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Chapter 437: The Girl is Called Vermilion Sparrow

Chapter 437: The Girl is Called Vermilion Sparrow

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"You need to defeat us if you want to enter Godly Dragon Mountain," The two middle-aged men said coldly to Qingfeng with disdain.

They were the doorkeepers of Godly Dragon Mountain. They were responsible for guarding the area. There was only one condition to entering the mountain – one had to defeat them.

In the dozen years that they have been here, only one person had managed to enter Godly Dragon Mountain. The person was the Great Conqueror, Third Master of the Li Family. No one else was able to defeat them.

After all, they were Level SSS intermediate fighters. To defeat them, one had to be at least a King level fighter. Green Dragon Demon King was not as powerful as a King, so he naturally could not defeat them..

"If that is the case, I will defeat you guys," Qingfeng smiled faintly as he emitted a powerful aura.

The two middle-aged men’s expressions became serious and the disdain disappeared from their faces. They could sense an extremely strong power emitting from Qingfeng’s body.

The two middle-aged men exchanged glances and chose to initiate the attacks. They waved their fists towards Qingfeng’s body.

Anyone who reached the level of an SSS fighter could pierce the air with their punches. This was a way to prove one’s strength. An ordinary person would not be able to pierce the air.

Qingfeng smiled lightly and stood still. Just when their fists were about to land on his body, he suddenly grabbed their fists with his hands.

Fear appeared in the eyes of the two men. They were extremely strong fighters but their fists were grabbed by the young man ahead. This young man could block the attacks of two people, he was not an ordinary person.

The two middle-aged men wanted to remove their fists. However, they quickly discovered that their fists were tightly grasped by Qingfeng. They could not remove their fists. This discovery caused their hearts to skip a beat.

Slam slam!

Like a flash of lighting, Qingfeng kicked his right leg onto their stomach. Their bodies were sent flying and landed on the ground with huge thud. They both coughed out a large mouthful of blood.

They were defeated. The two Level SSS fighers were defeated with a single strike.

Cough, Cough!

The short-haired men on the right said fearfully, "King… this is the power of a king! You are a king?"

The power was so strong. They had only felt a similar level of power from Dragon King. But the young man’s power was even stronger than Dragon King’s power.

Suddenly, a crisp voice was heard, "Hehe, big brother, you are very strong."

The cute girl stood at the entrance of the mountain with a smile on her face. The girl was none other than the girl Qingfeng met at the Wang Family.

"Miss Vermilion Sparrow, we have lost," The two middle-aged men said ashamedly.

"It’s okay. Big brother is the ‘Wolf King’. It is normal for you guys to lose," The girl said lightly with a wave of her hand.

Wolf King? HE was the Wolf King of the Wolf Continent?

The two middle-aged men exchanged glances. They both saw the fear in the other’s eyes. They have naturally heard of the number one King of the underworld. It was understandable for them to lose to such a strong fighter.

"Your name is Vermilion Sparrow?" Qingfeng asked the girl.

In the past, he has heard from the underworld that there were four powerful elites in Huaxia. Their names were Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermilion Sparrow and Black Tortoise. The four figures were mysterious and rarely appeared before the world. Some said that they were as strong as Kings. But the rumors were unfounded as they have never exchanged blows with the Kings.

Qingfeng was naturally surprised to hear that the girl ahead was Vermilion Sparrow. The girl was indeed as strong as a King.

"Big brother, let’s go. Grandfather is waiting for you," Vermilion Sparrow said with a charming smile.

The girl was very innocent and loved to smile. She had a charming smile and two cute dimples.

"Lion Demon King, Green Dragon Demon King, you guys can wait for me outside the mountain," Qingfeng said with a wave of his hand. Then, he followed Vermilion Sparrow towards the top of the mountain.

It was a winding path with many oddly shaped rocks and precious herbs at the side of the road.

Soon, Vermilion Sparrow led Qingfeng to the top of Godly Dragon Mountain.

There was a house made of stone at the top of the mountain. The house was not big; it was only 30-meter squared. Only a single person could live in the house. However, it was definitely expensive to build a house at the top of a mountain.

When they arrived at the top of the mountain, the smile disappeared from Vermilion Sparrow’s face and a flash of sorrow appeared on her face. She would only reveal her true emotions here.

Outside of the stone house, there were two men in black. They were also Level SSS fighters.

Qingfeng’s expression became serious. Who was the owner of the stone house? How could he be so strong? He had already seen four level SSS fighters at Godly Dragon Mountain. With such power, he could rival the power of Wolf Fang team.

Wolf Fang team was the strongest team in the underworld. Qingfeng was naturally surprised to see a force as strong as Wolf Fang team.


Vermilion Sparrow pushed open the stone door. A frail elderly appeared before their eyes. The elder sat in a wheelchair. His legs were broken and he looked extremely weak. He looked like he as at the brink of death.

"Grandfather, I have brought Wolf King here," Vermilion Sparrow said in soft sorrowful voice.

The elder opened his eyes and after a while, he said, "Little Sparrow, you’ve brought Wolf King here?"

"Yes, grandfather. He is Wolf King," Vermilion Sparrow said with a smile as she pointed at Qingfeng.

A flash of surprise appeared in the elder’s eyes. Clearly, he did not expect Wolf King to be so young.

"As expected of the pupil of Wind-Edge Demon King and the son of the great Conqueror. You are a top level SSS fighter at such a young age," The elder praised.

Qingfeng smiled slightly and said, "You are very strong as well. You must be a top level SSS fighter as well."

Even though Qingfeng’s words were carefree, internally, he was stunned. The elder was also a top Level SSS fighter. The elder was as strong as himself.

Qingfeng had moved to Wolf Continent when he was eight. However, his teacher, Wind-Edge Demon King, was a citizen of Huaxia. Therefore, his teacher frequently told him stories about Huaxia’s history.

The Wind-Edge Demon King once told Qingfeng that there were countless strong fighters in Huaxia who lived in the deep mountains, forests and caves. These people were all extremely strong fighters who rarely appeared. However, their strength rivaled that of the Wind-Edge Demon King.

Qingfeng had thought that his teacher was sprouting nonsense. He has never met a hidden super fighter ever since he moved to Eastern Sea City.

But now, Qingfeng was starting to believe his teacher’s words. The Godly Dragon Mountain had a force that rivaled the Wolf Fang team; the power of the elder was also similar to himself.

As expected, Huaxia is a place with crouching tigers and hidden dragons.

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