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Chapter 426: I“m Here to Take Ruyan

Chapter 426: I'm Here to Take Ruyan

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"Cangqiong, you can marry my dead body." Ruyan was then about to stick the scissors towards her heart. She’d rather die than marrying Yuanqing.

At this moment, everyone was shocked, especially Jianlin and Xifeng. They started to shiver when they saw their daughter was going to kill herself. They tried to stop her but they couldn’t since they were too far away.


A rock collided with the scissors, knocking them down to the floor from a distance

Seeing the scissors were broken apart on the floor, Ruyan felt dead inside and started crying. She couldn’t stand the fact that she couldn’t even kill herself.

Happiness appeared on Yuanqing’s face again since he could hold Ruyan now that the scissors were on the floor.

Who could resist falling in love with this beauty that was right in front of him? Yuanqing opened his arms and was about to hold Ruyan.


Another rock smashed through his palm suddenly and blood splashed everywhere. Yuanqing couldn’t help but scream loudly.

Ouch! My palm! Yuanqing felt extremely in pain with his hollow palm, his face turning pale.

Cangqiong yelled furiously once he saw his son got injured, "Who was that? Who threw the rock like that? Do you want to die?"





An oppressing series of footsteps came along as if huge stones were hitting the ground. Everyone was intimidated by this sounds.

Qingfeng came in from the gate. This young man with a marvelous-looking face, tall and fit body shape, and starry eyes exuded an invincible momentum.

Actually, instead of an invincible momentum, it should be an emperor-like force that was observing his underlings, as he was coming for his Empress. His manner frightened everyone and even caused some cowards to kneel down in front of him.

The young man walked to Ruyan step-by-step and said gently, " Ruyan, I am here."

Ruyan couldn’t control her tears when she saw him. She was scared it was just a dream, yet, everything appearing right in front of her now was real. Qingfeng, the man she kept thinking about, finally came in like a prince.

Qingfeng reached out his hands and held Ruyan into his arms while feeling sorry for her. He lowered down his chin and kissed Ruyan on her forehead.

What he did triggered Cangqiong and the Wang Family. Ruyan was the bride of Yuanqing today, she was the daughter-in-law of the Wang Family. But now, seeing a man not only hold Ruyan’s forehead but also kissing her was a humiliation that put the Wang Family in an awkward position.

"Who are you that is so reckless to mess around at our family’s wedding. Do you want to die?" Cangqiong said coldly while looking at him aggressively, as if he wanted to shoot him with his gaze a thousand times.

"I’m the one who you tried to kill."

"You are Qingfeng Li?"

"Yes, I’m coming to kidnap your bride." Qingfeng said dominantly while holding Ruyan.

He was so proud that he didn’t even see the Wang Family as a threat, as if they were just ants that could be smashed easily anytime.

Kidnap our bride.

Cangqiong froze a second and started to diffuse a strong sense of aggression. It too insulting to tell them he came for kidnapping the bride in front of everyone.

At this moment, everyone in the lobby stared at Qingfeng astonishingly. They wondered whether his guy was out of his mind that he dared to take the bride from the Wang Family away.

The Wang Family was the top family out of the four. They had enormous resources and tremendous power. How could you take away Ruyan by yourself?

"Do you think you have the position to talk like that and take away our bride? I will definitely slice you into pieces today," Cangqiong said viciously.

Even before he finished talking, a black-gowned elder came out with a murderous momentum.

"Paoyuan Wang is coming out. The most powerful one of the four elders from the Wang Family is coming out! This young man is going to die."

"He deserves it. who does he think he is to take away the bride from the Wang Family."

"Hey, in what way do you think the elder will kill this dude?"

"Of course he would kill him with one punch. He loves that."

The crowd kept discussing and they all seemed to know about this black-gowned elder. He was one of the four elders in the Wang Family, not to mention that he was the top one.

Last night, the black-gown elder and Chong Wang went to send the invitation letter to every family. Each family knew how powerful this elder was. He could demolish the front gate merely with one punch.

Cangqiong felt proud once he saw everyone was threatened by the elder. He got him to send invitations to each family intentionally last night just to show how powerful they could be. Now, it seemed it worked since everyone was frightened.

"Zhengjiang Li, I remember Qingfeng Li is your Third Master Li’s son. You wouldn’t be against me for killing him today, right?"Cangqiong said as if he looked at Zhengjiang viciously.

Zhenjing freaked out when he heard what Cangqiong said. He didn’t expect Cangqiong would ask him this question at this moment.

Speaking of that, since Qingfeng was San Li’s son as well as his own nephew, he was then Qingfeng’s uncle. But in the situation right now, could he even say no? He knew that his family wasn’t a competitor with the Wang Family.

"Master Wang, Qingfeng has killed Shaoyang, it totally make sense that he deserves it. Our Li family wouldn’t be against you." Zhengjiang sneered as he had completely abandon Qingfeng.

Cangqiong laughed after he heard what Zhenjiang said and announced to the crowd, "I guess everybody knows now, Qingfeng Li is San Li’s son, and I’m going to kill him today. Anyone disagree?"

Everyone was shock. Some already knew this piece of information while others didn’t, and now they were all confused after hearing Cangqiong was going to kill San Li’s son.

More than ten years ago, San Li was the top master in Jing Capital. He defeated countless families in the city all by himself, which made many families hold grudges towards him. Right now, when they knew San Li’s son was going to be killed, they definitely wouldn’t disagree.

"Awesome, now I’m going to make a motion. Stay on the left if you agree with me to kill Qingfeng, and stay in the right if you don’t." Cangqiong said while sneering.

In addition to getting Ruyan into his family, Cangqiong also attempted to unite all the families in Jing Capital. The appearance of Qingfeng just happened to give him a chance.

His plan was simple. People who were on the same team with him were friends and they could keep their cooperation. On the other hand, those who disagree with him were enemies and he would destroy them all.