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Chapter 416: The Battle of Two Saintess

Chapter 416: The Battle of Two Saintess

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Ziyi led Qingfeng and Tiangang into a hidden valley.

This valley was hidden under the cliff, so without the lead of Ziyi, Qingfeng and Tiangang would never have been able to find it out.

In fact, Ziyi was planning to bring two aces from the Northern Clan to battle with her tomorrow, but she changed her mind once she saw the power of Qingfeng and Tiangang. These two guys were even more powerful than the clan seniors. Right now, she was heading to the Holy Realm instead of going back home first.

In Ziyi’s mind, Qingfeng was such a monster. He was way stronger than those seniors in her clan.

The valley was, indeed, so gigantic that it occupied thousands of acres of lands. There were also hundreds of houses inside and was inhabited by people from the Holy Land. Both people from the North and the South lived there together, but the land was exclusive to the seniors and core children. Regular people wouldn’t be allowed to live there.

After arriving the valley, Qingfeng found out that almost everyone here were masters of martial arts. The least powerful ones would at least reach the elite level, most of them had reached A level or AA level. Some of the seniors even have reached SS level which had tremendous power.

However, all of them have a similarity. They all carried a poisonous creature on them, such as a viper, centipede, spider, or a toad.

There was a huge arena made with concrete in the middle of the valley.

The arena was surrounded by loads of people who all came to watch the battle of the Saintesses.

At the same time, the people from the South had arrived. They were sitting on their side while the youngsters were standing in lines behind them.

Qingfeng looked ahead and saw two people sitting in front of the South side. One of them was a charming woman. She had a seductive look yet carried some evil intentions. Her skin was excessively bright which was the complete opposite of Ziyi.

Her name is Xiaoyao Miao, the Saintess of the South. Her name was literally like her person, seductive and evil.

On the side of Xiaoyao, there were two people sitting by her. One of them was a bald elder who was accompanying Xiaoyao for the battle. On the other seat, though, it was empty. The person hadn’t arrived yet.

"Saintess, all three people from the North have arrived, why are we still missing one? When is he going to be here?" The bald elder asked.

"Elder, he is too uncontrollable and proud, but I think he will come since he promised my mother," Xiaoyao smiled and said.

The bald elder exhaled his breath after hearing what she said. That dude was indeed a powerful and invincible existence. They believe they will definitely win the match as long as he was with them.

The host was the head of the clan. He was an eighty-year-old man full of grey hair. Even though he was old, he walked as hard and fast as a young man. The intense vibe mingled around him also made him out as at least an SS level ace.

"I guess everyone understands the rules of this Saintess’s battle. The South and North team will start a battle between each of the three people. The winner will become the final Saintess and claim ownership of the Holy Flute and the Flower of God’s Spirit."

Even though the elder was old and was covered with grey hair, he spoke so loud that even people from several miles away could clearly hear him.

After the head of the clan finished his introduction, Xiaoyao, as the Saintess from the South had jumped up on the arena and stared at Ziyi, the Saintess from the North provocatively.

While facing the provocation of Xiaoyao, Ziyi merely laughed at it and continue to walk up to the arena.

They used to see each other a lot and seemed to have a really bad relationship. They started to fight as soon as they reached the arena.

Ziyi shoved her dagger towards Xiaoyao after arcing it in the air like a flash. Meanwhile, Xiaoyao also took out a bone stick and started to swing against Ziyi’s dagger.

Even though both of them were females, their level of strength was tremendous and had at least reached the S level. They, indeed, deserved their titles as Saintesses.


They moved way too fast. People were getting more and more excited while watching them. Some young people started to yell and cheer for their side.

Ziyi was pure and innocent, Xiaoyao was sexy and aggressive. Both of them were popular with their own charismas. People from the North favored Ziyi while people from the South favored Xiaoyao.

Although Ziyi was powerful, she followed rules and had straight attacks. On the other hand, Xiaoyao tended to use tricks and attack Ziyi’s weak body parts, which bothered her a lot.

They had been fighting non-stop and still didn’t achieve a result. After hundreds of tricks, both of them released their poisonous pets. Ziyi released her Greeny while Xiaoyao released a centipede.

Both Greeny and the centipede were toxic, it would be hard for them to win against each other.

When both Saintess had already reached the hundredth attack, Xiaoyao pretended to fall down on the floor. While Ziyi bended down and tried to put her dagger against Xiaoyao’s throat, something drastic suddenly happened.


Xiaoyao took out a bag of unknown powder from her arms and threw it to Ziyi’s face. That was a type of special limestone powder which could temporarily blind one’s vision and cause extreme pain to their eyes.

Ziyi could neither feel nor see anything other than burning stings in her eyes. He wouldn’t expect this Xiaoyao would actually attack her in such a sneaky way.

Meanwhile, Xiaoyao stood back up and hit Ziyi out of the arena with one punch.
"First round, Xiaoyao, the Southern Saintess won," the clan head frowned and announced the result reluctantly.

Even though he was not a fan of sneak attacks, he had no choice since Xiaoyao was indeed the winner of this round. Nobody would waste their time to fight honorably in reality. Therefore, the head of the clan still announced Xiaoyao as the winner even if he didn’t like the way she behaved.

"Xiaoyao Miao, you are a loser to sneak attack me like that as a Saintess," Ziyi stood under the arena while yelling at her furiously.

"Ziyi Miao, the winner will always be the winner and the loser will always be the loser. I will be the final Saintess in Miao Jiang," Xiaoyao said with pride and arrogance.

"Xiaoyao, it’s too early to be happy now. You only won the first round, we still have two more rounds,"

"Ziyi, we are taking the best out of three, we only need to win one more round and this game will be over."

"You better hold on to your arrogance! I will beat you eventually." Anger had spread all over Ziyi’s face.

Ziyi returned to her seat on the North side madly. "We have two more rounds left, you guys have to win! Otherwise, Xiaoyao would become the Saintess and she would get the Flower of God’s Spirit."

"Don’t worry, we will win in the next two rounds," Qingfeng smiled faintly and said with confidence.

He would certainly be careful since whether they would obtain the Flower of God’s Spirit would completely depend on this game. However, he was confident about himself as well as Grandpa Chen in terms of their strength.