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Chapter 418: Shocking Miaojiang

Chapter 418: Shocking Miaojiang

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Everyone was shocked to see Lion Demon King kneeling before Qingfeng and calling him "Young Master". They thought they were dreaming.

The people of Southern Miaojiang were dumfounded. Lion Demon King was the number one fighter of Southern Miaojiang. They invited him to participate in the competition. But now, the number one fighter of their side was kneeling before a young man. What was going on?

Some of the strong fighters of Miaojiang were first stunned. Then, their faces became fearful. They quickly realized that the man who could make Lion Demon King bow must be an even more powerful existence.

Of course, only strong fighters were aware of Qingfeng’s strength. Ordinary people could not sense his strength.

After all, an ordinary person’s power was limited. They could not see the strong aura surrounding Qingfeng.

The entire area was deadly silent. Everyone was stunned by the Lion Demon King’s actions.

The Lion Demon King had kneeled before Qingfeng. Not just that, this meant that the number one fighter of Northern Miaojiang was kneeling before Qingfeng.

The leader of Miaojiang was stunned. His repressed the feelings in his heart and said, "Qingfeng, Lion Demon King, this is the third round of battle. Start the battle quickly."

Lion Demon King said lightly, "I give up for the third round."

He dared not fight against Young master. If he hurt Young Master, the Great Conqueror would rip off his skin if he knew of the happenings.

I admit defeat?

The surrounding people had their mouths agape. In the past dozen years, Lion Demon King swept through the entire Miaojiang region. He has once said that he would never admit defeat. But now, he was admitting defeat to a young man.

If Xiaoyao Miao had not called him Uncle Lion, they would not believe the man before him was Lion Demon King.

Lion Demon King has admitted defeat. This would cause a storm in the entire Miaojiang.

The leader also looked at Lion Demon King with astonishment. He did not know what to say. Now that Lion Demon King had admitted defeat, it would mean that he had lost the third round of competition. The winner would be the Saintess from Northern Miaojiang.

Just as the leader was prepared to announce the winner, Xiaoyao Miao stood up and said loudly, "Leader, I refuse to admit defeat."

The leader furrowed his brows and asked, "XIaoyao, why are you unwilling to admit defeat?"

"Leader, the Saint battle depends on one’s combat power. To win the competition, one must win two of the three rounds. I refuse to admit defeat because I don't know why Uncle Lion admitted defeat. But I don't think this is fair, " Xiaoyao Miao said lightly.

If she obtained the title of "Saintess", she will become the head of Miaojiang. Her power will be even higher than that of the Leader. She will get a lot of power and resources. Xiaoyao Miao naturally wanted the title.

She not only wanted to obtain the personal glory, she also had to consider the interests of her family.

The people of Southern Miaojiang also started to riot when they heard Xiaoyao Miao’s words.

Faced with their oppositions, the Leader’s expression changed slightly. He did not know what to do.

Qingfeng said with a light smile, "Xiaoyao Miao, you guys refuse to admit defeat because the third representative did not battle. I can give you a chance. If someone from Southern Miaojiang can defeat me, I will admit defeat."

"Okay, you need to keep your word. I will choose someone to battle with you."A flash of happiness appeared on Xiaoyao Miao’s charming face.

Xiaoyao Miao initially placed her hopes on the Lion Demon King. She did not expect that he would kneel and directly admit defeat. But this was the battle for the title, she refused to admit defeat.

Xiaoyao Miao looked amongst the people of Southern Miaojiang for a long time but could not find a strong fighter. The only strong fighter, the bald old man, was already injured by Tiangang Chen. Clearly, he was not ready for another battle.

"If that is the case, I will fight on the battle arena," thought Xiaoyao Miao as she clenched her teeth. She then made her way to the battle arena.

"Xiaoyao, what are you doing?" Lion Demon King said when he saw her walking up the battle arena. His expression had changed.

"Uncle Lion, I don't know why you kneeled or admitted defeat. But you once told me that one must not admit defeat, we have to battle to the end,"Xiaoyao Miao said strongly. Her charming face glistened mesmerizingly.

Lion Demon King smiled bitterly when he heard her words. He did not continue to speak. He knew that Xiaoyao Miao was very stubborn. She would not listen to his words.

Yes, Lion Demon King has once told Xiaoyao Miao those words. But it depended on the person. If Lion Demon King had met the Head of the four families of the Captital, he would not back down from the battle.

But Qingfeng was not an ordinary figure. He was the son of the Great conqueror who was his master. Qingfeng was his young master. He dared not lay a finger on him.

"Qingfeng Li, I will defeat you today. I want to see what you’ve got to make my Uncle Lion admit defeat," Xiaoyao Miao said viciously.

To be honest, Lion Demon King was her idol. These years, he has taught Xiaoyao Miao how to fight. She was uncomfortable to see her idol kneel before Qingfeng and admit defeat.

Qingfeng nodded and said, "To show my respect towards you, I have decided to defeat you with one strike."

Defeat me with one strike?

Xiaoyao Miao was furious. She did not think that this was a sign of respect. Qingfeng was insulting her. She was the Saint of Southern Miaojiang and had defeated Ziyi Miao just now. How could she lose to Qingfeng with one strike?


Xiaoyao Miao shouted as she took out a bony baton and swung it towards Qingfeng. She was keen to smash the arrogant young man’s bones to pieces.

Qingfeng stood unmoving. Just when the bony baton was about to land on his body, he dodged to the side.


Qingfeng held onto Xiaoyao Miao’s throat in a flash and lifted her up the ground.

Xiaoyao Miao was ghastly pale. She looked fearfully at Qingfeng. This man’s speed fast like a lightning. Before she had any time to react, she had already lost.

"I lost with a single attack,"thought Xiaoyao Miao with despair.

Lion Demon King was also stunned. Young Master’s speed was so fast. He was even faster than me!

At this moment, Lion Demon King rejoiced slightly that he had given up the battle with Young Master. He would not be a match for Young Master.

The surrounding people looked at Qingfeng like he was a monster, with fear in their eyes.

"You lost," Qingfeng said as he let go of Xiaoyao Miao’s neck. He then turned around and walked down the battle arena.

Xiaoyao Miao looked at Qingfeng with conflicting emotions in her eyes. It was a look that would appear only when she saw a strong man.

Qingfeng won the third round of battle. The leader of Miaojiang announced that the Saintess of Northern Miaojiang, Ziyi Miao, has won the competition and earned the title of "Saintess".

Ziyi Miao became the true "Saintess" of Miaojiang. She won the Saint flute and Godly flower and earned the respects of all the citizens.

Even thought the competition had ended, everyone looked at Qingfeng with astonishment in their eyes. They were amazed by his power.

Xiaoyao Miao was someone who could defeat Ziyi Miao but she had lost to Qingfeng with one strike. How strong must the young man be?

His powers shook Miaojiang. From today onwards, Qingfeng became the number one fighter in everyone’s hearts.