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Chapter 438: Four Major Forbidden Zones on Earth

Chapter 438: Four Major Forbidden Zones on Earth

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"I want to know news about my teacher and father." Qingfeng asked the elder nervously.

He wouldn’t even have gotten this nervous in front of the Dragon King but now, he felt slightly nervous taking to this elder.

Yet, it certainly wasn’t because he was scared of this elder. Rather, it was because he was going to know the news about his master and his father.

The elder smiled faintly and didn’t answer his question. Instead, he asked, "You can call me Elder Qin, Wolf King. Have you heard of the Four Major Forbidden Zones on Earth?"

Four Major Forbidden Zones on Earth?

Qingfeng frowned with confusion. As the Wolf King, he certainly had heard of these places, but he hadn’t been there since it was highly dangerous.

"Yes, I have. Elder Qin."

"Wolf King, then tell me what those four places are one-by-one."

"Elder Qin, they are the Hell Tower in the Tiger Continent, the Death Valley in the Panther Continent, the Ghost Island in the Pacific, and the Kunlun Mountain in Huaxia." Qingfeng smiled and answered.

Even though he had never been to those four forbidden zones, he had heard of their infamous names. Each of them was extremely dangerous and death could strike immediately once one stepped in there.

Qingfeng knew the world was large. Whether it was the Wolf Continent or Huaxia, they only occupied a small amount of land on earth, since besides that, there were seven continents, four oceans, more than 200 countries and over 10,000 cities in this planet.

The world was large, and everything on earth is mysterious.

Numerous forbidden zones existed on this planet, such as the Pyramids, the Bermuda Triangle, the Amazon Rainforest, the Arctic Hole, the Desolate Desert, and the Hell Gate Volcano.

Among these countless forbidden zones, there were four which were most infamous: the Hell Tower in Tiger Continent, Death Valley in Panther Continent, the Ghost Island in the Pacific, and the Kunlun Mountain in Huaxia.

Even as the Wolf King of Africa, Qingfeng had only seen a small part of the world.

"Wolf King, since you already know where they are, have you been there yet?"

"Not yet, Elder Qin. My master didn’t allow me to go since there are tons of dangers there."

"But I’ve been there, Wolf King." Elder Qin said with a faint smile.

What? Have you been there? Qingfeng was shocked as he didn’t expect the elder would have been to the forbidden zones.

Elder Qin smiled bitterly and said, "As you can see, I’ve turned out like this after coming back from there. Both of my legs were broken, all my organs were damaged, and I can now only barely live for more than a year."

Qingfeng froze his face. He certainly could tell Elder Qin was almost as strong as him and both of them were King level masters. How dangerous would that place be if he turned out like this after one visit?

Qingfeng frowned confusedly and asked, "Elder Qin, I’m asking you about my master and my father. Why are you telling me this?"

To be honest, Qingfeng was still a bit confused. I was coming here for asking about my master, why are you telling me about these forbidden zones?

Qingfeng certainly knew how dangerous those forbidden zones were. He was not going there and risk his life.

Elder Qin said with a faint smile, "I saw Wind-Edge Demon King in Kunlun Mountain two years ago."

Qingfeng froze his face and started to shiver. "You saw my master in Kunlun Mountain? Around what time?"

"Wolf King, it should be around two years and a half ago. I was the target of assassination by the top swordsman from Pacific Island and was saved by the Wind-Edge Demon King." Elder Qin said with gratitude.

At that moment, Elder Qin was severely injured and both of his legs were broken in the forbidden zone. If the Wind-Edge Demon King didn’t show up and save his life at that point, he would have already been killed by the swordsman.

In other words, the Wind-Edge Demon King saved Elder Qin’s life.

"Elder Qin, if you have already come out, why is my master still there?"

"Wolf King, the Wind-Edge Demon King said he was going to save the Great Conqueror since he was trapped in the mountain. That’s why he was still there."

"You mean both my master and my father are still inside Kunlun Mountain?" Qingfeng asked.

Elder Qin nodded, "You are right, both your master and father were still trapped in Kunlun Mountain."

Qingfeng seemed a bit thrilled. He stood up as he was ready to head out to the Kunlun Mountain and save his master and father out.

He has been looking for his master and his father over these years, yet, nothing relevant was found. Now, he finally found out they were trapped in the Kunlun Mountain. No wonder he couldn’t find them. That place excluded all living things and the Wolf Fang team hadn’t investigated there yet.

Elder Qin shook his head and stopped Qingfeng when he saw Qingfeng was about to leave, "Wolf King, you won’t be able to enter there yet."

Won't be able to enter there?

Qingfeng paused and looked confused as he didn’t know what Elder Qin meant.

"The Forbidden Zone only opens once every three years. You won’t be able to find the entrance even if you go now."

"Elder Qin, then when is the next time for Kunlun mountain to open?"

"Half a year later. It has been two and a half years since it opened last time. Kunlun Mountain will open again in half a year," Elder Qin said.

Qingfeng frowned as he figured what Elder Qin said was true. They have to wait a half more year before the Kunlun Mountain opens.

That being said, Qingfeng had to wait a half more year before rescuing his master and father.

Elder Qin said with a faint smile, "Wolf King, you don’t seem to know what it is like in the forbidden zone. Let me tell you something, not everyone can get in the Kunlun Mountain even once it opens."

"What do I need to get in?" Qingfeng asked.

"The Forbidden Realm Token. Only those who have the Forbidden Realm Token will have access to the forbidden zone."

"Elder Qin, how can I get the Forbidden Realm Token?"

"Simple enough, as long as you get within the top 100 in the Master List within this half of a year." Elder Qin told Qingfeng the requirement to obtain the Forbidden Realm Token.

Master List?

Qingfeng frowned slightly. He had heard of this list in the underworld. It estimated the strength of different masters in the world.

There were more than 200 countries around the globe and each country was full of different masters. While there were thousands of masters all around the world, it was extremely hard to get ranked in the top 100.

For example, it was easy to become the richest man in a city or in a province, but it might not be as easy to become one of the top 100 richest men in the whole world, right?

The same theory was applied to the top master world. You might be powerful in one city, but once you put yourself out there, you are compared with all the masters from all around the world.

Qingfeng knew there were numerous masters in the world. Michael Dakota, the top master in America; Shiwei Guo, the boxing champion from Thailand; Neji Fuji, the top swordsman from Japan; and Shujun Park, the Taekwondo King from Korea. There were so many others besides them.

All of these people were the top masters coming from different countries, whose capabilities shocked the world.