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Chapter 436: The Powerful Godly Dragon Mountain

Chapter 436: The Powerful Godly Dragon Mountain

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"Don’t worry, Ruyan. Even the Dragon King was not my match. How strong could the people on Godly Dragon Mountain be?" Qingfeng said with a smile. He was not worried at all.

He had been though countless of near death scenarios and had killed countless strong fighters. He was not worried about the Godly Dragon Mountain.

Ruyan Liu was still worried. She knew that Qingfeng was very strong. However, the Godly Dragon Mountain was not weak either. The Dragon King had originated from Godly Dragon Mountain.

"Young Master, you must not be careless. I’ve been to Godly Dragon Mountain. I was kicked out by the doorkeeper," Green Dragon Demon King said.

Green Dragon Demon King was filled with shame when he said the words. It was quite embarrassing. He was one of the ten demon kings but he was kicked out by the doorkeeper of Godly Dragon Mountain. How embarrassing was that? However, for Young Master’s safety, he still recounted his experience.

Qingfeng furrowed his brows. A flash of surprise crossed his eyes. Green Dragon Demon King was a Level SS fighter. The doorkeeper must at least be a Level SSS fighter for him to defeat Green Dragon Demon King.

A Level SSS fighter…was a doorkeeper at Godly Dragon Mountain?

Qingfeng was surprised and puzzled. Was Godly Dragon Mountain really so strong?

Lion Demon King also walked forward when he saw Qingfeng’s disbelief. He said, "Young Master, Green Snake is speaking the truth. Ten years ago, I accompanied the Great Conqueror to Godly Dragon Mountain but the Great Conqueror entered the mountain alone. I was also stopped by the doorkeeper but I tied in a battle with him."

What? Lion Demon King tied with the doorkeeper?

Qingfeng was stunned. He was well-aware of Lion Demon King’s strength. Lion Demon King was a Level SSS Fighter. Even though he was a mid-tier fighter, he was still very powerful as he was ranked second among the ten demons.

But Lion Demon King said that he tied with a gatekeeper. This meant that the gatekeeper of the Godly Dragon Mountain was also a mid tier Level SSS fighter.

A Level SSS fighter was a doorkeeper at Godly Dragon Mountain. Qingfeng’s expression became serious. At this moment, he finally felt the power of Godly Dragon Mountain.

Qingfeng felt that Godly Dragon Mountain was extremely powerful. But even if Godly Dragon Mountain was powerful, he was still heading to the mountain tomorrow since the Master of the mountain had information about this father and teacher.

"Qingfeng, you are bleeding. Rest well today. You can go to Godly Dragon Mountain tomorrow," Ruyan Liu said gently. A flash of sadness appeared in her eyes.

She knew that Qingfeng was injured because of her. He was here to save her. If it was not for her, he would not be injured.

"Alright, I will rest today and head to Godly Dragon Mountain tomorrow," Qingfeng said with a smile.

Qingfeng was informed about the strength of Godly Dragon Mountain by Green Dragon Demon King and Lion Demon King. He could not head to the mountain with his current injuries. Who knew if Godly Dragon Mountain was friend or foe? It would not be too late for him to head to the mountain tomorrow.

Qingfeng rested at the Great Conqueror Hotel that night. He did not return to the Li Family or Liu Family. Instead, he rested at his father’s hotel.

Ruyan Liu stayed with him at the hotel. She gently cleaned his wounds for him and applied medicine on his injuries. Since Qingfeng was injured in his abdomen, he could not perform any strenuous activities. Thus, Qingfeng let Ruyan Liu off that night. Of course, he still took advantage of her with his hands.

The next day, at 6 am, Ruyan Liu was still deep in sleep. Qingfeng had already woken up. It was clear that Ruyan Liu was exhausted so she was deep in sleep.

Qingfeng looked at her but did not disrupt her sleep. Then, he quietly left the hotel.

Lion Demon King and Green Dragon Demon King were already waiting for him at the entrance of the hotel. The two of them were respectfully and insisted on accompanying Qingfeng to Godly Dragon Mountain.

Qingfeng could only agree to their request. He knew that they insisted on accompanying him because they cared for him.

"Young Master, is your injury alright?" Lion Demon King asked with concern.

Qingfeng nodded and said, "I’m alright."

When he saw that Lion Demon King did not believe his words, Qingfeng smiled faintly as he rolled up his shirt. The injury on his abdomen had fully healed, there was only a scab.

What insane healing power!

Lion Demon King and Green Dragon Demon King were both stunned. They would require a week to recover from such a serious injury; Qingfeng had recovered within a day.

Just like his father, the son of the Great Conqueror was indeed extraordinary. The two exchanged looks of astonishment.

Qingfeng smiled faintly as he boarded the car. Green Dragon Demon King drove car towards Godly Dragon Mountain.

Godly Dragon Mountain was located 30km away from the Capital. It was a giant mountain which resembled a huge dragon. Thus, it was named the Godly Dragon Mountain.

There was not a single soul in the rural area. There was only a tall mountain and a narrow road to get to the top of the mountain. The path was very narrow and would only allow one person to pass at a time.

At the foot of the mountain, there were two middle-aged men who wore black clothing. They were heavily built and at least 1.8m tall. They emitted a strong presence.

Qingfeng narrowed his eyes when he realized that the two middle-aged men were both Level SSS fighters. Furthermore, they were both intermediate fighters. They were as strong as the Wolf Fang team.

The members of Wolf Fang team were all level SSS fighters. It was not strange for there to be a few Level SSS fighters on Godly Dragon Mountain.

The world was really big and there were many strong fighters. Qingfeng knew of many strong fighters who resided in the deep mountains, away from the rest of the world.

In the underworld, there were many strong fighters who were as strong as Kings such as the instructor of the assassin camp in Serbia, the ninjas of Japan, the Tae Kwan Do masters of Korea and the Boxing Masters of Thailand.

Many people felt that Qingfeng was already extremely powerful. It was true that he was very strong but the world was big. There were strong fighters in each part of the world.

Everyone had their specialties. For example, Qingfeng was not as skilled as Alice when it came to investigation and information gathering.

Qingfeng took a deep breath as he walked towards Godly Dragon Mountain.

"Stop, it is prohibited to enter here," Two middle-aged men said arrogantly as they stopped Qingfeng.

Their tone was arrogant and cold. They did not care for the young man ahead.

This was the most mysterious place in Huaxia – Godly Dragon Mountain. No one could enter

"Your master invited me here. Please move aside," Qingfeng said with a frown.

His voice was clam but held a tinge of unhappiness. The arrogant attitude of the two men greatly displeased him. They looked at him as if he was an insect.