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Chapter 414: Miaojiang Saintess

Chapter 414: Miaojiang Saintess

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What a pure young lady. Qingfeng was thinking while holding his breath.

Not only was she beautiful, she also carried a vibe of nobility and purity.

Yes, the vibe of nobility and purity was what she carried. This girl who was standing in the lake with her naked body seemed like a noble princess and a pure angel.

Qingfeng's face froze when he saw her. The attractiveness and beauty of this woman could even be compared to Xue Lin and Ruyan.

If one was describing Xue Lin as a cold and elegant queen and Ruyan as a charming princess, then this girl must be a pure angel that cleansed the filth of one’s mind.

This girl had no hustle vibe since she had been living in the mountain for a long time. She was a natural beauty with a sense of holiness and innocence without being covered by any make-up on her face.

Wait, is that a snake?

Qingfeng suddenly found a green, little snake was swimming towards the girl in the lake.

Without a single clue, the girl closed her eyes and started to sink down into the lake when the snake reached her butt.

Damn, she's going to get bitten!

Qingfeng freaked out when he saw the girl sinking. He suddenly rushed into the lake out of the bush and held the girl up without caring whether she was naked or not.

The girl blushed in a flash when she realized there was a man who jumped in the lake and even held her up in the middle of her bath. Then, she started to turn angry.

"Jerk, who are you to dare to touch me," the girl swore angrily while staring at Qingfeng aggressively.

"Girl, I’m not a jerk. I was trying to help you since you were drowning after being bitten by a snake," Qingfeng tried to explain while bringing the girl up to the land with his arms under her glare.

The girl glared at Qingfeng furiously as if she would rip him into pieces. But she wasn’t moving since she had nothing covering her body right now.

When they finally reached land, the girl immediately searched for her clothes and put them back on. The outfit she was wearing was a type of Miaojiang style clothing. It resembled the ones worn by the princesses from the Qing Dynasty, yet, it was more complicated with some accessories on.

The girl became more attractive once she put her Miaojiang outfit on. She was wearing a Miaojiang hat on her head which had a gigantic Pearl in the middle.

However, even though the girl was pretty, her aggression didn’t disappear once she started to speak. "You defiled my holy body, I’m going to kill you."

Qingfeng frowned confusedly when he felt the girl’s anger, he asked with frustration, "Hey, I mean, I was coming to the lake to save your life after you were bitten by the snake. Why are you trying to kill me?"

"Well, do you mean this little one here?" The girl sneered and waved, and a little green snake suddenly appeared on her hand and started to lick her hand affectionally.

Qingfeng was shocked when he saw this scene. He could tell the little green snake was a poisonous creature that carried fatal venom, yet, it was now staying obediently still on the girl’s hand like a pet.

"Let me tell you, this is my pet snake. And I have to kill you since you not only saw my naked body, but you had also defiled me," the girl said with killing intent.

She wanted to kill Qingfeng when she was naked, but she couldn’t since it wasn’t convenient. Now, she could finally do it after putting her clothes on.


The girl took out a dagger and jumped as fast as a snake. She appeared right in front of Qingfeng in a second. She then shoved her dagger harshly towards Qingfeng’s heart.

This girl was a supreme fighter. Qingfeng became shocked since he assumed she was at most an S level elite.

In fact, even Shaoyang, the top young master of the Wang Family in Yanjing, was only an S level ace, but now, Qingfeng was facing another S level girl that he had just met in the middle of nowhere. How could Qingfeng not be surprised?

Since when did S level aces become so common?

Yet, even though Qingfeng was amazed by her, he obviously wouldn’t allow himself to be stabbed by a female. He reached his right hand and held the dagger in between his fingers tightly. The dagger couldn’t even move now.

The girl freaked out with her eye wide open. She certainly knew how deep her strength was. Barely anyone could defeat her in her whole clan, but now, her most powerful attack was blocked by this guy with only two fingers. Who the heck was he and how could he be so strong?

Seeing her dagger was stuck, the girl started to whisper in some unknown language. All of the sudden, the little green snake shot towards Qingfeng, wanting to bite him.


Qingfeng was nipping the dagger with one hand and grabbed the green snake towards him with the other, about to smash it.

"Wait! Don’t kill Greeny," the girl yelled out while looking panic.

Greeny was the name of this little snake. It was the girl’s pet. They were good best friends, spending lots of time together over the years.

Honestly, the little snake moved so fast and could attack people severely. People normally wouldn’t be able to fight against it. However, Qingfeng knocked it down with only one hand.

Monster…this was a monster.

At this moment, the girl has realized the guy in front of her was the most powerful person she has ever met.

"This little snake is going to kill me with its venom. Why shouldn’t I kill it, huh?" Qingfeng threatened with anger as he frowned.

To be frank, Qingfeng was kind of mad about this girl since he tried to save her from drowning, he didn’t expect she actually ended up trying to kill him for being kind?

"I’m telling you, I, the Saintess, wouldn’t just let you go if you killed Greeny," the girl threatened fiercely and sneered.

The Saintess? You?

Qingfeng frowned once he heard what she said. Did she just say she was the Saintess?

"Are you the Miaojiang Saintess?" Qingfeng looked at her surprisingly as if he found hope again.

He came to Miaojiang with Grandpa Chen just for finding the Saintess, since only she had the Flower of God’s Spirit that could wake Xue Lin up.

"You’re right, I’m Ziyi Miao, the Saintess of Miaojiang. Let Greeny go, otherwise, I’ll call out all the aces here to follow behind you and kill you before you even can think to escape from this mountain," Ziyi started to threaten Qingfeng with a evil grin.

Qingfeng frowned and felt frustrated after hearing her threat. He would’ve already smashed their heads if he was threatened by somebody else. Yet, he decided to control himself since she was Ziyi and he needed her for doing him a favour.

However, it would be impossible for him to release the little green snake since he also wanted the Flower of God’s Flower.