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Chapter 428: Dragon King, You Dare to Hit Lion Demon King

Chapter 428: Dragon King, You Dare to Hit Lion Demon King

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At this moment, everyone started to look at Qingfeng differently. They thought that Qingfeng had come alone. They did not expect him to bring two powerful demon kings with him.

Green Dragon Demon King was one of the top ten fighters of the Capital. However, he was ranked last among the ten demon kings. Lion Demon King was ranked number two among the ten demon kings.

Lion Demon King was definitely one of the top three fighter within the entire Capital. But a powerful being like him kneeled before Qingfeng. The astonishment within the hearts of everyone was imaginable.

At this moment, a flash of worry appeared in everyone’s hearts. They initially thought that Qingfeng came alone and that he would die for sure. So, they chose to support Cangqiong Wang.

But now, they could see that Qingfeng was not weak. He had at least two Demon Kings by his side. He had the power to fight against the Wang Family. If Qingfeng Li won, anyone who supported Cangqiong Wang were screwed. Many people had started to become indecisive.

Cangqiong Wang frowned. He could naturally tell that these people were indecisive. He did not want these people to support Qingfeng.

"Don’t worry everyone. Dragon King will be here shortly. A Demon King is nothing compared to Dragon King," Cangqiong Wang said loudly with a cold smile.

Everyone was delighted to hear Cangqiong Wang’s words.

"Yes, we don’t need to worry. Dragon King is the number one fighter in the Capital. He is the number one fighter in Dragon Continent. He will definitely be able to defeat Lion Demon King."

"Yes, no matter how strong a demon is, he is not a match for Dragon King."

"We don’t need to hesitate. We support Cangqiong Wang, Qingfeng will be killed."

The surrounding people were excited. Clearly, Dragon King had given them the courage. Dragon King was the most powerful existence in the entire Huaxia. He was the undefeatable battle god.

"Young master, i will crush these garbage for you," Lion Demon King said heatedly as he stood up.

It had been a long time since he has fought in the Capital. It was a dozen years since he last fought in the Capital. Then, the Great Conqueror led the ten Demons and they fought all the top fighters of the Capital. Since then, the name of the Great Conqueror and the ten Demon Kings shook the Capital.

Qingfeng nodded and said lightly, "Okay, you can clean up those garbage."

Qingfeng did not view the people fo the Wang family as his opponent. His opponent was Dragon King. He had already received information that Dragon King was almost here. The Wolf Fang Clan was already ambushed outside.

Qingfeng would never take a strong opponent like Dragon King lightly. He was number one King of the underground world whereas Dragon King was the number two.

Wolf King and Dragon King were ranked first and second. The difference in their power as small. They were the two most powerful fighters among the seven Kings.

"Hahaha, Dragon King is not here yet. I will kill you before he gets here," Lion Demon King said arrogantly with a laugh.


Lion Demon King pounced like a lion towards Pao Wang. His feet pushed against the ground and immediately left a crack on the ground.

Pao Wang smiled coldly and extended his sharp claws towards Lion Demon King.


The first and claw of the two collided with a loud boom. The ceiling creaked loudly and the ceiling lamp emitted a sharp piercing sound as it swayed side to side. The surrounding people quickly covered their years. Their faces were pale as they watched the battle between the two.

The battle between the two was too terrifying. The members of the families have never seen such terrifying power. They were like two beasts.

The power of the Lion Demon King was very strong. Even though his fist did not injure Pao Wang, he managed to knock him back a couple of steps.

In term of power, Lion Demon King completely crushed Pao Wang.

Pao Wang touched his fiercly painful fist. A flash of fear appeared in his eyes. He did not expect the power of Lion Demon King to be so much stronger than him.

Pao Wang knew that he was not a match for Lion Demon King. He could only use his speed and sneak attacks to defeat this fellow.


Pao Wang soared into the sky like an eagle and tried to sneak attack Lion Demon King.

Lion Demon King’s strength was immense but his speed was slightly slow. Pao Wang managed to claw his hand onto Lion Demon King’s back.

But Pao Wang was stunned the next moment. No matter how hard he tried to claw into Lion Demon King’s skin, he could not pierce into his skin. He only managed to tear apart Lion Demon King’s clothes, he could not pierce his skin.

If Pao Wang’s claw had landed on anyone else, he would have made a hole. But on Lion Demon King’s body, he did not manage to leave a single mark.

Copper Skin Iron Bone. Lion Demon King actually mastered Copper Skin Iron Bone! Pao Wang was stunned.

This was a martial art skill of the Shaolin Monastery. After one managed to learn the skill, one’s entire body would be hard like copper. It would be unbreakable by any weapon. No one has managed to master the skill. He did not expect Lion Demon King to manage to learn the skill, how terrifying.

Retreat, retreat quickly!

Pao Wang’s expression changed and he tried to retreat. But it was too late, Lion Demon King laughed viciously and grabbed him by the elbow. Then he threw him mercilessly to the ground. In an instant, he had broken two of Pao Wang’s ribs.

Pao wang had made a mistake. He thought that he could use his speed to sneak attack Lion Demon King. However, he did not expect that his sneak attack would fail this horribly. Even worse, his body was exposed to Lion Demon King’s attacks and he was captured by Lion Demon King.

Lion Demon King clenched onto his upper hand. He grabbed Pao Wang’s elbow and slammed his body continuously towards the ground.

slam slam slam!

Pao Wang’s body collided with the ground with a loud boom. He groaned pitifully. All of his ribs were broken. Blood was pouring out of his mouth. His body was like a rag doll.

How vicious! In the eyes of the surrounding people, Lion Demon King was a vicious Demon. Before him, Pao Wang, the number one elder of the Wang Family, was like a weakling who had no power to fight back.

After slamming Pao Wang’s body onto the ground a couple times, Lion Demon King tossed his body aside. Pao Wang did not resemble a human anymore. He had died a long time ago.

"Hahaha, the Wang Family is a bunch of weaklings. They can’t even win against me but they want to win against my young master. They don't know their strength."

He looked coldly at the people of the Wang Family. Anyone who made eye contact with him buried their heads into their shoulders. They dared not raise their head before him.

At this moment, a tall figure suddenly rushed into the hall and sent his fist towards Lion Demon King.


Lion Demon King’s muscular body was sent flying. He fell heavily onto the ground and coughed up a mouthful of blood.

The tall man had handsome features and an arrogant presence. He said coldly, "You are the real weakling."

Qingfeng’s expression changed when he saw the tall man. He said coldly, "Dragon King, how dare you hit Lion Demon King."