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Chapter 421: Xue Lin Recovered

Chapter 421: Xue Lin Recovered

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"Qingfeng, if you want Xue Lin to recover her memory, you have to talk to her more and tell her the things that you two experienced before. Also, let other people who are close to her talk to her more as well," Tiangang smiled and said to Qingfeng.

Qingfeng nodded as he understood. He had good medical skills and believed that what Tiangang said was true. The only way to recover Xue Lin’s memory was to talk to her more.

However, Xue Lin hated men now and refused to talk to him. He could only ask Xiaoyun Mu to talk with Xue Lin at the moment.

As the mother of Xue Lin, Xue Lin would definitely listen to Xiaoyun Mu.

Qingfeng explained the details to Xiaoyun and she agreed immediately since Qingfeng was her son-in-law.

Soon, Xiaoyun then started to chat with Xue Lin. Obviously, Xue Lin seemed to enjoy the conversation when they were talking about things from a long time ago. But when Xiaoyun started to mention things happening recently, Xue Lin seemed to have no clue at all.

After chatting with her mother for a while, Xue Lin fell asleep since she had just recovered and still felt exhausted.

Xiaoyun sighed when she finally saw Xue Lin falling asleep. When she was about to stand up, she suddenly lost her balance and almost fell on the floor.

"Are you ok, Mom?" Qingfeng immediately caught Xiaoyun up and asked worriedly.

"I’m alright. I’m just too tired these days since I barely slept," Xiaoyun said weakly with a pale face.

Xiaoyun had been staying with Xue Lin in the hospital since the car accident. She had been awake for two consecutive days and had been feeling exhausted. Now, she could finally take a good rest after seeing her daughter had woken up.

"Mom, you should go back home and take some rest. Let me stay here with Xue Lin," Qingfeng said with a faint smile.

"But Xue Lin doesn't recognize you yet."

"Mom, you had heard what Tiangang said right? I should talk to Xue Lin more if I want her to recover her memory. Otherwise, she will never be able to remember me."

"Well, you’re right. Alright then, I am going to take a break at home. But please, remember to talk to Xue Lin more, she is such a poor girl," Xiaoyun nodded and left the room.

Xiaoyun didn’t actually want to leave, but since her body couldn’t stay awake anymore and she also wanted Xue Lin to recover her memory as soon as possible, she could only listen to Qingfeng.

After the dismissal of Xiaoyun, Qingfeng also asked the others to go home. He became the only one who was left in the room with Xue Lin.

Everyone must be exhausted after accompanying her for these days, Qingfeng didn’t want them to sacrifice their time anymore.

Xue Lin was still sleeping. Her eyes were closed yet wrinkling, her face was turning pale as if she was having a nightmare.

"Don’t worry, Honey, I’m here," Qingfeng was heartbroken while looking at her.

Qingfeng was holding Xue Lin’s hand, "Honey, do you still remember the moment when we just got our marriage certificate at the Civil Service Center? You even told me you were going to divorce me. But later, we experienced so many struggles and escaped from so many obstacles, we are finally together. We bought the wedding dress, the ring…"

Qingfeng looked at Xue Lin with affection and started to recount all the things that happened in the past few months between them to Xue Lin.

Even though Xue Lin was sleeping, she could feel a man was mumbling beside her.

Xue Lin found his voice was a bit familiar as if they had been through something together. Se couldn’t recall anything no matter how hard she tried, which drove her really frustrated.

Qingfeng still kept talking about things they had been through together for several hours. He eventually recounted to the events that happened the night before yesterday, when he was going to pick up Xue Lin for their wedding.

All of the sudden, Xue Lin opened her eyes. She felt confused since she felt like she had experienced everything that this man had said, yet, she always felt a headache whenever she tried to recall the details.

"Honey, you woke up?" Qingfeng asked worriedly.

"I had told you not to call me ‘Honey’, right?" Xue Lin frowned her brows.

Even though she felt like she was familiar with this guy while she was sleeping, she felt quite frustrated since she didn’t like to be labeled as someone else’s honey. As an independent woman, she hated to have any form of contacts with males.

"Alright, I won’t call you that anymore. Then, what about just Xue Lin? Do you want some water now?" Qingfeng looked a bit down while asking gently.

While looking at the disappointment coming from Qingfeng’s eyes, Xue Lin felt an unknown sadness. It was a complicated feeling mixed with frustration, loss and pain.

Xue Lin suddenly wanted to pee. She started to blush and didn’t know who to call since Qingfeng was the only one in the room.

She looked around as she tried to find her mother. But she didn’t know her mother had already gone back home for resting. She also tried to call the nurse, but she found the speaker in the room stopped working. Plus, it was in the middle of the night now, it was silent in the hospital and nobody was staying around her room.

Xue Lin tried her best to sit up and pushed Qingfeng away when he tried to help her. She didn’t want to be helped by a man. She still had negative feelings about men even if this guy was talking to her a lot.

Qingfeng felt bad when he was pushed away by Xue Lin.

Xue Lin finally stood up by herself. She has been trying so hard since she was still really weak after recovering from sickness.

While she tried to walk to the front, she suddenly fell down on the floor since he lost her strength. Her brain hit the table corner aside and made a huge sound.

Xue Lin’s head started to bleed, to the point where it was almost covered by blood.

Xue Lin felt the pain when she saw the blood dripping down along her head. At the same time, she suddenly recalled what happened right before the car accident.

In the car accident, Xue Lin also got hit by a truck and blood has covered her whole face. The last thing she saw before she lost her consciousness was Qingfeng.

Slowly, she started to recall more and more things. She remembered the scene they bought the wedding dress and the ring together; she also remembered the tomato noodles with egg and the pan fired mince noodles Qingfeng made for her.

The scene of their first hug, their first kiss, their first massage…everything started to re-appear in Xue Lin’s memory.

She burst into tears when she finally recalled everything Qingfeng has done for her.

"Xue Lin, did it hurt that much?! Give me one second, Let me check, " Qingfeng asked worriedly as he felt so heartbroken when he saw Xue Lin was crying.

He thought Xue Lin was crying for the pain and wound she got from the table corner she hit on. Yet, he didn’t know she was actually crying for all the memories she has recalled.

Qingfeng got some bandage, some sanitizer and some cotton bud and started to clean the blood Xue Lin got on her forehead. Later, he moved her onto the bed.

"You shouldn’t go anywhere yet, your body just recovered," Qingfeng said to her gently while holding her hand.

"Alright…dear," Xue Lin relied back softly with a voice barely anyone could hear.

However, Qingfeng still heard it.

What? Did…did Xue Lin just call me dear?

Qingfeng stuttered excitedly," Hon…Honey, do you remember everything now?"

Qingfeng couldn’t stop his stutter out of excitement.