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Chapter 415: Negotiating with the Saintess

Chapter 415: Negotiating with the Saintess

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"I can let Greeny go as long as you could give me one thing, Saintess," Qing said while sneering.

Ziyi's face suddenly turned dark and she stared at him angrily since nobody had ever dared to negotiate with her. This dude was the first one.

Yet, Ziyi knew this young man had some great strength that she wouldn’t be able to contend against. She had no choice but to try to listen to what he asked for in order to save Greeny.

"Tell me, what do you want," Ziyi asked while laugh faintly.

Her voice was quite melodious, it even carried sense of purity like herself.

"I need the Flower of God’s Spirit. I'll leave your Greeny alone as long as you give me that," Qingfeng said affirmatively while staring at Ziyi.

The Flower of God’s Spirit was the only reason why he came here for. He had to get it before going back.

The Flower of God’s Spirit?

Ziyi suddenly looked shocked while sparkles of fire flashed in her eyes. The Flower of God’s Spirit was the Holy Flower in Miaojiang. How could she give such an important thing to a random dude?

"I’m sorry, the Flower of God’s Spirit is our holy flower. We would never give it to strangers. Besides the Saintess, nobody else, not even people from Miaojiang, have access to that thing," Ziyi shook her head and rejected Qingfeng’s request.

Qingfeng sneered and said, "Well, if you can’t give me the Flower of God’s Spirit, then I am sorry that I have to kill this little green thing."

Qingfeng slightly twisted the green snake. Immediately, the green snake started to cry and scream. Its body started to bleed and it kept twisting its body even though it couldn’t get out of Qingfeng’s hands.

While Ziyi was trying to save Greeny, Qingfeng took over her dagger and pointed it right at her neck instead, "I’ll end you life if you move one more time."

"I’m the Miaojiang’s Saintess, you dare kill me?"

"I’ve told you I want the Flower of God’s Spirit. I'll kill you if you don’t give it to me."

"You wouldn’t get it even after killing me. We have many elite fighters in Miaojiang."

"If I am able to get it in Miaojiang, then I’ll smash this realm to get it. I’ll destroy whoever is in my way to get the Flower of God’s Spirit,"Qingfeng yelled aggressively while turning his face dark.

His voice followed with a murderous chill which was gathered after having killed so many people. The chill could break through one’s bone.

Ziyi's face turned pale and started to shiver since she could feel a strong murderous momentum from Qingfeng. She understood that this young man must have killed countless lives.

At this moment, Ziyi believed whatever Qingfeng had said since she was pretty sure that he wouldn’t hesitate to kill her for the Flower of God’s Spirit .

"I’ll give you the Flower of God’s Spirit if you leave Greeny alone," Ziyi said while rolling her eyes.

Qingfeng then released Greeny and threw it away once he heard Ziyi. Greeny twisted itself in the air and quickly returned to Ziyi like a flash and stared at Qingfeng frighteningly with its green eyes.

Even though Greeny was a strong venomous viper, it was as vulnerable to Qingfeng as a baby wolf in front of the wolf king.

"Alright, now give me the Flower of God’s Spirit ," Qingfeng sneered and said to Ziyi.

"Sorry, I don’t have that," Ziyi said as she put Greeny under her clothes.

"You don’t have that? Were you lying to me?" Qingfeng asked.

Ziyi stepped back in fear when she felt the aggression from Qingfeng. "I’m not lying, I really don’t have the Flower of God’s Spirit with me."

"Doesn’t the Miaojiang’s Saintess carry the Flower of God’s Spirit? How dare you lie to me!"

"You might not be familiar with Miaojiang. The Flower of God’s Spirit is held by the Saintess indeed, but I’m not yet the actual Saintess."

"What do you mean by you are not yet the actual Saintess," Qingfeng still asked, not calming his aggression.

Ziyi smiled lightly and explained, "Miaojiang is divided into the South and the North. I’m the Saintess from the North, but there is also another Saintess from the South. Tomorrow will be our battle to win the title of the real Saintess for the entire Miaojiang and get the possession of the Flower of God’s Spirit."

Qingfeng had never heard of such saying, but he seemed to believe what she said based on her expression. The Flower of God’s Spirit would only be granted to the real Saintess after the battle between two Saintesses from different regions of Miaojiang.

"I can tell you are powerful with your martial arts, as long as you beat the Saintess from the South and help me to become the real Saintess, I will give you the Flower of God’s Spirit you are looking for."

"Are you treating me as your fighter?"

"No, this is a deal. You help me to defeat the Saintess form the South, I give you what you want. Isn’t it a win-win situation?" Ziyi smiled while playing with her hair.

Qingfeng hesitated for a while and thought that this idea could work as he needed the Flower of God’s Spirit while Ziyi needed to win the battle. The contract between them has, then, been established.

Qingfeng got to know from Ziyi that each Saintess from the North and the South could assign three people to battle and the team who won would be allowed to have the Flower of God’s Spirit and dominate the Holy Realm.

Qingfeng told everything to Tiangang after he found him in the valley with Ziyi.

Tiangang knew that Qingfeng was telling the truth for the case of the battle between the two Saintesss. He supported Qingfeng immediately for getting the Flower of God’s Spirit.

Qingfeng also told Ziyi that Tiangang was a martial arts master. Ziyi didn’t believe him until she was beaten by him within ten moves.

At the beginning, Ziyi was still thinking about selecting other aces from her clan but now that she met Tiangang and Qingfeng, she decided to pick both of them to fight in the battle with her.

"I remember this valley is the Holy Realm of Miaojiang from decades ago, why is nobody here anymore?" Tiangang asked confusingly.

Ziyi said with a faint smile, "You are right, Mr. Chen. This place used to be the Holy Realm of our Miaojiang decades ago, but something serious happened later so that we all moved to a new location. This thing is only known by the people from our clan."

Qingfeng and Tiangang were both surprised and felt they were lucky after hearing what she said. If Qingfeng didn’t end up finding Ziyi during her shower by accident, they would never be able to search out where the Holy Realm is by themselves.

Qingfeng and Tiangang were following behind Ziyi on their way. Unexpectedly, all the poisonous insects started to back off once they saw Ziyi. None of them dared to attack her as if she was the Poison queen carrying something toxic.

In fact, Qingfeng didn’t know that Ziyi was actually carrying something similar. Well, maybe not really a poison queen. She was carrying a Gu insect.

Gu insect was a terrifyingly toxic creature that was also as known as the Insect King. All those vipers, spiders and centipedes would be shivering on the ground once they saw it.