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Chapter 433: Today, Burn the Wang Family to the Ground

Chapter 433: Today, Burn the Wang Family to the Ground

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Qingfeng Li’s face turned downcast, and the burning pain from his abdomen kept going. He didn’t get injured while killing the Tiger King, neither while defeating the Dragon King. However, he was badly injured from the ancestor’s sneak attack. It wouldn’t be hard to imagine how mad he was right now.

Screw the ancestor of Wang Family. As an SSS level master and also an elder over ninety years old, he actually sneak attacked. The ancestor just did something that even normal people wouldn’t do.

"You bald donkey, you are looking for trouble." Qingfeng Li twisted his face, the look he had when he stared at the ancestor was murderous.

Bald donkey?

All the people around were astonished at how Qingfeng Li addressed the ancestor. Someone even dared to call the ancestor bald donkey.

However, after they took another careful look, they realized that the ancestor was actually bald, with only a few grey hairs left. He was over ninty years old, it wouldn’t be surprising that he had lost most of his hair.

"Young man, how dare you swear at me?" The look on the ancestor’s face was so cloudy and cold, as if raindrops were going to fall from it.

As the ancestor of Wang Family, and also the top master hidden in the family, he was at the SSS-level master tier and could be seen as being close to the same level as a king. There was no one that ever had the guts to swear at him in the Capital, except for Qingfeng Li.

"Bald donkey, I dare to swear at you, and you know what, I’m going to eliminate Wang Family today." Qingfeng Li sneered, and said in a chilling voice.

Eliminating the Wang Family? The people around were all shocked again. They had just learned how aggressive and indignant Qingfeng Li was, but they didn’t realize that he could be the same way even when he was badly injured.

Man, please at least had a look at yourself first. Qingfeng Li was injured, while the ancestor was still strong and lively like a monster. How could he be able to eliminate Wang Family?

"Hahaha, eliminate the Wang Family? I have to say that, young man, you are really arrogant, even more arrogant than me at a younger age. Unfortunately, everyone who acted arrogant in front of me had already died." The ancestor of Wang Family burst into laughter, but the murderous intent had already showed up in his eyes.

The Wang Family was his root, life, his everything. Now someone was warning that he was going to destroy it. It made sense that the ancestor was raging and planning to kill him.

The ancestor had made his decision that he would kill this arrogant young man. Wait, killing him would be too easy, the ancestor was going to break his arms and legs, and slowly torture him until he wished he could die.

Qingfeng Li took a look at his bleeding abdomen, he knew that the injury didn’t allow him to wait too long. The longer he waited, the more blood he would lose, then the worse position he would put himself into. Losing too much blood would lower his combat power.

Finishing the battle as soon as possible, that was the only way he could go.


Qingfeng Li flipped his right wrist, took out the Life-Reaping Dagger immediately. The Life-Reaping Dagger was as black as ink, and giving out a chilling flash.

The ancestor had a dagger in his hand. Therefore, it would only be fair if he took out a dagger. Qingfeng Li’s entire body was revealing a powerful momentum, bloody red radiance was sent out from the wolf head on his chest, making the atmosphere creepy and ferocious.

His body turned into a ghost shadow as his body was moving, as if it was a flash, but thunder in the next second. He moved towards the ancestor instantly.

The ancestor of the Wang Family was impressed by how fast the Wolf King was moving, which was even faster than himself. The ancestor started feeling serious about the situation with Qingfeng Li, as he realized this young man was faster even when he was injured. The ancestor felt lucky that he sneak attacked Qingfeng Li. Otherwise he would never be his opponent.

Qingfeng Li waved the Life-Reaping Dagger in his hand and was about to stab at the ancestor. The ancestor didn’t take it seriously since he knew the Life-Reaping Dagger wouldn’t do much damage. He took out his dagger and held it against the Life-Reaping Dagger.

Strange things happened at the moment when the two daggers bumped into each other. The ancestor’s dagger broke into halves with a sound of a crack.

What, my dagger was broken?

The look on the ancestor’s face turned shocked, and his eyes were filled with disbelief. It was known that his dagger was made of high-quality steel, and a variety of rare minerals were also added during the process to make the dagger strong enough to be able to stab through armoured plate.

However, he never expected the dagger that could stab through armour plates would be broken by the dagger in Qingfeng Li’s hand now. He couldn’t figure out how sharp that dagger was.

Actually, what the ancestor didn’t know about was that Qingfeng Li added meteorite from outer space to his dagger refining process.

Asteroids from outer space, as the name indicates, were asteroids or meteorolites. After they hit the earth and got burned in the atmosphere, some would be burned directly into ashes while some were left to the most essential parts, which was about the same size as a coin.

A coin-size asteroid was considered as a priceless treasure. Qingfeng Li had the chance to get one piece, so he put it in with other materials while refining his dagger. That was why the dagger was extremely sharp as well as incredibly rigid. Any dagger on the earth made of normal material wouldn’t do any damage to the Life-Reaping Dagger.

Once it was taken out, it reaped lives. That was exactly the Life-Reaping Dagger.


The ancestor of Wang Family sensed the danger immediately, he shifted his body and moved backward rapidly.

The ancestor was swift, however, Qingfeng Li was beyond him. He swept hard with his Life-Reaping Dagger, whose movement was like a flash. The next moment, the arm of the ancestor was chopped off.

"Oh my arm!" the ancestor screamed miserably while looking at his chopped-off arm. His face turned dreadfully pale, blood squirting out and dying his clothes red.

"The ancestor of Wang Family is injured. Wolf King is so formidable."

"Yeah, the Wolf King is still able to chop off the ancestor’s arms even though he is injured."

"No wonder he is the top king in the world of darkness. He beat the shit out of the ancestor."

People around started discussing widely, their eyes were full of fright, or even fear.

They assumed that by sneak attacking there would be no doubt for the ancestor to kill Qingfeng Li. What they didn’t foresee was that Qingfeng Li took out a black dagger and broke the ancestor’s dagger immediately, and chopped off the ancestor’s arm when he zoned out.

Losing an arm lowered the ancestor’s battle power to a great extent. He got injured more seriously than Qingfeng Li did. Qingfeng Li wouldn’t lose the chance to beat the shit out of the ancestor. He picked up his Life-Reaping Dagger and rushed towards the ancestor again.

The ancestor tried to run away, however, he wasn’t fast enough to get away from Qingfeng Li.

The Wolf King had the fastest speed in the world of darkness, no one was able to outrun him.

The ancestor changed the look on his face realizing it was impossible to run away. Thus, he had to fight against Qingfeng Li without regards for the consequences. Unfortunately, the ancestor wasn’t Qingfeng Li’s opponent after losing his arm, so he could only let Qingfeng Li chase him around.

The top master in the Capital fifty years ago, who seemed unbeatable in everyone’s view, now was like a mouse getting beaten by Qingfeng Li with no energy to fight back.

Ahhh, the ancestor made another miserable scream, the other arm was chopped off by Qingfeng Li.

Losing both of his arms, the ancestor became like an eagle without wings. He totally lost his battle power. Qingfeng Li waved the Life-Reaping Dagger like a beam of flash and chopped off the ancestor’s head instantly.

The ancestor of Wang Family, dead.

The ancestor truly died this time. Unlike his fake death three years ago, he would never climb out of the coffin again.

Witnessing the death of the ancestor, everyone of the Wang Family screamed miserably, their faces turned dreadfully pale. They couldn’t believe that Qingfeng Li cut off the head of the most formidable ancestor.

"Today, we will burn Wang Family to the ground. Kill, Wolf Fang team." Qingfeng Li said in rage, a burning animosity was developing on his face.