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Chapter 435: The Mysterious Girl

Chapter 435: The Mysterious Girl

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"Dragon King, how would you like to die?" Qingfeng asked the Dragon King with killing intent in his eyes.

He was not one to go lightly on his enemies. Since Dragon King was his enemy, he naturally had to kill him.

Dragon King was ghastly pale. He said in despair, "Your highness, you can kill me, but I have a request."

"What is your request?"

"Your highness, please let the other members of Dragon Fang team go."

"No, if I let them go, they will seek revenge," Qingfeng said with a cold smile.

Dragon King sighed. He already knew that Wolf King would not let him or the members of Dragon Fang team go but he had a flicker of hope in his heart. Clearly, it did not work. Wolf King was still determined to kill the entire Dragon Fang team.

Qingfeng held up the dagger and slashed it towards Dragon King’s head.


Suddenly, a rock appeared from afar. The rock moved so fast that It pierced the air. It knocked Qingfeng’s dagger off its path.

A flash of coldness appeared in Qingfeng’s eyes. This person was so fast. What a strong power! Qingfeng was known for his speed but he was unable to dodge the rock.

"Who, who is sneak attacking me?" Qingfeng asked darkly.

"It was not a sneak attack. If it was, the rock would have hit your body," A crisp female voice said.

Then, a girl who wore a purple short dress walked in. She was around eighteen years old. Her face was charming. She had cherry lips and snow-white skin. She had two pretty dimples when she smiled.

She looked very innocent but charming. She bounced her way into the hall.

Qingfeng furrowed his brows and his expression became serious. It was a look that only appeared when he saw a strong fighter. The girl was only eighteen years old; she did not emit a strong power but Qingfeng felt that she was dangerous.

This girl was not simple. How could anyone who knock a dagger off its path with a rock be simple?

"Hey, big brother, why don't you let Uncle Dragon go?" The girl said with a smile as she walked to Qingfeng’s side.

"Why should I let him go?" Qingfeng said with a cold smile.

Even though Qingfeng felt that this girl was dangerous, but it was clearly impossible for him to let Dragon King go.

The girl said with a chuckle, "Big brother, my grandfather said that he will tell you a piece of information if you let Dragon King go."

Qingfeng said with a faint smile, "What information is worth Dragon King’s life. To be real with you, even if you gave me ten billion Yuan, I will not let Dragon King go."

The girl seemed to have expected Qingfeng’s response. She said with a smile," My grandfather said that he knows information about the Wind Demon."

Information about my teacher?

Qingfeng was stunned. He has been looking for his teacher for a long time. But his teacher had disappeared when he was looking for Third Master. Later on, he used the power of the global Wolf Fang team but was he was still unable to find his teacher. Naturally he was stunned to hear information about his teacher.

The girl smiled faintly and revealed another explosive piece of information, "My grandfather said that he not only knows information about the Wind-Edge Demon King, he also knows information about the Great Conqueror, Third Master Li.

What? He also has information about the Great Conqueror, the Third Master of the Li Family?

This time, Qingfeng was truly stunned. Who was the grandfather of this girl? He not only had information about his teacher, he also had information about this father.

Qingfeng asked suspiciously, "Are you lying to me? I have searched the entire world for my father and teacher but I could not find anything. How could your grandfather have information about them?"

The girl’s cheeks puffed in anger. She was angry that Qingfeng did not believe her words.

"Hmph, how could you doubt the words of someone from the Godly Dragon Mountain?" The girl glared at Qingfeng unhappily.

What? Godly Dragon Mountain?

Qingfeng’s expression changed when he heard the name. Godly Dragon Mountain was a mysterious place in the Capital and even the entire Huaxia. Before he left for Wolf Continent, his teacher had brought him to the Godly Dragon Mountain but the master of the Mountain did not open the doors to the Mountain.

The people of Godly Dragon mountain once said that in the entire Huaxia, only the Great Conqueror could enter the Mountain. No one else, including the leader of the ten demons – Wind Demon, was qualified to enter Godly Dragon Mountain.

"Young Master, Dragon King is the son of the master of the Godly Dragon Mountain, could there be a conspiracy?" Green Dragon Demon King said suddenly as he walked to Qingfeng’s side.

Green Dragon Demon King lived in the Capital so he had a deeper understanding of Godly Dragon Mountain. It was a mysterious place that was closed off from ordinary people. Even Green Dragon Demon King could not enter the Mountain.

Qingfeng was dazed for a moment. He did not expect Dragon King to come from Godly Dragon Mountain. It seemed like the Mountain was indeed a special place.

Qingfeng did not look at Green Dragon Demon King. Instead he asked the girl, "Does your grandfather really know information about my father and teacher?"

"Yes, grandfather said that if you let Uncle Dragon go, you can go look for him in the Godly Dragon Mountain tomorrow," The girl said lightly. Her tone was displeased. Clearly, she was upset that Qingfeng did not believe her words.

Grandfather was so strong! He was known as the Miraculous foresight elder. How could his fellow doubt her grandfather’s words/

"Alright, I will let Dragon King go. I will go to Godly Dragon Mountain to see your grandfather tomorrow," Qingfeng said with a light smile.

"Young master…" Green Dragon Demon King said. He wanted to understand Qingfeng’s actions.

Qingfeng waved his hand and asked him not to speak. No matter if the girl’s words were true or not, he had to visit her grandfather tomorrow at Godly Dragon Mountain.

From her expression, it did not seemed like she was lying. Not only that, Qingfeng had also discovered that the girl was extremely powerful despite her young age. She was as powerful as a King. This revelation amazed him.

Think about it, a girl from Godly Dragon Mountain was as strong as a King. Godly Dragon Mountain must be immensely powerful.

the girl was relieved to hear that Qingfeng promise to let Dragon King go. The displeasure in her eyes disappeared.

The girl said with a laugh, "big brother, be rest assured, my grandfather is not lying. Remember to come to Godly Dragon Mountain tomorrow."

After speaking, the girl helped Dragon King and led the Wolf Fang Team as they left the Wang Family.

"Qingfeng, are you really going to Godly Dragon Mountain?" Ruiyan Liu asked worriedly.

As the princess of the Liu Family, she has naturally heard of Godly Dragon Mountain. It was a mysterious place that no outsiders could enter. Most of the people who entered the Mountain never came back.

She was worried because she did not want Qingfeng to disappear.

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