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Chapter 413: Heading Towards Miaojiang

Chapter 413: Heading Towards Miaojiang

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Miaojiang had always been one of the most mysterious lands.

There were thousands of humongous mountains and Primeval Forests. The whole place was surrounded by tall trees, vines, poisonous insects and wild beasts, without a single human voice.

Besides the forest, there were also wetlands and lakes in this area. Some dangerous creatures were also hidden under there. It might be a viper, or an alligator, or something you’ve might have never seen before.

Other humans had barely stepped in this place since it is highly isolated. Even the most advanced helicopter would lose signal once it flies through this airspace.

All in all, Miaojiang was one of the most mysterious lands in Huaxia. Besides, Miaojiang hosted one of the largest cults there was. Their ancestors was Chi You, which was one of the ancestors of ancient Huaxia.

But of course, the most secretive things in Miaojiang would be those toxic insects. They were manipulated by some masters and could sneak into a human body and kill them within seconds.

After flying for 4 hours, Qingfeng and Tiangang finally arrived at a border city in Miaojiang. They bought some food and mountain tools such as a flashlight, a shovel and a rope there.

Trees were everywhere in Miaojiang. For that reason, sunlight would be blocked in some places and a flashlight would have to be used. Besides, the shovel was for digging and the rope was for building a temporary bridge for crossing between mountains.

Qingfeng and Tiangang headed to the Miaojiang after finishing buying the necessities.

Tiangang was leading the way since he had been here when he was younger and still remembered the way to the Holy Realm.

However, there were still thousands of poisonous insects such as centipedes, spiders, and vipers hiding in the mountain.

Indeed, a snake began following Qingfeng and Tiangang once they started to walk in.

This was a half-meter long black viper. It kept sticking out its tongue which made it appear venomous. People would die within a second once they were bitten by it.


The black viper suddenly jumped towards Qingfeng’s neck, ready to attack him.

However, Qingfeng gave a quick body twist and dodged the attack of the viper. He caught the viper with his right hand and swung it at the rock to the side.


The viper was smashed into pieces and turned into wet paste on the rock.

Qingfeng still had a decent understanding of vipers even if he had never been to Miaojiang. Since this type of viper was extremely tough and resilient, they would still be alive and attack you if you only snap them in half. Therefore, the thing you shouldn’t do is snap them apart and think they died and walk away.

This happened in the past when someone thought he had killed the snake by cutting it into halves, and the snake still bit him by surprise and killed the man with poison.

"Qingfeng, there are many poisonous snakes and insects in the mountains. You have to be careful," Tiangang smiled while warning Qingfeng.

He knew the danger of this place since he has been here before. People could easily die if they come in without knowing any martial arts.

"Got it, grandpa Chen," Qingfeng smiled and nodded.

Even though it was his first time entering a place like this, he had heard of the danger of these types of places. Everything sketchy could hide in the mountains, in the jungle, or in the wetland.

Qingfeng had encountered and killed numerous poisonous insects, vipers, centipedes and spiders on his way.

Qingfeng had seen so many insects like these and was familiar with them since he used to live in the jungle and the desert when he was in the Wolf Continent. Therefore, he could kill these insects easily like eating a piece of cake.

After hiking over mountains and mountains and passing across different wetlands for hours, they finally arrived at a valley.

This was a gigantic valley, at least occupying thousands of acres. It was also located at the edge of the valley while being surrounded by several old houses, which was a fairly good position.

However, Tiangang freaked out when he saw the valley. He ran into the house and found nobody there after searching for a while.

The houses were dilapidated and was full of spider webs and filth everywhere. It seems like a house had been abandoned for decades.

"Why there is nobody here?" Tiangang couldn’t believe what he saw since he still remembered many people still lived in this house when he came here decades ago.

Qingfeng started to tense up when he saw Tiangang’s face. He asked, "Grandpa Chen, did the people from the Miaojiang Holy Realm used to live here before?’

"Feng, this was the Holy Realm of Miaojiang decades ago. I was once led by a peerless master here. I thought they would still be living here, but it seems they have moved." Tiangang said sadly.

He could tell the house had been abandoned for at least decades after looking around inside. That being said, the people from the Miaojiang Holy Realm had been gone for at least decades.

Qingfeng’s face froze after hearing what Tiangang said. They had been trying so hard and have been through so many dangers to come to this land, but now, they couldn’t even find anyone. Qingfeng felt hopeless and devastated.

The Flower of God’s Spirit could only be found in the Holy Realm, and only it could bring Xue Lin back to life. Otherwise, she would stay unconscious forever.
"Don’t worry, Qingfeng. Even though they have moved, they must have left some trails since it used to be Miaojiang Holy Land here in the past. We might find some clues in the valley," Tiangang smiled and tried to comfort Qingfeng.

He knew that Qingfeng must have felt devastated now since he had been through all his way here just for the Flower of God’s Spirit.

"Alright, grandpa Chen, let’s find something separately," Qingfeng said calmly and started to see whether they could find some trails left in the valley by searching from different directions.

Qingfeng walked towards the east of the valley. He saw countless steep cliffs which were loaded with gigantic trees, vines, thorns, wild flowers and weeds in between the valley.


When Qingfeng has walked a few hundreds meters away, he heard some water sounds coming from his front.

Water sounds?

Qingfeng became surprised. He held his breathe and walked slowly ahead.

He moved away the bush in his face and saw a green lake. This lake was not as big, it was about the size of a basketball playground. The lake was crystalized with green water though.

In the lake, there was a girl washing herself naked.

The girl was around twenty years old. She has a bright face, a high-bridge nose, a small cherry-like mouth and two sparkling eyes as if stars from the sky.

She has long hair over her shoulder, her skin was bright and smooth as if the snow lotus in the mountain. Her whole existence was like a pure fairy from the story tale.

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