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Chapter 434: Eliminate the Wang Family and Overawe the Capital

Chapter 434: Eliminate the Wang Family and Overawe the Capital

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"Kill." All the Wolf Fang team members yelled after hearing the command from Qingfeng Li, and engaged in battle with the Dragon Fang Team.

The Dragon Fang team was never able to compete against Wolf Fang Team. The Dragon King’s loss and the death of the ancestor made their situation even worse. The defeat was absolute, and the four members of Dragon Fang Team were seriously injured within a second.

"Let’s destroy the Wang Family first, then kill the Dragon Fang Team." Qingfeng Li said and sneered. His major enemy was the Wang Family. The Dragon Fang Team had lost its battle power already, there was no rush to kill them.

"Kill." A murderous animosity was building in every member of Wolf Fang Team, nothing could stop the impending doom of the Wang Family.

Although the Wang Family was the biggest and most powerful family in the Capital compared to other families, to be the opponent of the Wolf Fang Team, they were still far behind.

Meanwhile. Lion Demon King and Green Dragon Demon King also started killing.

Cries and screams kept coming out of the Wang Family, its members were killed one after another. Resentment, unwillingness, regret, and fear filled their hearts, but there was nothing they could do but wait to be killed.

Most of the members of Wang Family were killed in a short time, including Yuanqing Wang. Only the family head Cangqiong Wang was still left alive.

"Demon, you are a demon." Cangqiong Wang said with great fear while staring at Qingfeng Li.

He never expected that his entire family would be massacred, this young man in front of him was extremely fierce and cruel.

"Cangqiong Wang, all of you were bound to die at the moment when you sent someone to hit Xue Lin." Qingfeng Li said in such a chilling voice, with no mercy at all.

He would never offend others when nobody offended him. If anyone offended him, then he would never show any humanity. Anyone who ever dared to insult Wolf King, would lose their life no matter how long it took.

Cangqiong Wang made Teng Wang and Thunder Tiger hit Xue Lin with their car, and almost got her killed. If it wasn’t because of the goldly flower he found, Xue Lin would stay brain dead for the rest of her life.

No one could blame others when it was their own goddamn fault. The Wang Family shall be the one responsible for all the tragedies happening to them.


Qingfeng Li shifted his body in front of Cangqiong Wang instantly. He waved his dagger and cut off Cangqiong Wang’s head.

The master of Wang Family, dead.

Every member of Wang Family was killed. People around tried to take a deep breath, but that couldn’t help hide the fear in their eyes.

Meanwhile, the faces of people who stood at the left supporting Wang Family were all dreadfully pale, as if they just lost their parents. They couldn’t regret any more of the choice they made, as they supported Cangqiong Wang to kill Qingfeng Li at the beginning.

However, Qingfeng Li destroyed Wang Family, which proved their choice was wrong. They couldn’t be any more regretful.

If there was such thing as pills for regrets, they would get one, no matter how expensive it was. They would pay for that even it cost a billion Yuan. Unfortunately, such things didn’t exist.

Qingfeng Li threw a cold look at the crowd on the left. He sneered and asked, "Zhenjiang Li, were you the first person agreeing with Cangqiong Wang to kill me?"

Zhenjiang Li almost dropped his jaw hearing Qingfeng Li’s words. Fear flashed through his eyes. Cangqiong Wang’s body was still laying on the ground, staring at him, which made him feel chills.

"Qingfeng, I was wrong! Can you please forgive me." Zhenjiang Li lowered his head, trying to beg for forgiveness while his face turned pale.

How couldn’t he lower his head? Wang Family, the top family in the Capital was eliminated. He didn’t want to end up the same way.

"It’s impossible to forgive you. I would have been killed if I wasn’t strong enough. You really disappointed me."

"Qingfeng, I’m your uncle. Please let me go since we are relatives."

"Hmmm, now you know you are my uncle. I can let you go only if you give up your title as the master of Li Family." Qingfeng Li said in a cold voice.

Although Zhenjiang Li disgusted Qingfeng Li, he was still Qingfeng Li’s uncle, it was impossible to kill him. However, it was impossible to let him go either, as he abandoned Qingfeng Li when he was at the most dangerous situation. Therefore, Qingfeng Li made his decision, which was to take away his title of the master of Li Family as punishment.

