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Chapter 430: Wolf Fang Team Vs. Dragon Fang Team

Chapter 430: Wolf Fang Team Vs. Dragon Fang Team

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Qingfeng smiled coldly and said, "Dragon King, I would like to see today, who has the stronger team?"

Dragon King’s expression was dark. He knew that he no longer had an advantage by numbers. If he wanted to defeat Qingfeng, he could only do it by one to one combat.

But everyone in the Dragon Fang Team was a level SSS fighter, even if they fought one on one, he was not afraid of Wolf Fang team.

"Very well, if that’s the case, we shall decide the winner today," Dragon King said darkly.

A battle to the death was destined to happen when the two strongest teams in the world met.

There was an air of seriousness within the hall. A battle could start at any moment.


Dragon King moved at the speed of lightning like a dragon. He stepped on the ground and left a huge imprint on the ground. In an instant, he had moved to Qingfeng’s side.

Dragon King swung his fist towards Qingfeng’s body. His fist had enormous power and emitted a piercing sound in the air.

Qingfeng dared not take Dragon King’s attack lightly, he swung his left hand towards Dragon King’s fist.

The fist and hand collided with a huge boom! Numerous cracks appeared on the ground beneath their feet from their immense power.

The onlookers were stunned. Their mouths were wide agape.

Was this the power of a King? They were so strong! They had crushed the tiles on the ground with a single collision. If their attacks had landed on a person, it would have crushed the person to bits.

King…Kings were so powerful.

At this moment, everyone had a new understanding of the strength of a King. Their power had exceeded that of a beast. A tiger would not be able to break the tiles on the ground with a single claw, but Wolf King and Dragon King could.

The onlookers did not know that this was not the full power of Wolf King and Dragon King. If they used their full power, the entire hall would be destroyed.

While Qingfeng and Dragon King were fighting, Wolf Fang Team and Dragon Fang Team also engaged with each other.

Priest directly attacked the vice team leader of the Dragon Fang Team. He had a sword in his hand while the other had a cane in his hand.

Sparks were emitted when their weapons collided. The cane was made of alloy metals and extremely strong.

Even though the vice team leader of the Dragon Fang Team had broken his leg, he was still very strong. At this moment, neither could gain the upper hand.

As expected, an ordinary person would not be able to become the vice team leader of the Dragon Fang team. He was an extremely strong fighter. Of course, Priest was strong too. At this moment, neither could gain the upper hand.

Death God took out his sniper and said arrogantly, "Let’s see whose bullet is faster."

"Ok," The short-haired sniper of the Dragon Fang team said with a nod.

Death God was said to be the number one sniper of the underworld. The short-haired sniper has been displeased with the ranking for a long time. Today, they could contest and see who is better.

Snap snap!

The two pressed down on the trigger at the same time. But the bullets met in midair with a loud boom and fell to the ground.

"Interesting," Death God said with a cold smile. A spark had appeared in his eye. It was a look of seeing a prey.

He has been number one for too long without an opponent. He did not expect to find a strong opponent who could shoot as fast as him today.

snap snap snap snap

Death God and the short-haired young man continued to fire shots. Their bullets collided in the air with loud booms before dropping to the ground.

The onlookers were stunned and almost thought that they were watching a magic show. What the f*ck? How could you guys be so calm? You are firing bullets that could kill each other any moment but you guys are standing there calmly. How insane!

Some bullets even grazed the heads of the onlookers. The bullets caused them to be scared to pieces but Death God and the short-haired sniper did not blink an eye.

Some people even peed in their paints. Fuck, bullets had chopped of some hair from their heads. How could they not be scared? If Death God or the other missed or if their hand shook, someone would be shot dead by a bullet.

"Hahaha, I will give you a test of my Iron fist," Bald man said with a loud laugh. He accelerated like a tank towards a gorilla member of thHe Dragon Fang team.

The member of Dragon Fang Team was close to 2 meters tall and resembled a gorilla. It was clear that he was filled with power.

Even though Bald Man was not as tall as him, but he was more muscular than him. His skin was bronze and similar to Lion Demon King, bald man’s skin was also unbreakable.


Their bodies clashed together like a collision between a tank and a truck. The sound caused everyone’s ears to buzz.

everyone looked fearfully at Bald Man and the gorilla. Their eyes were about to pop out of their sockets. Wtf, were their still human? Their power was like tanks!

"Handsome, I am so pretty. You have the heart to hit me?" Alice said as she winked at the last member of the Dragon Fang team.

The last member of the team was a long-haired young man in his twenties. He was quite handsome as well. He was dazed for a moment when he saw Alice’s seductive wink.

And just at the moment he was still dazed, Alice arrived at his side and swung her fist to his chest. The young man was send back a few meters and coughed up mouthful of blood.

"Ah, you shameless woman. How could you sneak attack me," yelled the long-haired young man.

With power alone, Alice clearly could not win the young man. But her strongest strength was not her combat ability, it was her seduction skills.

Alice knew that she would not win against the long-haired young man. Thus, she used her beauty to seduce him. Then, she injured him while he was seduced by her beauty.

The long-haired young man despised Alice with his entire heart. He continuously attacked Alice but his speed was slowed because of his injury and he could not get close to Alice. He was so speechless that he coughed out blood.

Wolf Fang Team vs Dragon Fang Team: Wolf Fang Team temporarily had the upper hand.

Dragon King naturally could tell that his team was losing. The long-haired fellow was even injured by Alice with a single fist for being a horny piece of sh*t, what an embarrassment to the team!