tiangang.

He suddenly remembered Grandpa Chen was the father of his master, Wind-Edge Demon King. His medical skill were all taught to him by his master, and now the father of his master was right here. That being said, Tiangang was Qingfeng’s great master and his medicals kills were even more exceptional.

"Grandpa Chen, did you really figure out the way to save Xue Lin?" Qingfeng shivered as he tried to calm himself down.

This was the best news for him today. If there was really a way to bring Xue Lin back to life, he would do anything, even if it would risk his life.

"Feng, have you heard of the Flower of God’s Spirit?" Tiangang asked.

Qingfeng frowned and answered, "I have heard of it. Seems like it is a legendary plant that could heal any nerve damage, but does it really exist?"

Qingfeng certainly knew what the Flower of God’s Spirit was. When he was still fighting in the under world, he had heard of this plant from an elder that it was a type of flower that could cure nerve damage and recover souls.

But based on the information from the elder, the Flower of God’s Spirit was just a legend and it hadn’t appeared in the world for more than a century. Barely anyone had seen this legendary flower.

"Grandpa Chen, so you mean the Flower of God’s Spirit is not just a legend and it does exist?" Qingfeng asked while frowning.

"You’re right, it does exist."

"Grandpa Chen, then where it is?"

"In the Holy Spirit Realm of Miaojiang. Since the Flower of God’s Spirit is a holy plant, it is only owned by the goddess," Tiangang said

The Holy Spirit Realm of Miaojiang? A holy flower?

Qingfeng opened his eyes wide. He knew that Miaojiang was the most magical and mysterious place in Huaxia. There were a lot of mysterious medical skills and some hidden dark medicine.

According to the legend, the ancestor of Miaojiang was Chi You. He had once fought with the Yan Emperor and the Yellow Emperor, marking the battlefield as a historical land.

Qingfeng had left Huaxia since he was eight and came to the Wolf Continent. He had spent most of his time between the Wolf and Tiger continents. Even when he came back to Huaxia, he hadn’t been to a lot of other places beside the Eastern Sea City and Jing Capital.

The Miaojiang, Qingfeng had only heard it was a mysterious land. However, he didn’t have a chance to go there yet.

Huaxia was big enough to have a lot of secretive places such as the Miaojiang, Kunlun Mountain , the Primeval Forest, the Underground Cave etc.

The city we live in is just a small piece of land in the world. There are lots of mysterious species hidden in places we haven’t even been to yet. Yet, those places do exist, and they host creatures that you wouldn’t even believe exist.

Qingfeng couldn’t believe the Flower of God’s Spirit did exist and it was the Holy Flower in the Miaojiang.

"Grandpa Chen, so that being said, as long as I get the Flower of God’s Spirit, I can bring Xue Lin back to life, right?"

"Yes, as long as you get the Flower of God’s Spirit, Xue Lin can be brought back to life."

"Alright! I’m going to get it in Miaojiang right now," Qingfeng said affirmatively.

He would have to get that plant if it was the only way to wake Xue Lin up.

"Wait, Miaojiang is an extremely dangerous place since it’s packed with poisonous insects and aggressive beasts. Let me go with you," Tiangang suggested.

Qingfeng frowned and said, "But Grandpa Chen, you are an elder, I can go by myself."

"Feng, do you know where the Miaojiang is?"

"Well…I don’t."

"But I do, I had been to there when I was younger. Let me go with you. Otherwise, you’ll never be able to find it," Tiangang said.

Qingfeng nodded and compromised eventually. He wouldn’t be able to find the place out since he has never been to there, but this problem would be solved as long as he was lead by Grandpa Chen.

"Monk, you stay here and protect Xue Lin, got it?"

"Yes, sir. Don’t worry about it. Oh, what if the Wolf Fang team comes back?"

"Monk, tell the Wolf Fang clan to wait for me at Eastern Sea City, I will destroy the Wang Family once I get the Flower of God’s Spirit and bring Xue Lin back to life."

To be frank, Qingfeng already couldn’t hold himself to vanish the Wang family and avenge Xue Lin.

But since he got the solution to save Xue Lin, he had to go get it first. Later, he would take revenge.

"Honey, wait for me to get the Flower of God’s Spirit and wake you up," Qingfeng looked at Xue Lin gently and kissed her on the forehead.

Qingfeng then turned around and left the room after taking a last gentle look at Xue Lin.

The next goal, to get the Flower of God’s Spirit from the Miaojiang.