What, not allowed to be the master of the family?

The look on Zhenjiang Li’s face turned shocked and dissatisfied. He was the master of Li Family, possessing hundreds of billions of Yuan, why couldn’t he be the owner?

Qingfeng Li shifted to Zhenjiang Li’s face instantly, grabbed his neck and lifted him up, asked in a cold tone, "So you don’t agree with that? Fine, then you can keep Cangqiong Wang accompanied now."

Zhenjiang Li’s face was bloody red. He wasn’t able to breathe as if he would be killed by Qingfeng Li the next second.

"I agree, I’m not going to be the master of Li Family anymore. Just let me go." Zhenjiang Li answered in a rush in order to save his own life. He was worried that he would be dead if he answered late.

Joy flashed by Daoming Li’s eyes when he heard Zhenjiang Li gave up his title as the master, as he was the second highest level in the Family after his eldest brother, of his brother couldn’t be the master, then the master would be under his name.

A slight smile appeared in Qingfeng Li’s face. He let Zhenjiang Li go, and said loudly: "From now on, Meier Li will be the master of Li Family."

What, Meier Li would be the master?

Both Zhenjiang Li and Daoming Li were too shocked to believe their ears. The former was astonished that Qingfeng Li let a woman be the master, the latter was wondering why it wasn’t him chosen to be the master.

"Well, you guys aren’t happy with that?" Qingfeng Li stared at all the members of Li Family with a creepy look, his tone was murderous. He didn’t mind killing more people if they didn’t agree with him.

"Agree, we agree with that." All the members of Li Family answered in a rush seeing the rage in his eyes.

In their opinion, Qingfeng Li was a demon, who would kill without any hesitation. They didn’t want to risk their lives.

After taking care of the business of Li Family, Qingfeng Li looked towards other families, he said in a cold voice, "Liu Family, Ye Family, you were with Cangqiong Wang, however, for the sake of Ruyan Liu and Red Butterfly Ye, I won’t kill you. But don’t feel lucky too early, you still have to pay the price. I want a hundred billion Yuan from every family as ransom."

What, ten billion Yuan as ransom?

Jianlin Liu and Poju Ye couldn’t keep their face straight, they went raging as a hundred billion Yuan was a huge amount that could take away everything they had.

The Liu Family and Ye Family were part of the Big Four that owned thousands of billions of Yuan worth property. However, most of them were immovables, like real estate, hotels and tourism sites. Moreover, they also had to take care of all the families. A hundred billion Yuan was their net profit in a year.

"You don’t agree with that? If so, you guys can go visit Cangqiong Wang." Qingfeng Li grinned with dissatisfaction, a murderous intention was building up.

Demon, this was a demon. The look on Jianlin Liu and Poju Ye’s faces turned terrified.

"We are fine with that, we will take out a hundred billion Yuan each." Jianlin Liu and Poju Ye answered rapidly in order to save their lives.

Compared with their lives, even though a hundred billion Yuan was a crazy amount, they still accepted. They could always make more money, however, without their lives they would lose everything.

After blackmailing the Liu Family and Ye Family, Qingfeng Li did the same thing to the Pei Family, Yang Family and others. All of them were wealthy families in the Capital. Although they weren’t as rich as the Big Four, they still owned capitals worth hundreds of billions of Yuan. Qingfeng Li asked them to take out fifty billion each. In terms of Yanzhi Pei’s Pei Family, Qingfeng Li gave them some special help by asking for ten billion only, since he and Yanzhi Pei were quite close, and her Phoenix Corporation had business with Ice Snow Corporation.

In the lobby of Wang Family, all the people’s faces were pale, as if they lost their parents. They were happily coming for the wedding earlier, but turned upset now. Who could still be happy after losing hundreds billions of Yuan?

People in the lobby were mostly masters and main members of all the big families in the Capital, who were used to show their disdain for the world. However, they were all staring at Qingfeng Li with their eyes full of fear.

Eliminate Wang Family, overawe the Capital.

Using his most jagged means, Qingfeng Li shocked all the people in the Capital.