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Chapter 427: Willing to Follow Young Master to Death

Chapter 427: Willing to Follow Young Master to Death

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All the families' faces froze after hearing what Cangqiong said. They knew Cangqiong was forcing them to make the decision.

These family heads were smart people. They knew they would be oppressed by Cangqiong if they didn’t support him. In terms of Qingfeng, his father has been missing for more than ten years. It was very possible that he ended up dying somewhere in a ditch tragically.

Many of them already had an answer whether to support Cangqiong or Qingfeng.

The Li Family was the first one who moved to the left side and supported Cangqiong to kill Qingfeng. The reason was simple. On one hand, they were afraid that Qingfeng was going to become the master of the family. On the other hand, they had to kill Qingfeng in order to relieve the Wang Family’s anger since Qingfeng had became the Wang's enemy by killing Shoayang.
Qingfeng felt his heart getting cold when he saw the Li family was the first one who supported Cangqiong to kill him.

This was the Li Family. That was his uncle that was helping others to kill his nephew. Qingfeng completely lost all hope for them.

After seeing the master of the Li Family walking to the left side with his other family members, the Liu family took a glance at Ruyan while also walking to the left side. They agreed to kill Qingfeng as well since not only was he stealing the bride, but he had also humiliated them and the Wang Family.

Now, Ruyan became the one losing hope. She would never have expected that her parents not only abandoned her, but also supported killing Qingfeng. At this moment, Ruyan was disappointed with her parents and her whole family.

While seeing both the Li and Liu Family were standing on the left, Poju Ye, the master of the Ye Family thought for a while. When he was just about to master over to the left side, he was called by Red Butterfly Yip.

"Master, don’t go over there," Red Butterfly said.

Poju Ye frowned and asked why not in confusion.

Red Butterfly changed her facial expression. She knew everything, even though nobody had a clue who Qingfeng was. He was the Wolf King of the Wolf Continent and was undefeatable.

Even though the Wang Family was also powerful, Red Butterfly believed they weren’t strong enough to defeat the Wolf King. Therefore, it wasn’t the time to support the Wang Family now.

While seeing the master insist on going to the left side, Red Butterfly bit her lips and decided to reveal Qingfeng’s actual identity. "Master, Qingfeng is the Wolf King of the Wolf Continent. Don’t go over to their side."

Red Butterfly spoke in a fairly low volume that could only be heard by Poju. Nobody else caught that.

Poju froze his face immediately. As the master of one of the four top families, he definitely knew what the king was. It represented the most invincible power of a continent.

Poju said as he suddenly recalled something, "Red Butterfly, I remember the Dragon King has been getting along pretty well with the Wang Family. I’ve heard he came from the Wang Family and he will be here soon. I think the Wang Family is going to win."

Later on, Poju moved to the left side and indicated he supported Cangqiong. In his opinion, the Dragon King was the king of Dragon Continent, which should be stronger than the Wolf King.

The rest of the Ye family remembers also followed the master after seeing him moved to the left, leaving Red Butterfly by herself there feeling frustrated and pissed.

"Red Butterfly, come here! Are you trying to mess around with the Wang Family?" Poju slightly changed his face and said dissatisfied.

Red Butterfly shook her master."Master, I’m not going there, I support Qingfeng."

Poju was pissed off by Red Butterfly and wanted to slap her if he could, but after considering the fact that he was still in the territory of the Wang Family, he held himself back and decided to ask Red Butterfly to apologize to them after the wedding.

After all, Poju didn’t want Red Butterfly to be killed even though he was mad about her attitude.

After seeing the Li, Liu, and Ye Family all stood on the same side with the Wang Family and support him, the rest of the other families, including Baoguo Pei from the Pei Family and Zhen Yang from the Yang Family, also moved to the same team with them.

Expect for one woman, Yanzhi Pei, the daughter of the Pei Family’s head who also came to the wedding today.

For some reason, Yanzhi felt sad when she saw everyone went to support the Wang Family to kill Qingfeng. For the worry she carried for Qingfeng, she remained at the right side with Red Butterfly.

The master of the Pei Family, Baoguo, yelled furiously at her as he changed his face."Yanzhi, what are you doing there? Come over here right now!"

He didn’t understand why his daughter was still standing on the right. Doesn’t that mean she is supporting Qingfeng and going against the Wang Family? Not to mention that even the whole Pei Family wouldn’t be a worthy adversary to the Wang Family.

Yanzhi shook her master and insisted, "I’m not going there, I don’t want Qingfeng to die."

After then, Yanzhi stopped listening to her father and continue standing on the same side with Red Butterfly.

Qingfeng looked at both of them while nodding. He couldn’t believe that while he was betrayed by his two uncles, these two women actually backed him up at the last crucial moment. He felt a bit warm and grateful.

Cangqiong glared at Red Butterfly and Yanzhi coldly. He certainly knew who they were, but since they wouldn’t do much to bother his plan anyway, he decided to leave them alone now and come back to deal with them in the future.

"Hahaha, Qingfeng Li, see? Everyone on my side to kill you now. You neither have anyone nor any power, what are you going to fight against me with, huh?" Cangqiong laughed like a maniac and said arrogantly.

"Who said we don’t have any power? I, Green Dragon Demon King, support my master." A clear loud voice suddenly came in from outside. Green Dragon Demon King was stepping in robustly with tremendous proud.

"Green Dragon Demon King? Isn’t that one of the ten demon kings? Did he just say he supports Qingfeng?"

"This Green Dragon Demon King is the subordinate of Third Master Li. Of course he would support Qingfeng. He was one of the ten masters in Jing Capital. Indeed a powerful existence."

"Well, who cares, he is just by himself. Look at the Wang Family, they have a bunch of masters."

Everyone changed their faces and started to worry when they first saw the Green Dragon Demon King, but later on, when they realized the power of the Wang family, they reassured themselves.

The Green Dragon Demon King walked up to Qingfeng while ignoring those surprised-looking family masters. He kneeled down one feet in front of him and said, "Tenth Demon King, Green Dragon Demon King, is here and is willing to fight till death for you, young master."

"Huh, what power does a Green Dragon Demon King have anyway. Our Wang Family have way more masters." Cangqiong sneered with disdain.

While he finished talking, another louder voice came from a distance. "Lion Demon King is here and is willing to fight to the death for you, young master!"

A big, tough, bronze-looking guy came in aggressively. He was covered with wild fur like a lion king and was exuding a domineering force, which caught all the astonishing looks from the crowd.

Lion Demon King was the second ranked demon king under Third Master Li, and he was an existence who was far more formidable than the Green Dragon Demon King.