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Chapter 424: Brother-In-Law, Sister is Marrying Again

Chapter 424: Brother-In-Law, Sister is Marrying Again

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Ruyan suddenly thought about her sister. She was the only family member who cared about her. She would definitely be sad if Ruyan died tomorrow.

She decided to call Jiaojiao for the last time before she died since she would never see her again.

Phone Ringing…

Ruyan started to call Jiaojiao.
"Hello, sister, it’s so late. What’s up?" Jiaojiao was sleeping when she heard the phone ringing, and she pressed the answer button right after seeing her sister’s name on the phone.

Ruyan had a lot to tell Jiaojiao, yet, she couldn’t stop crying since she didn’t know how to explain the whole situation to her.

Jiaojiao ‘s heart almost shattered when she heard her sister crying. She knew something must have went wrong.

"Sister, tell me what is going wrong, please." Jiaojiao was so anxious.

Ruyan said while sobbing, "Jiaojiao, you have to keep living if I die one day."

What? Die? Keep living?

Jiaojiao had already sensed something from her sister’s words. She was smart enough to detect that there might be one reason that her sister asked her to keep living, which was that she might be dying.

Jiaojiao freaked out immediately. Ruyan was her only sister in the whole family! What should she do if Ruyan died? She would be left alone again.

Besides, Jiaojiao was very close to her sister, she was not going to let this tragedy happen.

"Sister, please tell me exactly what happened to you if you still see me as your sister."

Ruyan finally told her sister since she felt so devastated hiding everything to herself. "Jiaojiao, the Wang Family forced me to marry their second son, Yuanqing, and I said yes to them."

"But Sister, didn’t you like Qingfeng? Why did you agree on marrying Yuanqing?"

"Jiaojiao, I had to. Otherwise they’ll kill my brother Zhaoyang. But I’m going to kill myself at the wedding tomorrow and let them receive a dead bride."

"Sister, you can’t do that! What should Qingfeng and I do if you die, huh?"

"Jiaojiao, I’m too exhausted for this. I’ll be your sister in my next life." Ruyan hung up the phone once she finished the last sentence. She lied on the table and couldn’t stop crying after.

Jiaojiao still tried to call back and persuade her sister. Though it didn’t work no matter how hard she tried since Ruyan had already turned off her phone.

Jiaojiao sat up from the bed immediately and started to walk around in the room like an anxious bunny.

What should I do, what should I do!? My sister is going to kill herself tomorrow. Even if I head to the Wang Family now, I would be unable to help her out. They are the top family out of the other four in Jing capital, I might not even get through their front door.

Jiaojiao became more and more panicky and almost cried out of frustration.

Wait a second! Qingfeng! Right, he is strong and powerful, I have to get him to save my sister.

Jiaojiao felt a glimpse of hope again, she took out her phone and pressed Qingfeng’s number.

Meanwhile, in the hospital, Xue Lin had already fallen asleep. Qingfeng was looking at her on the side.

Even though Xue Lin has fallen asleep, he was still very careful. Since she had just recovered, her body was still in a weak and fluctuating state that required a good rest.

Phone Ringing~

A loud ringing suddenly blared out from the phone.

Qingfeng frowned and was thinking not to answer the phone since Xue Lin was still sleeping, but he pressed the number when he saw it was called from Jiaojiao. He knew there must be something wrong if she called him.

Qingfeng didn’t pick up the phone in the room in case Xue Lin would be woken up.

He walked out to the room and pressed the answering button. "Jiaojiao, what’s up?"

*Sobbing sounds. "Qingfeng, please help my sister, she is going to marry someone tomorrow," Jiaojiao said while crying

What? Ruyan is going to marry someone?

Qingfeng was shocked and couldn’t believe what he said. He knew that the Liu Family had arranged the wedding between Ruyan and Shaoyang, but wasn’t Shaoyang dead already? Who was she going to marry?

"Jiaojiao, tell me what happen exactly," Qingfeng asked worriedly.

Qingfeng had always felt sorry for Ruyan since she was the first woman to give him her virginity in Eastern Sea City.

Jiaojiao tried to explain while crying, "tTe Wang Family is forcing my sister to marry his second son Yuanqing and they were going to kill her brother if she didn’t agree. My sister eventually agreed with them and she told me she was going to kill herself at the wedding tomorrow."

Kill herself? Ruyan is going to kill herself?

Qingfeng suddenly felt like his head was immersed with blood, his face has turned red with a strong murderous momentum.

"Wang Family, you are going too far!" Qingfeng said with extreme anger.

At the wedding a few days ago, Wang Family assigned their elder and Sky-Ruling Tiger to assassin both of them. They hit them with a truck and caused Xue Lin to become vegetative.

Qingfeng was planning to get revenge on the Wang Family when Xue Lin was fully recovered. Now, they even forced Ruyan to marry their son. That’s unbearable.

"Wang Family, if you are trying to get yourself in trouble, I’ll fulfill your dream then." Qingfeng became furious and aggressive.

Qingfeng set Jiaojiao down by comforting her and told her that he would save Ruyan from the Wang Family tomorrow.

Qingfeng first called his mother-in-law, Xiaoyun Mu, and asked her to take care of Xue Lin. He then called King Kong and asked him to send more people to guard around the hospital. Nobody was allowed to get close.

He set everything down and started to call the Preist.

"Monk, is the Wolf Fang team back yet?" Qingfeng asked after the phone was answered.

"Yes, head, we are ready as long as you need us," the Monk replied rapidly.

As the most reliable subordinate of Qingfeng, he knew there must be something wrong if Qingfeng called him in the middle of the night.

"Great, gather the team right now! We are going to destroy the Wang Family," Qingfeng said while looking murderous.

"Boss, we had been waiting for this day to come for so long, head! Its time to show them the power of our Wolf Fang team," the Monk said with aggression.

Honestly, he felt sorry for his head since he came back to Huaxia.

Who was our head? He was the Wolf King of the Wolf Continent and the top man in the under world. Yet, he kept getting into trouble with those people from the Wang Family.

The anger of the Wolf King could cause thousands of deaths and blood to run for miles. The team would prove his pride with the blood of his enemies.