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Chapter 417: Lion Demon King

Chapter 417: Lion Demon King

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"Who is going first for the second round?" Zi Miao asked Qingfeng and Tiangang Chen. Her face was still ghastly pale.

There was a residue of the powder on her face. She felt really uncomfortable; if it was not for the competition, she would definitely take a shower.

"I’ll go," Tiangang Chen said with a light smile as he made his way to the battle arena.

He was one of the top 10 fighters of the Capital. His power was immense. How could the teacher of the number one demon king be an ordinary person?

The candidate from Southern Miaojiang was a bald old man who was a level S fighter.

Tiangang Chen and the bald old man walked up the battle arena and started the battle.


The bald old man’s right hand turned into an eagle claw. There was a piercing sound as he clawed towards Tiangang Chen.

Tiangang Chen smiled faintly as his hands became wind blades and he sliced towards the old man’s claw.


There was a loud boom as the hand and claw collided. Tiangang Chen did not budge an inch while the bald old man’s expression changed as he took a few steps back.

Clearly, Tiangang Chen had won the exchange.

The bald old man narrowed his eyes. He knew that he has met a strong enemy. Instantly, he gathered all his might into his claws. There was a green hue around his hands as he clawed towards Tiangang Chen.

Tiangang Chen smiled coldly and gathered all his might onto his wind-edge palm, and it actually formed ten images of his palm.

That was the sign that he has achieved the Wind-edge Palm. His palm strikes could slice through the air.


The bald old man’s eagle claw was instantly sliced by Tiangang Chen’s Wind-Edge Palm. Then, Tiangang Chen fiercely pursued the bald old man. The bald old man was no match for Tiangang Chen so he released his poisonous toad. However, he was still knocked out Tiangang Chen with a slap.

After 30 strikes, Tiangang Chen slapped the bald old man out of the battle arena and ended the battle.

Even though the bald old man was very strong and even used his poisonous toad, he was still no match for Tiangang Chen.

The bald old man returned dejectedly to Xiaoyao Miao’s side. He said in a low voice, "Saintess, I am defeated."

Xiaoyao Miao nodded lightly and said, "It’s not your fault. The elder is very strong. He must be a foreign aid who was seeked out by Ziyi Miao. There is no rush, Lion Demon King is almost here. He will definitely be able to defeat the young man."

Lion Demon King?

A flash of fear appeared on the bald old man’s face when he he heard the name. Lion Demon was a wild and powerful figure. Back then, he dominated the entire southern Miaojiang. For some reason, he chose to stay in Southern Miaojiang. It seemed to had to do with Xiaoyao Miao’s mother.

"Very good, we won the second round. If we win the third round, I will be the Saint of Miaojiang," Zi Miao said excitedly.

"Remember you words. If I help you become the Saintess, you will give me the Flower of God’s Spirit." Qingfeng said.

Zi Miao’s expression changed at Qingfeng’s words. But at the thought of the terror of the young man, she nodded and said, "Rest assured, I promise to give you the Flower of God’s Spirit if you win the next battle."

Qingfeng nodded and walked towards the battle arena.

"What? The third round is so important. Why would the Saint of Northern Miaojiang dispatch such a young man?"

"Yeah, the two elders just now were so strong. What good would a young man be?"

"Sigh, it seems like the Saint of Northern Miaojiang is about to lose."

The surrounding people discussed animatedly when they saw Qingfeng walking up the battle arena. They were all certain that he would be defeated.

Qingfeng had just walked up the battle arena when a wild voice came from the outside, "Xiaoyao, Uncle Lion is here. Today, I will help you get the Saintess title."

Then, a tall muscular man with a beard walked into the room. He wore a piece of leather and held onto a spiked club.

The middle-aged man was like a lion and gave off a domineering presence. The ground trembled and banged loudly with every step he took.

"Uncle Lion, it’s great that you are here. We have lost one round and won one round. I will depend on you for the third round," Xiaoyao Miao said happily.

She knew that she would definitely win the third round if her Uncle Lion was here. The title of "Saintess" would go to her.

The expressions of the surrounding people changed drastically when the saw the man. Naturally, they all recognized the man.

"Lion Demon King, I can’t believe the Saint of Southern Miaojiang managed to invite the Lion Demon King. The young man is done for."

"keke…he is not just done for. He will be torn to pieces."

"You’re right. The Lion Demon King is ruthless. He is rumored to be the number one fighter of Southern Miaojiang."

The surrounding people discussed animatedly. They looked at the Lion Demon King with respect and fear.

Oh no, it is the Lion Demon King. A flash of despair appeared on her face as blood drained from her face. She was aware of the strength of the Lion Demon King. He was the number one fighter of Southern Miaojiang. Even in Northern Miaojiang, no one was his match.

Ever since the Lion Demon King had arrived in Miaojiang a dozen years ago, he has defeated more than a 100 strong fighters of Miaojiang. His power shook Miaojiang. He was extremely powerful and rumored to be able to tear a tiger into two. No one expected that Lion Demon would help Xiaoyao Miao.

Tiangang Chen had a look of disbelief when he saw Lion Demon King.

"Fellow, Xiaoyao wants me to defeat you. I will behead you with a single fist," Lion Demon said arrogantly.

His powerful body jumped into the sky and he landed onto the battle arena with a loud boom.

Qingfeng was faced away from the Lion Demon King so Lion Demon King did not see his face. But, his facial expression changed drastically when he saw Qingfeng’s face.

So alike…why did this young man resembled the Great Conqueror so much?

Lion Demon King was stunned. He asked, "Who are you?"

Through the discussions of the spectators, Qingfeng was already aware that this powerful man was called Lion Demon King. He was the number two Demon under his father’s rule. He was second only to his teacher, the Wind Demon.

"My name is Qingfeng Li, I am the son of the Great Conqueror, Third Master of the Li Family," Qingfeng said calmly as he looked at the powerful middle-aged man.

What? The son of the Great Conqueror?

The Lion Demon King was stunned. He carefully examined the young man and realized that he heavily resembled the Great Conqueror.

Then, a familiar voice sounded," Lion, long time no see."

When he heard the familiar voice, Lion Demon King turned and looked towards the Northern Miaojiang area. He saw Tiangang Chen at first sight. He naturally recognized the housekeeper of the Li Family.

"Housekeeper, why are you here?" Lion Demon asked with surprise. His eyes were filled with puzzlement.

He knew that Tiangang Chen was the housekeeper of the Li Family. He should be in the Capital. Why was he at Miaojiang?

"Lion, let me tell you, he is the son of the Great Conqueror," Tiangang Chen said lightly as he pointed at Qingfeng.

A flash of emotion appeared in Lion Demon’s eyes. His entire body trembled from excitement.

Lion Demon could see a flicker of the Great Conqueror from Qingfeng. Since the housekeeper said that Qingfeng was the son of the Great Conqueror, it must be true. The housekeeper would not lie to him about a matter like this.


To the astonishment of the spectators, Lion Demon King kneeled on one knee before Qingfeng. He said respectfully, "Young master, I am Demon number 2, Lion Demon King."