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Chapter 432: The Ancestor of the Wang Family

Chapter 432: The Ancestor of the Wang Family

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What? The Dragon King lost?

The shocked looks on the people’s faces were more exaggerated than the look they would have had if their parents died.

Who was the Dragon King? He was the king of the Dragon Continent, the top master in the Capital. However, such a formidable figure, the king of battle in everyone’s hearts, was defeated by the Wolf King with only three hits.

Then… how strong was the Wolf King?

Everyone was shaking with fear at that moment. They didn’t realize how unbeatable the Wolf King was until just now. He was someone even more powerful than the Dragon King. No wonder he had the guts to steal the bride at the Wang Family, he didn’t give a damn about the Wang Family at all.

At this moment, the people who stood at the left supporting Cangqiong Wang couldn’t have regretted more about their choice. What the hell? All of them wished they would have known earlier that the Dragon King was a piece of trash so that they would have picked the Wolf King’s side. Unfortunately, it was too late to regret. All they could do now was to swear inside their hearts.

However, the Ye Family and Pei Family could finally utter a sigh of relief. Poju Ye was thinking of the moment when he didn’t believe in Red Butterfly as she was telling him that the Wolf King was stronger. What Red Butterfly Ye said was proven now, the Wolf King defeated Dragon King as she expected.

"The Wolf King is incredibly formidable." Red Butterfly Yip couldn’t keep calm, fright-filled her eyes.

Although she knew that Wolf King was the top king in the underworld, she didn’t expect him to be so unrivaled that even the fearless Dragon King couldn’t take three hits from him.

Red Butterfly Yip felt quite awkward, she was from Dragon Fang Clan but she supported Qingfeng Li instead. She was afraid that the Dragon King would kick her out after this battle.

People who had been to the young master gathering in the Capital looked at Qingfeng Li with admiration all over their faces. They were all young guys, what they admired the most was the strong. Qingfeng Li was the same age as them, but was capable of knocking out the Dragon King with three hits which made them extremely admire him.


Dragon King kept coughing blood, he tried to stand up, however, he was injured so much from earlier that he didn’t have the strength to get up.

"The Wolf King Fist is indeed powerful." Dragon King said with great shock, and his face turned dreadfully pale.

He thought his Dragon King Fist was incredible, and couldn’t believe in the fact that it wasn’t the Wolf King Fist’s opponent. The top king in the underworld, was way more formidable than anyone’s imagination.

Qingfeng Li stood still, and went out of breath. Although he knocked Dragon King out with three hits, he exhausted himself by using all of his strength.

After all, the Dragon King was the second ranked king in the underworld. Qingfeng Li wouldn’t be able to defeat him with three hits if he didn’t use all of his strength.

It would put Qingfeng Li in danger if someone at the same level as Dragon King showed up now.

However, things always came as surprise. Life really likes to come at you when you have your pants down.

As Qingfeng Li was at his weakest condition, a black shadow moved towards Qingfeng Li as fast as a flash and stabbed at his heart with a dagger.


Qingfeng Li sensed a lethal danger. He had an accurate perception of danger after experiencing countless critical battles. He sensed a life-threatening danger coming to him at the time when he felt the weakest.

At the most imminently dangerous moment, Qingfeng Li shifted his body to the left. His heart successfully avoided from being stabbed, however, his abdomen didn’t.

Qingfeng Li’s abdomen was ripped apart by a black dagger, the wound was about ten centimeters long and blood was squirting out of it. His clothes were drenched in blood, which was unpleasant to be looked at.

The Wolf King got injured, everyone was shocked by what they saw.

"Qingfeng." Ruyan Liu’s face quickly turned to a look of astonished, she screamed desperately. She almost fainted when she saw Qingfeng Li got injured.

"Boss." Monk, Bald Man, and other people paled and screamed as well when they saw Qingfeng Li injures.

Qingfeng Li defeated Dragon King and was about to win, but was stabbed by a dagger suddenly, which made everyone mad.

Qingfeng Li ripped off a piece of cloth and used it to cover the wound on his abdomen. He looked up and saw an elder standing in front of him.

The elder was very old, at least in his nineties. His hair went all grey and his back was hunched, but there was a powerful aura surrounding him, the aura was so strong that it could even go beyond Dragon King’s.

The elder, surprisingly was an sss level master, an advanced formidable master.

"Ancestor, you came." Cangqiong Wang greeted with great respect while kneeling on the ground, his pale face finally got some blood flowing.

"It’s a great honour to see you, Ancestor." All the people of Wang Family showed their respect by kneeling on the ground.

The super master that showed up unexpectedly was actually the ancestor of Wang Family.

Whoever saw the ancestor couldn’t keep their face straight, all of them were shocked as if they saw a ghost, and more astonished than the moment when Wolf King defeated Dragon King. That was all because of the fact that the ancestor of Wang Family died three years ago, nobody could explain how he came back to life.

"You died three years ago, why are you alive now?" Green Dragon Demon King asked and his face turned into a surprised look.

It was known that the ancestor of Wang Family died three years ago, he was at the funeral at that time and witnessed the ancestor lying in the coffin. How could this old man be alive again?

Not only Green Dragon Demon King was shocked, so were all the people of the big families around. Especially Zhenjiang Li of Li Family, Jianlin Liu of Liu Family and Poju Ye of Ye Family, they were thunderstruck to see what was happening, as they had also been to the ancestor’s funeral.

What the hell, how couldn’t it terrify the people present when they saw someone died three years ago suddenly showed up.

Moreover, the ancestor of Wang Family was unbelievably formidable. He was the top master in the Capital fifty years ago. His eldest son who had learned skills from him used to be the top master in the Capital as well, but was killed by the third master of Li Family.

The ancestor of Wang Family responded to everyone’s astonishment with a slight smile, and said, "Please pardon me, I woke up after being buried, so I got out of the coffin. I didn’t tell all of you because you had already attended my funeral."

Although the ancestor didn’t make much deal of that, it horrified all the people. Climbing out of the coffin? They all wished the ancestor was joking, since it was so terrifying to them as if they were listening to some scary stories.

Cangqiong Wang was the only one still remained calm. As a matter of fact, it scared the heck out of him when he saw the ancestor climbed out of the coffin the next day after the ancestor was buried three years ago. Cangqiong Wang was planning to announce that the ancestor was still alive to the public, but was stopped by the ancestor. The ancestor said he just wanted to hide in Wang’s home and showed up only when he was needed at the critical moment.

Indeed, Wang Family was about to be destroyed today and the Wang Ancestor appeared out of surprise and severely injured Qingfeng Li the second he showed up.

"You old grump, being old never taught you not to sneak attack." Qingfeng Li said with anger, his face was covered with indignance and his voice was full of rage.

He never expected the appearance of the ancestor of Wang Family when he defeated Dragon King and was about to eliminate Wang Family.

It was fine if he only showed up, but he sneak attacked Qingfeng Li when he was at his weakest. Qingfeng Li’s heart probably would be stabbed through if he didn’t react fast enough.

Despicable, how despicable the ancestor of Wang Family was.