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Chapter 423: Ruyan Liu Wants to Commit Suicide

Chapter 423: Ruyan Liu Wants to Commit Suicide

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"Jianlin Liu, I will ask one more time, will you agree to let Ruyan marry Qingyuan by tomorrow or not?" The black-gowned elder sneered while tightening his hands around Chaoyang’s throat. Chaoyang looked at him frighteningly and was about to lose his breath.

Even though Chaoyang had learnt some martial arts when he was younger, he was certainly vulnerable to the Black-gown elder. Now, he couldn’t even do anything, as if he became a baby chicken.

Looking at the fierceness from the eyes of the black-gown elder, the poor and young Chaoyang freaked out. "Somebody, help me!" he yelled devastatingly.

As the young master of the Liu Family, he had been living a extravagant life and was always flattered by everyone. Now, he couldn’t even stand this sudden suffering and horror.

Two bodyguards behind Chaoyang immediately rushed to the black-gown elder and tried to help him out.

They were both big and tough guys. Their had prominent temples and seemed to be powerful with their strong, rough hands. They waved their fists towards the elder while roaring.


Unfortunately, the two bodyguards were both killed under the elder’s hand. In fact, they both were high level bodyguards of the Liu Family. Yet, they ended up being smashed by the elder like poor ants within a second.

The whole Liu Family was horrified by the black-gowned elder. They knew they wouldn’t be able to defeat this super strong master who came from the Wang Family.

Jianliu kept changing his facial expressions since he knew his family wouldn’t be able to defeat the Wang Family in terms of strength. After all, the Wang Family was the top family and they were way more powerful than the rest of any other families.

Regardless of others, the Dragon King from their family could already vanquish the entire Liu Family.

"Alright, Leave my son alone. I will let my daughter marry your son tomorrow," Jianlin compromised while seeing his suffering son.

Even though he knew it wasn’t fair for Ruyan, he had to sacrifice Ruyan for his son and the future of the family.

"Dad, you made me marry Qingyuan. Have you ever thought about how I think?" Ruyan asked devastatingly while turning her face pale.

She knew her father had agreed her wedding to Shaoyang before she even realized it in the past. For the best benefit for the family, Jianlin never asked Ruyan’s permission on her wedding

Now, Jianlin was forcing Ruyan to marry Qingyuan again without asking for her permission.

She was so disappointed in her father. He always prioritized the benefit of the family over her and treated her like a toy that could be traded easily.

"Ruyan, are you going to see you brother getting murdered like this?"Jianlin asked angrily since he didn’t expect his daughter would disagree with him.

Honestly, Jianlin knew he owed his daughter so much. He never asked her opinion on this and always decided her wedding by himself. However, Jianlin was a business-oriented man and he valued the reputation of his family more than anything. He had to sacrifice Ruyan for the family.

"Sister, please help me, I don’t want to die," Chaoyang started to beg with a terrified face.

Seeing Ruyan being indecisive, the black-gowned elder snapped one of Chaoyang’s fingers which made him shrilly scream.

"Ruyan, if you don’t agree, I’ll break all ten fingers of your brothers, and then break his limbs," the black-gowned elder started to threat Ruyan.

"Ruyan, mom is begging you now. Please help your brother," Xifeng couldn’t stand her son being tortured like this and begged Ruyan.
"Mom, how could you also push me to marry Qingyuan like this," Ruyan felt completely dead and empty.

She would never expect both her father and mother were trying to convince her to marry somebody else.

"Ruyan, I don’t want to do that, but the Wang Family is too threatening and they will really kill Chaoyang if you don’t agree on marrying Qingyuan. You wouldn’t destroy our next generation like this, would you?" Xifeng still tried to speak for the best for the family.

"Ruyan, daddy also beg you to marry Qingyuan now. Your mommy and I gave you the life, couldn’t you give something in return?" Jianlin said with sadness.

Ruyan became more heartbroken once he said this to her.

Right, her life was given by her parents which was something she was always grateful for. Yet, how could they disregard her feelings while forcing her to marry Qingyuan?

Ruyan felt devastated by the fact that her parents always ignored her feelings and made her marry someone else easily like this just for the benefit of the family.

"Alright, I will marry Qingyuan tomorrow as a return for you both," Ruyan was completely dead inside.

She turned around and left after. Meanwhile, she felt so heartbroken and couldn’t stop shivering.

Ruyan felt like her heart was split apart. She felt so disappointed by the fact that her parents actually forced her to marry Qingyuan as a barter for giving birth to her.

"Alright, seems like you know what you should be doing. I’ll pick her up at nine in the next morning." The black-gowned elder dismissed with the two others from the Wang Family after a series of grins..

Later on, Chong Wang announced the wedding between Ruyan and Qingyuan to the Li, Ye, Pei, and Yang Family with the two elders and asked them to attend tomorrow.

Certainly, Cangqiong had an ambitious intention to invite all the families. The wedding was merely an excuse, what he tried to do was to set up an alliance and asked other families to grant power to him. At the same time, he could also torture Ruyan as revenge for his son.

Cangqiong has gathered all the grudges on Ruyan since his son was killed by Qingfeng.

After Ruyan returned to he room, she locked herself and couldn’t stop bursting into tears.

She felt desperate about the force marriage of the Wang Family, her parents, and herself as she couldn’t do anything to stop this.

Tears kept dropping down along her face as if it would never stop. Ruyan knew that once she would never be able to leave the door of the Wang Family and never see Qingfeng again once she married Qingfeng.

She grabbed a pair of scissors and put it into her pocket. "Qingfeng, I love you. I‘ll kill myself at the wedding tomorrow." She whispered.

Ruyan had decided, if she has to be forced into the marriage and was already abandoned by her parents, she could fulfill them and agree to marry Qingyuan.

However, Ruyan was going to kill herself at the wedding. She was going to let both her family and the Wang Family, as well as other families witness a bride commit suicide on her wedding day.

Didn’t the Wang Family and the Liu Family desire reputation? Let's see how they like this!