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Chapter 439: The World of Masters

Chapter 439: The World of Masters

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The discussion between Qingfeng and Elder Qin had lasted for 4 hours. Qingfeng got to know lots of secrets about the earth from Elder Qin.

The globe is mysterious and the world is broad, we only see small parts of it.

There was a story about a frog living inside a well. The frog thought the sky was only as big as how it looked like from the bottom of the well but in fact, the earth was so much bigger. The frog could only envision a palm-sized sky since it restricted its horizon.

Sitting at the bottom and not knowing what the outside world looked like was what that frog did.

So many people in this world were repeating the same routine everyday. They follow others, eat, sleep, go to school, go to work, have fun.

Also, dating their girlfriend or boyfriend, singing, drinking, watching movies, having sex. People barely wonder how mysterious this world was and how many puzzles on this planet haven’t been solved.

Why do planes go missing once they get close to the Bermuda triangle? Why can't anybody enter the core of the Pyramids? Does the city of Atlantis really exist?

Was there really a hell in the Hell tower in the Tiger Continent? Are there really thousands of skulls in the Death Valley in the Panther Continent? Are there really spirits on the Ghost Island? Are there huge secrets to be found in Kunlun mountain?

Everything is still unknown.

Qingfeng knew that if he wanted to uncover all these mysteries, he would have to enter the Forbidden Zone in Kunlun Mountain within six months. For doing that, he would have to get the Forbidden Realm Token, which means he has to be one of the top 100 masters throughout the world.

Even though Qingfeng hadn’t seen most of the masters, he has definitely heard of their name, such as Michael Dakota, the top man in the States who was powerful enough to smash a car with one strike.

Thinking about that, how much strength would he have to be able to crush a car with one strike.

Certainly, some others also got the attention of Qingfeng, such as Shiwei Guo, the boxing champion from Thailand. You cannot underestimate this guy. Even though he was a bit chubby, his strength was so formidable that it shocked the entire country.

It was said that one time, Shiwei had a crush on a girl called Heyang Zhang. She looked very beautiful with her delicate face, her fair skin, and her shape. She was the most beautiful girl in her school. However, she was kidnapped by a group of gangsters.

Eventually, Shiwei beat hundreds of gangsters from their organization with his hands and saved Heyang.

The Hero saving the beauty was always a tale appreciated no matter where it is. The school beauty certainly started to become interested in him later on.

Besides, there was still the top swordsman from Japan; the Taekwondo master from Korea; the ascetic monk from India; and the Assassination Instructor from Siberia.

All in all, this was a world full of masters. Qingfeng has many competitors and enemies. Some of them were ones he had seen and had also beaten before, while some others were ones that he has yet to see.

Regardless of having seen them or not, Qingfeng was going to battle them in six months.

Qingfeng wasn’t worried about the remaining months. As a Wolf King, he knew that those masters would eventually get into trouble with him even if he did nothing. The only thing he needed to do was to wait for them to come.

Qingfeng left the place and walked down the mountain while being accompanied by Vermilion Sparrow.

"Sir, can I ask you to do me a favor?" Vermilion Sparrow’s face was slightly blushed. She looked at Qingfeng with her big, starry eyes while carrying a piece of hope.

"Tell me, Miss Vermilion Sparrow. What can I help you?" Qingfeng smiled and asked.

He had a good impression on this girl. The reason why he could get the information about his master and father was because he was led there by this girl.

"Sir, could you help me to get the Purple Spirit Fruit if you enter Kunlun Mountain?"

"Purple Spirit Fruit? What are you going to do with that?"

"The Purple Spirit Fruit can save my grandpa. I think you should be able to get that since you’re the Wolf King," Vermilion Sparrow said while being hopeful.

In fact, Vermilion Sparrow was also powerful enough, but she couldn’t guarantee she could fight against those super masters since there were so many of them in the world.

"Alright, I’ll get it for you when I get in the Kunlun forbidden zone in six months." Qingfeng said while smiling as he took it as a return to Vermilion Sparrow for helping him out.

"Thank you, sir," Vermilion Sparrow said happily.

Later on, Vermilion Sparrow walked Qingfeng down along the mountain. Lion Demon King and the Green Dragon Demon King were waiting for him there.

"Young Master, you finally come back. Did you get any information about the Great Conqueror and the Wind-Edge Demon King? Lion Demon King asked worriedly. The Green Dragon Demon King who stood next to him also looked at him worriedly.

Both of them were subordinates of the Great Conqueror and had a strong connection with him. They missed him so much after not having seen him for more than ten years.

Qingfeng nodded and said, "They are in the Kunlun Mountain Forbidden Zone."

What? Kunlun Mountain Forbidden Zone? One of the Four Major Forbidden Zones on earth?

Both Demons froze their face with fear. They had definitely heard of this notorious zone, the one which was one of the top four forbidden areas throughout the world.

After knowing the Great Conqueror and the Wind-Edge Demon King were in the mountain, both Demons still insisted on going there even if they knew it was dangerous. They would do anything to save the Great Conqueror, even risking their lives.

Qingfeng was touched in his heart by them. He felt moved and pleased that his father could have two such loyal demon kings as subordinates.

Qingfeng told them the earliest time to enter the Kunlun Mountain would be six months after, and they would also need to get into the top 100 in the Master List.

The Two demons stop their fight after listening to Qingfeng.

"Oh, one thing, Lion Demon King. The Green Dragon Demon King said you had the Great Conqueror’s Badge, is that true?"

He knew that once you had the Great Conqueror’s Badge, you could gather all ten demon kings and could dominate the world with the tremendous power by all ten of them.


Lion Demon King went down on his knees suddenly and whispered, "Please punish me, young master. Somebody took it away three years ago."

Lion Demon King felt ashamed and didn’t dare to raise his head up. Before, the Great Conqueror gave the great conqueror badge to him because he trusted him. But now, it was actually taken by somebody else. He felt extremely ashamed of himself.

It was taken away?

Qingfeng changed his face and looked shocked. He definitely knew the power of Lion Demon King as he was at mid-tier SSS level ace. Who could take the great conqueror away from this powerful man?

"Lion, what happened? Tell the Young Master everything," the Green Dragon Demon King said as he was also surprised.

He definitely knew how important the Great Conqueror’s Badge was. It was a token which could call for all ten demons. Without that, it would be very heard to gather them together.

Lion Demon King said shamefully, "Three years ago, a group of men in black cloaks came with a blade and kidnapped the South Miaojiang Saintess. I threw out a trap to bait them, but I was injured and they took away the Great Conqueror’s Badge.

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