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Chapter 425: Launch of Wolf Fang

Chapter 425: Launch of Wolf Fang

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The Wolf Fang team was efficient and gathered at the hospital immediately.

There were five members in the team. Besides Qingfeng, the rest of them were the Monk, Bald Man, Death God, and Alice. Each of them was exceptionally powerful and competitive.

Let’s put it in this way, Monk’s prediction skills were the strongest out of them; Bald Man had the strongest strength; Death God was the most precise; Alice was skilled in reconnaissance and seduction; and Qingfeng had the most combat strength and strong leadership skills.

Alice seemed a bit bitter while looking at Qingfeng frustratingly. She got to know from Monk that Xue Lin had become his wife and they already got their marriage certificate. They might already have slept together if it wasn’t for the car accident.

But Qingfeng obviously didn’t have time for that when he saw her bitterness. It was five in the morning now. In four more hours, the wedding of Ruyan and Yuanqing was going to begin.

That being said, Qingfeng only had four hours left. He was in Eastern Sea City at the moment and will need to spend three hours flying to Jing Capital. Therefore, he, technically, only had one hour left.

Certainly, besides the Wolf Fang team, Tianchi Chen, Meier and Lion Demon King also came with them.

Lion Demon King saw Qingfeng was going to Jing Capital when he had just arrived at Eastern Sea City. Therefore, he decided to go with them.

In fact, Lion Demon King hasn't been to Jing Capital for more than ten years since the Great Conquerer went missing. He certainly wanted to be involved in this fight.

Ten more years ago, the Wang Family was the enemy of the Great Conqueror. Now, they were still the enemy of Lion Demon King. The Great Conqueror simply chopped off the head of the Young Master of the Wang family last time, but this time, Lion Demon King was going to destroy the whole family.

"Everyone knows what we are going for, right? We are going to destroy the Wang Family. Let’s go!" Qingfeng was leading everyone to the airport after he finished talking.

He took out his phone and dialed the number of the Green Dragon Demon King on his way.

"Young master, what’s up?" The Green Dragon Demon King asked politely.

"Green Dragon Demon King, I am going to arrive at the airport in three hours. I need you to pick me up and get me some weapons, I’m going to smash the Wang Family," Qingfeng said coldly.

"Got it, young master," Green Dragon Demon King replied.

He felt like his whole body became blood boiled. It’s been so long and they finally get to smash the Wang Family. Green Dragon Demon King had no good feelings towards the Wang Family.

Since the Great Conquer went missing, the Wang Family has always tried to control the forces of the Li Family and the Great Conqueror. They also even tried to take over the Great Hotel even though it was saved eventually because of Green Dragon Demon King, Yet, the hotel was almost robbed by the Wang Family by multiple times.

Therefore, he highly agreed with his Young Master on the decision of destroying the Wang Family this time.

Qingfeng and others were flying over to Jing Capital. They didn’t bring any weapons with them since they were not allowed on the plane.

However, weapons were accessible everywhere for the Wolf Fang team. Even though they didn’t carry by themselves, they could grab them from their enemies.

When they were fighting in the Wolf Continent in the past, they used to grab the weapons from their enemies and kill them whenever their weapons were out.

However, the team didn’t need to do that anymore, Qingfeng had already called the Green Dragon Demon King and asked him to prepare some for them.

These five people got tremendous attention from their outfits on the plane, especially the Monk, who was wearing a Taoist gown. Seriously, who the heck would dress like that nowadays.

The other ones who also got attention besides the Monk would be the Bald Man, Death God, and Alice. Bald Man looked like another monk sitting there, looking aggressive. Death God sat as still as a dead person and Alice was too beautiful and charming. Everyone kept staring at her since they didn’t normally see such a pretty white girl on the plane.

Some sneaky men tried to hit on Alice, yet, they freaked out and sat back to their seats immediately once they saw the others beside her.

Lion Demon King and Bald Man sat side-by-side. Both of them were tall and tough, already occupying four seats just by themselves.

"Bro, you have look tough eh. Let me introduce myself, I’m the Bald Man, my name is Chong Lu," the Bald Man smiled and said.

He could feel the oppressive power radiating from Lion Demon King. It was such a threatening power that it even surprised Bald Man.

Lion Demon King glanced at him indifferently and turned to his Young Master on the side without acknowledging him.

On the other side, Alice kept asking Qingfeng about him and Xue Lin. She finally shut up when she received a mad glance from him.

Three hours later, they finally arrived at Jing Capital. Under the help of Green Dragon Demon King, each of them was paired with a weapon. They were now busing towards the Wang Family.


At this moment, Jing Capital, The Wang Family

The atmosphere was quite cheerful in the Wang Family. The house was packed with guests and was taped with red fortunate sign every corner.

All the families in Jing Capital came to celebrate the wedding between Ruyan and the second son of the Wang Family, Yuanqing.

The four top families Li, Ye, and Liu family, as well as other powerful families such as Pei, Yang family and so on also came to celebrate.

In fact, all these families came because of the Wang Family’s Master. After all, they had to flatter him by showing up since the Wang Family was the top one out of those four.

The Li Family’s Young Master Zhenjiang Li, Daoming Li, and Wuqing Li; the Ye Family’s Young Master Poju Ye, Lengxue Ye and Hongdie Ye; the Liu Family’s Young Master Jianlin Liu, Xifeng Zhang, and Zhaoyang Liu; the Pei Family’s Young Master Baoguo Pei and Song Pei; and lastly, the Ya Family’s Young Master Zhen Yang. All of them had arrived at the wedding.

This was a huge feast in the Jing Capital. All the families' Young Masters chose to come because of the Wang Family’s power.

Ruyan was wearing a wedding dress while looking pale. Yuanqing Wang was wearing a black suit while looking excited. He had a decent facial structure and black, thick brows, which looked really like his brother Shaoyang.

He certainly knew Ruyan was a pretty girl. The fact that he could marry the most beautiful woman in Jing Capital made him agree wholeheartedly on this wedding.

"The wedding begins now. Please hug together, the bride and the groom," the Monk said out loud.

Yuanqing became thrilled and was about to hold Ruyan once he heard what the Monk said, but Ruyan suddenly took out her scissors and said coldly, "I’ll kill myself if you step closer."

Kill yourself? What is going wrong here?

Everyone freaked out when they saw what happened. They came here to see a wedding, not a suicide. At this moment, all their sights were focused on Ruyan and Yuanqing.

Ruyan was crying with her pale face, "Qingfeng, I love you. I’ll rather die than marry to the Wang Family."

Cangqiong suddenly burst into anger and said aggressively, "Ruyan, you daughter of a bitch, you would still be one of our family even if you kill yourself."