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Chapter 419: Going Back to Save Xue Lin

Chapter 419: Going Back to Save Xue Lin

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Miaojiang Holy Realm, Room of the Saintess

This was a holy room which only the Saintess could live in.

At the moment, there was a man in this room. The man was Qingfeng. He sat next to Ziyiyi Miao.

Ziyiyi Miao looked at Qingfeng with surprise. Even though she already knew the strength of the man before him, he still surprised her when he defeated Xiaoyao Miao with a single strike.

"Qingfeng Li, this is the Flower of God’s Spirit. Here you go," Ziyi Miao said with a light smile as she handed over a purple wooden box to Qingfeng.

She had came to an agreement with Qingfeng: if Qingfeng could help her win the title of "Saintess", she would give the Flower of God’s Spirit to him.

A flash of delight appeared in Qingfeng’s eyes. He opened the purple wooden box and saw a flower within it. The flower had the seven colors of the rainbow and emitted a mesmerising scent.

A flower with seven colors was a unique sight in nature. The seven-colored flower seemed to be still alive. It swayed gently and emitted an odd scent.

My head is so fuzzy. Qingfeng had inhaled a tiny amount of the scent when he felt his mind becoming fuzzy.

The Flower of God’s Spirit could affect the nervous system! Qingfeng’s expression changed as he quickly closed the wooden box. However, his mind was still fuzzy.

Ziyi Miao’s eyes darted and a look of coldness flash crossed her eyes. She smiled faintly and brought out a teacup. She said with a smile, "The Flower of God’s Spirit can affect the nervous system. Here have a cup of tea to feel better."

When Ziyi Miao passed over a teacup to Qingfeng, she secretly moved a fingernail on her right hand and a tiny thing invisible to the naked eye entered into the teacup.

The particle was very small and could only be seen with a microscope. The particles also had seven colors.

"Thank you," said Qingfeng as he drank the entire contents of the teacup.

His mind was still fuzzy from the scent of the Flower of God’s Spirit so he did not realize that Ziyi Miao had drugged the tea.

Moreover, the particles were too small to be seen by the naked eye.

Qingfeng never expected Ziyi Miao to harm him. After all, he had just done her a huge favor.

As Qingfeng drank the tea, he felt that something was amiss but he could not put his finger to it. He was skilled in medicine. If there was a poison in the tea, he would be able to sense it even if his mind was fuzzy.

Even though the tea was strange, after Qingfeng drank the tea, the fuzziness in his brain disappeared. It was magical.

"Saintess, I will be on my way. Thank you for the Flower of God’s Spirit," Qingfeng said with a light smile. Then, he walked out of the room.

A flash of coldness crossed Ziyi Miao’s face as she watched Qingfeng’s departing figure.

"Bastard, do you think I will let you go after you saw my body? Soon, the Gu insect within your body will grow. Then, you will become my slave," thought Ziyi Miao coldly.

In Miaojiang, the Saintess was godly and pure. Her body must not be seen by any man or she would be punished. Ziyi Miao’s body was seen and desecrated by Qingfeng. Naturally, she would not let him go easily.

Ziyi Miao knew that Qingfeng was very strong. She was no match for him. Thus, to seek revenge, she chose to use the holy Gu of Miaojiang.

The parasite she used was not an ordinary one. It was a larva of the seven-colored Gu. It could not be seen by the naked eye and would grow within Qingfeng’s body.

When the seven-colored Gu matures, Ziyi Miao would be able to control Qingfeng through the Gu. He would become her salve.

Truthfully, Ziyi Miao would not kill a powerful man like Qingfeng. But she would definitely make him her slave and abuse him thoroughly.

Even though Qingfeng was the powerful Wolf King who was skilled in combat and medicine, he knew nothing about the Gus of Miaojiang. He had never seen a mysterious technique like this. Thus, he unknowingly fell into Ziyi Miao’s trap.

The history of Miaojiang Gu could be traced back to the Yanhuang times. The Miaojiang Gu existed ever since the existence of humans.

These insects had existed for a longer times than humans.

As the saying goes, "A woman’s heart is very hard to understand. One would rather anger a villain than a woman."

Qingfeng thought that Ziyi Miao would be grateful to him since he had helped her. He thought that she would forgive his past doings. He did not expect Ziyi Miao to hide her intentions and implant a Gu into him.

Qingfeng held onto the Flower of God’s Spirit and left the Miaojiang Saintess Area with Tiangang Chen.

As for Lion Demon King, he did not leave with them. He still had to bring Xiaoyao Miao back to her family in Nanjiang. Qingfeng had learned that Lion Demon King had a past relationship with Xiaoyao Miao’s mother.

Qingfeng naturally did not oppose when the Lion Demon King asked to bring his lover’s daughter home. Lion Demon King had told Qingfeng that he will meet Qingfeng in ES City after he brought Xiaoyao Miao home.

One day later.

Qingfeng and Tiangang Chen travelled a long distance before they finally boarded the plane to head back to ES City.

At the moment, ES City, First People Hospital.

Xue Lin lied on the hospital bed. Her eyes were tightly shut and she was in a coma. She was like sleeping beauty who would never wake up.

Next to Xue Lin, her mother, Xiaoyun Mu, wept tears of sorrow. Xiaoyue Zhang was also crying.

Outside of the ward, Monk and King Kong guarded the room and stopped any strangers from entering the ward.

When Qingfeng arrived at the ward, everyone’s eyes were filled with delight.

"Boss, you found the Flower of God’s Spirit?" Monk said emotionally.

Qingfeng nodded in affirmation.

Monk looked at Qingfeng with delight and admiration in his eyes. Boss was so strong. The Flower of God’s Spirit was the Saintess Flower of Miaojiang. Only the Saintesss had access to it. He could not believe that Boss managed to find it. He was amazing!

"Mother-in-law, go and take a rest. I found the Flower of God’s Spirit. I will save Xue Lin." Qingfeng’s heart was filled with sorrow when he saw Xiaoyun Mu’s tear stained face.

"Okay, Qingfeng, please wake Xue Lin up," Xiaoyun Mu said before leaving the ward.

A look of tenderness appeared on Qingfeng’s face as he looked at the unmoving Xue Lin.

Qingfeng took out the Flower of God’s Spirit and crumbled the petals into liquid before feeding it into Xue Lin’s mouth.

The liquid from the Flower of God’s Spirit was of seven colors. It emitted a strong fragrant scent. It flowed into Xue Lin’s lips, down her throat, and was slowly absorbed by her body.

The magical power of the Flower of God’s Spirit managed to completely repair Xue Lin’s nerves.

Xue Lin felt that she had a long dream. The dream was so long that she only woke up from it when a seven-colored flower appeared before her eyes.

Xue Lin slowly opened her eyes and saw an unfamiliar man before her.