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Chapter 431: Defeating the Dragon King with 3 Punches

Chapter 431: Defeating the Dragon King with 3 Punches

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"Dragon King, here is your last chance. Kneel and surrender or I’ll kill you." Qingfeng Li sneered, and gave his orders in a cold voice.

He made his judgment and knew that his Wolf Fang team suppressed the Dragon Fang team. The Dragon King had no jetton to compete against him at all.

Dragon Fang Team might be strong compared to others, it wouldn’t be a problem for him to conquer the Dragon Continent. However, he suddenly became nameless in front of the unbeatable Wolf Fang Team.

The Wolf Fang Team was the top team in the entire world. By far, there was nobody that could be mentioned in the same breath with the Wolf Fang Team.

What, kneel and surrender?

Fright appeared on the faces of people around when they heard what Qingfeng Li said. Everyone knew who the Dragon King was. It was impossible to ask him, the king of Dragon Continent to kneel to surrender. People started wondering who this person was.

Everyone stared at Qingfeng Li with a pitying look, assuming there was something wrong with his mind.

"Hahaha, finally I got the chance to witness how wildly arrogant the Wolf King is. You don’t have the qualification to ask me to surrender." Dragon King burst into laughter, but it didn’t cover the chill in his eyes.

An intention to kill had already arisen in his heart, an intention to kill Qingfeng Li, whose arrogance really pissed him off.

Dragon King overran the entire Dragon Continent, defeated countless masters. No one ever had the gut to make him kneel. However, a young guy now showed up and asked him to kneel to surrender. Wasn't that a insult to him?

The king could never be humiliated. There was no subdued king, a real king only battled to the death.

"Wolf King, you won’t know how strong I am until you try my unique skills."

"Show me whatever you have. Don’t wait until you are dead."

"Don’t be too arrogant, Wolf King. My ultimate skill is extremely powerful, there are only three fists, but even I can’t control it. So, don’t blame me if I kill you." Dragon King said arrogantly.

The unique skills Dragon King had was from his master, which were unbelievably powerful.

Dragon King’ master had warned him not to use the skills easily since once they were used, someone had to die and there were also significant side effects. However, Dragon King had no choice but to use them as he wanted to kill Qingfeng Li.

"Wolf King, today I’ll defeat you out with only three hits."

Defeat me out with three hits?

Qingfeng Li paused for a second, then a chilling light flickered in his eyes. He replied in a cold voice, "Defeat me in three hits? You aren’t capable of doing that, but I am going to defeat you with three hits today."

Both of them got more and more arrogant, more and more rampant, which terrified all the people around.

The people around were excited while feeling terrified at the same time. They were looking forward to the unprecedented battle between the two kings.

Dragon King stopped talking and began accumulating his power while walking towards Qingfeng Li. Every step he made built up his momentum. He was like a fierce dragon that had just woken up. In the end, the powerful momentum around him turned into an aura that anyone close by wasn’t able to stand firmly.


As soon as the Dragon King stepped hard on the ground with his right foot, a huge hole was left there. It astonished everyone around. Only some monster like the Dragon King would be able to dig a hole on the ground with one step.

Dragon King moved his body like a fierce dragon flying into the sky. In the blink of an eye, he showed up in front of Qingfeng Li at the speed of light. He reached out his right fist abruptly, which was like dragon claws ripping through the air.

Vroom, Vroom, Vroom, Vroom …...

A Dragon growling was indistinctively held in the movement of Dragon King’s fist, going all the way into the sky.

This was the Godly Dragon Fist, the Dragon King’s unique skill that would never be used in random occasions. He would only use it on formidable enemies.

Qingfeng Li’s pupils shrank at the moment he saw Fairy Dragon Fist coming. It was like an atrocious dragon was just waking up and revealing its unlimited power, which made Qingfeng Li’s heart race.

No wonder Dragon King was the second top king in the World of Darkness, he overruled Tiger King and Panther King, who were far away behind his level.

Qingfeng Li didn’t want to take it carelessly. He raised his head and gave out a wolf howling.

The wolf howling was desolate, ferocious, and malicious, with a fiercely murderous intent hiding in it.

A terrifying blue wolf appeared in front of Qingfeng Li’s chest.

As a response to Dragon King’s Fairy Dragon Fist, he started his unique skill, the totem of Howling Wolf, the Wolf King Fist.

Qingfeng Li didn’t use the Wolf King Fist even when he was facing the Tiger King. However, he didn’t hesitate to use his unique skill to guard his life this time, since he sensed crisis from Dragon King.

The Dragon King was the only one that could post a threat to the Wolf King.

"What the hell, both of them are so powerful. Which is stronger, the dragon growling or wolf howling?"

"No need to say, definitely the Dragon King is more powerful, since the dragon is stronger than the wolf."

"I agree. Don’t you see that he is like a fierce dragon?"

People around couldn’t be any more excited about such an unprecedented intense battle.

"Godly Dragon Fist." Dragon King susurrated. He lifted his right fist, tearing apart the air and smashing towards Qingfeng Li’s head.

"Wolf King Fist." Qingfeng Li fulminated. He ripped through the air with his right fist and aimed at Dragon King’s fist with wolf howls.

Neither of them chose to escape. Instead, they confronted the tough with toughness, and let their power collide.


Godly Dragon Fist and Wolf King Fist hit each other, causing a huge booming noise as if there were two trains ramming against each other at a high speed. The explosive noise shook off all the lights hung on the ceiling, crushing them into pieces and shot them to the surroundings with a violent blast.

People close by all gave out miserable cries and got knocked over by the blast, laying on the ground with blood all over their faces. Those who stood behind were terrified by the scene, and started moving backwards.

The dragon growling and wolf howling were so shrill and ear-splitting that people covered their ears immediately, their faces were all twisted.

Some people ahead already regretted standing so close to the battle scene. They just wanted to have a better view of the battle, but never expected that they would be getting knocked over by the intense blast.

Fear showed up on many people’s faces. The blast from the kings already blew them away, not to mention having a real battle with them. They could already foresee themselves get knocked over with one hit.

The King was never someone living in normal people’s imagination. His power went beyond anything.

None of the kings stepped back. Qingfeng Li remained calm while redness suffused Dragon King’s face. He was shocked that his full power didn’t do anything to Qingfeng Li.

"You just punched me, now it’s your turn to take my punch." Qingfeng Li sneered. The wolf head on his chest turned bloody red. He suddenly reached out his right fist and threw it at Dragon King forcibly with wolf howling.

Dragon King tried to block, but Qingfeng Li was moving rapidly, as swift as thunder. Qingfeng Li’s fist arrived even before he had a chance to empower himself with the Fairy Dragon Fist.


Dragon King felt the danger coming, but the only thing he could do was to block with his fist. Qingfeng Li’s Wolf King Fist was moving like a high speed train, bumped into Dragon King’s fist and pushed him five steps back in a row. His fist hurt like burning, and blood was defused.

Qingfeng Li threw his right fist abruptly while Dragon King was stepping back due to injuries. Qingfeng Li converged more power this time, the power from all over his body, the power that was stronger than ever.

Dragon King was shocked, the third hit from Qingfeng Li landed on his chest like a meteorite from outer space even before he had the time to realize.


Dragon King’s body was hit roughly by Qingfeng Ali’s Wolf King Fist and flown away. He opened his mouth and a big pile of blood was spitted out. Dragon King landed hard on the ground, wasn’t able to get up for a while.

The king of the Dragon Continent, the Dragon King, lost!

He defeated the Dragon King with three punches!

Qingfeng Li defeated the Dragon King with only with three hits!