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Chapter 422: Ruyan Getting Forced to Marry Again

Chapter 422: Ruyan Getting Forced to Marry Again

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"Honey, I remember everything now," Xue Lin said gently with a faint smile.

Fantastic! Qingfeng’s face has turned red since he was so excited. He almost started to dance around.

Thank god, thank god! Thanks so much for this table! Qingfeng kissed the table since Xue Lin recalled her memory by tripping onto it.

Qingfeng started to like this table now since it helped Xue Lin remembered everything.

Xue Lin also became so happy after seeing Qingfeng’s excitement since this man was her love.

"Honey, didn’t you want to go to washroom? Let me carry you there," Qingfeng reached his hand towards Xue Lin.

Xue Lin flushed her face and felt shy again, but she eventually allowed him to carry her since he was her husband, as well as the only one in the room.

After coming from the washroom, Xue Lin rushed to her bed and sneaked under her cover immediately. Her heart was beating crazily and she felt extremely shy about the fact that they went to the washroom together.

Qingfeng could tell Xue Lin was feeling awkward. He then stayed beside her and told stories to her.

While listening to the stories, Xue Lin slowly fell asleep and had a faint smile on her face.

Qingfeng felt pleased after seeing Xue Lin falling asleep well.

At the Wang Family, Jing Capital.

Sorrow and seriousness was mingling around the house. It was silent in every corner.

Cangqiong Wang looked depressingly at a middle-age man under stairs. "Chong Wang, did you just say Tengyuan Wang and Tianhu Zhen had died?"

"Yes, head. They were both killed by Qingfeng," Chong Wang answered.

Cangqiong Wang's eyes shot out a look that was so cold it could freeze the air. His son, the family elder, and Tianhu Zhen were all killed by Qingfeng! This was a provocation to him.

However, Cangqiong also knew this dude was not easy to deal with.

He had to rely on the Dragon King for that.

"Chong Wang, did you hear of anything from the Dragon King?"

"Head, he said he would be coming back from the Amazon Rainforest by tomorrow," Chong Wang said while lowering his head.

Great! Cangqiong yelled out as he was so thrilled.

Who was the Dragon King? He was the top ace throughout the entire Jing Capital. He was the greatest man after the Great Conqueror. He was the strongest of all of the Dragon Continent. Nobody could defeat the dragon King throughout the entire Huaxia.

As long as the Dragon King came back, I will make him send you to hell, Qingfeng Li.

Cangqiong asked again while controlling his anger, "Have you checked out the things I asked you for? Why would Shaoyang get into a fight with Qingfeng in the Jing Capital Young Master ‘s Gathering?"

"Yes, Master. At the Jing Capital Young Masters’ Banquet, Shaoyang saw Qingfeng kiss Ruyan in the gathering. As Ruyan’s fiancée, Shaoyang became mad as he witnessed his fiancée get kissed by another man. He then couldn’t bear it and challenged Qingfeng to a Battle to the Death. Unfortunately, he was killed by Qingfeng." Chong Wang bowed while explaining the details he collected.

Chong Wang simply asked a couple of people from the Gathering and those people immediately told him everything they have witnessed.

"Ruyan is a slut. She dared to kiss other men and cheated on my son after knowing that she was his fiancée."

"Yes, gead. I also think Ruyan is no different than a slut. Shaoyang wouldn’t have died if it wasn’t because of her. Now, she got all the benefits."

"Huh, benefits? She's dreaming. Got to Liu’s Family right now and tell them Yuanqing is going to marry Ruyan tomorrow," Cangqiong said while looking aggressively.

"But head, Yuanqing is the second son as well as the brother of Shaoyang. I don’t think it is appropriate for him to marry Ruyan," Chong Wang frowned and said.

Indeed, Ruyan was supposed to be Shaoyang’s fiancée. Even though Shaoyang was dead, it would still be inappropriate for Yuanqing to marry Ruyan as her former brother-in-law.

"Humph, Shaoyang was killed partly because of that bitch. How can I just stay here and do nothing. I need to torture her after she becomes a part of our family," Cangqiong said with anger.

Chong Wang suddenly freaked out when he heard Cangqiong. At this moment, he finally understood his head no longer cared about the relation between the Wang family and Liu Family. He only wanted Ruyan to become a member of the family so that he could torture her.

"Chong Wang, notify the Liu Family right now that I will hold the wedding for Ruyan and Yuanqing Wang. Also, let other families in Jing Capital know this news so that they can all come."

"Head, what if the Liu Family won’t agree on this wedding?"

"Then bring two elders from our family. If they don’t agree on this, you let the two elders kill them one by one until they agree," Cangqiong said viciously.

Chong Wang nodded and left for the Liu Family with two elders in black gowns.

The Liu Family was the last one out of the other four. They were just rich, but didn’t have much power in strength. Only one elder was more than enough to slay the entire family.

While everyone in the house was still sleeping, they were awoken by the two elders brought by Chong Wang.

The head of the Liu Family, Jianlin Liu, his wife, Xifeng Zhang, his son, Zhaoyang Liu, and last but not least, his daughter, Ruyan, were all woken up.

Jianlin yelled out with anger, "Chong Wang, what do you think you are doing with your two elders to my family here?"

Chong Wang sneered and said, "Straightforward enough. Our head asked me to tell you that Ruyan is going to marry our second young master, Yuanqing Wang."

"Ruyan’s former fiancée, Shaoyang has died. Why does she still need to marry Yuanqing Wang?"

"Liu Master, Ruyan has to marry Yuanqing Wang! This is the order sent by my head."

"Then what if I disagree with this," Jianlin frowned and said unpleasantly.

He was mad about what the Wang Family was trying to do now. Ruyan was Shoayang’s fiancée, and now they wanted Yuanqing Wang to marry her instead. This scandal would be a massive blow to the Liu Family's reputation.


A black-gown elder flashed over to the side of Zhaoyang and grabbed his throat tightly. "Our head had lost his son. He told us to kill your family and make you lose your son too if you disagree with this wedding."

Chaoyang Liu was only twenty-years old. "Dad, help me!" He was choked and yelled with a flushed face.

"Leave him alone!" Jianlin roared while feeling furious.

He couldn’t believe that the Wang Family could be cold-hearted like this that they threatened him with the life of his son.

In fact, Jianlin had no clue that the Wang Family and their elders were all mad about the death of Shaoyang. They couldn’t find anywhere to release their frustrations and found out that Ruyan was the main reason leading to his son’s death. They automatically poured all their anger at the Liu Family