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Chapter 420: Xue Lin Lost Her Memory

Chapter 420: Xue Lin Lost Her Memory

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Xue Lin opened her eyes and saw an unfamiliar man. Her eyes were filled with puzzlement. This man was so weird. Why was he looking at her so emotionally?

Xue Lin furrowed her brows. A look of detest flashed across her face. This man was too close to her. She detested men the most.

"Honey, you’re awake," Qingfeng said excitedly when he saw Xue Lin opening her eyes.

He did not the Flower of God’s Spirit to be so effective that Xue Lin woke up very soon after drinking the liquid of the flower.


Xue Lin’s icy face was filled with confusion. Who was the man referring to? He seemed to be calling me his honey. How could I be his honey? I am not married yet.

Qingfeng’s expression changed when he saw Xue Lin’s look of puzzlement and detest. He sensed that something was wrong.

"Honey, are you okay?" Qingfeng reached out his palm to touch Xue Lin’s forehead.


Xue Lin slapped away Qingfeng’s hand. She said coldly, "Don’t touch me. Who is your honey? Don’t sprout nonsense."

What? Why does Xue Lin not recognize me?

Qingfeng was ghastly pale. He probed, "Xue Lin, you are my wife."

Xue Lin’s expression changed. The detest in her eyes darkened. She said angrily, "I am not yet married. How could I be your wife?"

"Xue Lin, you forgot that we just conducted our wedding two days ago? We even bought the wedding dress and ring together. Did you forget everything?" Qingfeng said in a shaky voice. He was afraid of losing Xue Lin.

Xue Lin said coldly, "Stop lying. I don't even have a boyfriend. Why would I conduct a wedding? You’re a liar."

Xue Lin did not have any recollection or memories of Qingfeng in her mind. She could not recall this man.

"I am not a liar. Xue Lin, we registered our marriage at the government. Do you still remember?" Qingfeng asked.

Xue Lin said furiously, "Go away, you’re a liar. I am not married. Why would I marry a liar like you?"

Xue Lin’s voice was extremely loud. Everyone inside the ward heard her words. They were all puzzled. What was going on? Why did Xue Lin ask Qingfeng to go away? Wasn’t she deep in love with Qingfeng?

Qingfeng’s face was ghastly pale. A flash of despair appeared on his face. He knew that if Xue Lin still remembered him, she would not ask him to go away.

She had lost her memory. The second thing that he was most afraid of had happened, Xue Lin had lost her memory.

Xue Lin’s nerves were damaged. She had lost all of her past memories. Even though the Flower of God’s Spirit had repaired her nerves, it was unable to recover her memories.

Xue Lin had lost her memories. She did not remember him anymore. She did not even remember their marriage. Qingfeng was ghastly pale. He felt like his heart was torn into a million pieces.

They… had become strangers that one is most familiar with.

They had been through so much together, both ups and down. Xue Lin did not remember any of it.

Xiaoyun Mu hurriedly walked into the ward when she heard Xue Lin’s voice. She said, "Xiaoxue, I am your mother. Do you still remember me?"

Xue Lin gazed at her for a while and seemed to remember her. She said, "Mother, of course I remember you. Why would you ask such a strange question?"

A flash of happiness appeared in Xiaoyun Mu’s eyes. She was afraid that Xue Lin would not remember herself. Since Xue Lin still remembered her, it meant that she had only lost part of her memory.

"Xiao Xue, he is your husband. Do you still remember?" Xiaoyun Mu asked probingly.

She asked the question because she heard Xue Lin’s shouts from the corridor. She was grateful for everything that Qingfeng had done for her daughter.

Xue Lin shook her head and asked, "Mother, why are you sprouting nonsense? I am not married? Why would I have a husband. You know that I don't like men. I detest men the most. Ask him to go away."

Detest men, she wanted him to leave… Qingfeng’s expression was pale. He knew that Xue Lin had forgotten about him.

At the moment, Dean Xu Zhao walked into the ward.

Director Xu Zhao used the most advanced medical instruments to inspect Xue Lin’s brain. He then asked her to differentiate the people around her.

Finally, Xu Zhao concluded that Xue Lin had lost her memories. She only remembered the happenings before 3 months ago. She lost all her memories about the past 3 months.

For example, Xue Lin did not recognize Qingfeng or Hao Luo since they had both came to the company 3 months ago. Xue Lin recognized Xiaoyue Zhang, which meant that she remembered things that happened more than 3 months ago.

"Dean Zhao, can you treat Xue Lin’s condition?" Qingfeng asked.

It was okay that Xue Lin had lost her memory as long as she could be treated. The doctor said that Xue Lin would be in a coma forever two days ago, but she was awake now.

"I am a western doctor. You are an ancient Chinese medicine doctor who’s also more skilled than me. You should understand that it is already a miracle for her to wake up. Amnesia is the most difficult condition to treat in the world. It cannot be cured by any drugs," Xu Zhao said with a sigh as he looked at Qingfeng pityingly.

Xu Zhao felt really sorry for the young man before him. His Honey went into a coma after a car accident. After finally saving her, his Honey had forgotten about him. How painful must that be.

Qingfeng’s face was filled with pain. He took a misstep and almost fell onto the ground.

As a Godly doctor, Qingfeng naturally knew that amnesia was due to major trauma to the brain. It was almost impossible for the patient to recover their memories.

In other words, Xue Lin will not remember him in the future. She will think of him as a stranger.

Qingfeng knew that before Xue Lin met him, she deeply detested man. Now that she had forgotten about him, she must have resumed her previous attitude. Since he was a man, she must strongly detest him.

"Xiaofeng, it is impossible to treat amnesia. If you want her to regain her memories, you should speak with her more. If you guys go to past places or relive some past memories, perhaps she will regain her memories," Tiangang Chen said comfortingly.

"Grandfather Chen, if I bring Xue Lin to past places and relive memories, what is her chances of regaining her memories?"

"Close to zero. There is only a slight hope but it is almost impossible."

"Grandfather Chen, if there is any hope, I will not give up. But Xue Lin dislikes men now. She refuses to let me close to her. How can I approach her?" Qingfeng said with a frown.

He was a Godly Doctor. He naturally knew how difficult it was to recover a patient’s memories. He must communicate frequently with her and relive some of their past experiences.

But Xue Lin detest him right now. He could not even touch her hand, much less do anything else.