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Chapter 429: Wolf King and Dragon King

Chapter 429: Wolf King and Dragon King

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Dragon King lifted his head at the familiar voice. He lifted his brow and his pupils shrunk.

"Wolf King, it’s you?" Dragon King’s expression changed and a flash of surprise appeared in his eyes.

He never expected that he would see Wolf King here. He had just arrived at the Wang Family. He had swung his fist at Lion Demon King when he saw that Pao Wang was killed. He had just realized that Wolf King was here as well.

As the King of the Lion Continent, he had a deep understanding of Wolf King. They had met once in Tiger Continent. Even though they had never exchanged blows, everyone in the underworld knew that they were the two strongest kings.

Everyone wants to be number one, no one wants to be the second best. Dragon King is no exception.

Everyone was stunned when they heard Dragon King’s words. Everyone here was powerful and influential. Naturally, they have heard of the seven Kings. Every King was the strongest fighter in their continent.

For example, Dragon King was the strongest fighter of Dragon Continent whereas Wolf King was the strongest fighter of Wolf Continent. At this moment, everyone looked at Qingfeng with surprise in their eyes. It was no wonder that he dared to disrupt the Wang Family wedding! He was the Wolf King; he did not care about Wang Family.

At this moment, those who supported Cangqiong Wang were ghastly pale and quivered in fear.

Blood would pour when the Wolf King howled. They have all heard of the legend of the Wolf King. Anyone who angered Wolf King all died a terrible death. They had opposed Wolf King when they supported Cangqiong Wang in killing him.

If Wolf King flew into a rage and wanted to kill those who opposed him, they would be screwed.

Many families, especially the Li and Liu families, deeply regretted their actions. They were the first who stood out to support the Wang Family.

"Dragon King Your Highness, you are back. You need to avenge Shaoyang. He was killed by Qingfeng Li," Cangqiong Wang quickly said to Dragon King.

Cangqiong Wang knew that since he had already angered Wolf King, he needed to kill him. Shaoyang Wang was the pupil of Dragon King. Dragon King would not let things go easily if he knew that Shaoyang Wang was killed by Qingfeng Li.

As expected, Dragon King was furious when he heard Cangqiong Wang’s words. Shaoyang Wang was a pupil he had high expectations for. His heart was filled with rage when he heard that Shaoyang Wang was killed by Qingfeng.

A lot of people in the Capital knew that Dragon King had a close relationship with the Wang Family. They thought that Dragon King was a member of the Wang Family. In reality, Dragon King was not part of the Wang Family, but his pupil was a member of the family.

"Wolf King, you killed my pupil, Shaoyang Wang?" Dragon King said darkly as a flash of coldness appeared in his eyes.

Dragon King rarely accepts pupils, but hee accepted Shaoyang Wang as his pupil since Shaoyang Wang was very talented and a member of the Wang Family. At the thought that his favored pupil was killed by Qingfeng, his heart was filled with killer intent.

Qingfeng said proudly with a faint smile, "Yes I killed him. You want to avenge him?"

"Yes. Everyone calls you the number one fighter of the underworld. I want to see how strong you are," Dragon King said coldly as killer intent emitted from his entire body.

"Dragon King, you can’t kill Wolf King. He did the Dragon Fang team a huge favor," Red Butterfly Ye said as she walked to his side.

Dragon King furrowed his brows and said coldly, "Red Butterfly Ye, what nonsense are you sprouting? We have only met once. When did he help the team?"

Red Butterfly Ye said in a low voice, "Your highness, Tiger King came to Huaxia last month ago while you were at the amazon forest. He was killed by Wolf King."

What? Tiger King was killed by Wolf King?

Dragon King became serious when he heard her words. He naturally knew of Tiger King. Tiger King was the King of Tiger Continent. Even though he was not as strong as himself, Tiger King was a prominent force.

He did not expect for Tiger King to be killed by Wolf King. There were grudges between Dragon King and Wolf King. Back then, the vice-captain’s legs were broken by Tiger King. Qingfeng had avenged the Dragon Fang Team when he killed Tiger King.

"Wolf King, you have helped us by killing Tiger King. I can give you a chance. I can let you go if you apologize to the Head of the Wang Family, and leave Ruyan Liu here," Dragon King said with a faint smile.

In Dragon King’s eyes, he had already shown a lot of respect for Wolf King. He did not expect Qingfeng to be ungrateful.

"Apologize? Who are you to say that? Don't think that I will be afraid of you just because you are Dragon King. If you anger me, I will kill you," Qingfeng said with a cold smile.

In his books, there was no such word as ‘apology’. Not even the President of Wolf Continent could make him apologize.

"Wolf King, you are set on opposing me today?

"Opposing you? You’re not qualified for that."

"Well, if that is the case, I would like to see how strong you are," Dragon King said coldly. His anger was ignited by Qingfeng.

Dragon King yelled, "Come out, Dragon Fang Team."

At his words, four strong men walked out. They were all dressed in black and had the word "Dragon" stitched on their sleeve. All of them emitted a powerful presence.

None of them were weaker than Lion Demon King. They were all Level SSS fighters. The air froze where they stood.

"Dragon Fang Team is the strongest team of Dragon Continent. Qingfeng Li is done for."

"Yeah, he is a King, but how can he fight against five people?"

"Yeah. Everyone on the Wolf Fang Team is as strong as a King."

The surrounding team discussed animatedly. They were very confident in the Wang Family. After all, the Wolf Fang Team was not only strong, they were skilled in all kinds of attacks such as fists, fire arms and weapons.

You want to overpower me with your numbers? Qingfeng smiled coldly and said," Wolf Fang Team, come out."

with his words, Monk, Bald man, Death God and Alice also walked out from the corners. Each of them had weapons in their hands.

They stood behind Qingfeng and emitted a presence as strong as the Dragon Fang Team. The two teams looked at each other with coldness in their eyes.

One was the strongest team in the world while the other was the second strongest. Neither team conceded to the other.

"Wolf Fang Team? You brought everyone from the Wolf Fang Team?" Dragon King had a complicated look on his face.

He initially wanted to overpower Qingfeng with numbers. After all, they had a sniper on their team. If he could slow Qingfeng down, the sniper could take out Qingfeng’s brain.

But Dragon King did not expect Qingfeng to bring Wolf Fang team to Huaxia. Even though he had a sniper on his team, the other team had Death God.