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Chapter 440: Ruyan, Did You Gain Weight?

Chapter 440: Ruyan, Did You Gain Weight?

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(TL: top 10 things not to say to a girl)

Lion Demon King looked down as he felt extremely ashamed of himself. He knew that he wouldn’t have lost the Conqueror’s Badge if he didn’t go to save the Southern Miaojiang Saintess. He was tricked by the enemy when he tried to rescue the Saint.

"Lion Demon King, do you know who stole the Conqueror’s Badge from you?" Qingfeng asked.

It wasn’t a big deal if the Conqueror’s Badge was stolen, as long as they could steal it back. Qingfeng wasn’t so worried about it.

"Young Master, according to the blade skills they used, I was guessing it might be the ninjas from Pacific Island." Lion Demon King said aggressively with hatred.

Ninjas? Pacific Island?

Qingfeng frowned as he didn’t expect his father’s Conqueror’s Badge would involve people from the Pacific Island.

However, he understood that people from there liked to rob things from Huaxia, as it was what they used to do all the time in the past. Third Master Li, the Conqueror, used to be the top master in Huaxia, and so people from Pacific Island were naturally interested in stealing his Conqueror’s Badge since they wanted to further their knowledge in Huaxia.

However, since the Conqueror’s Badge would only be activated by people from the Li Family, those ninjas from Pacific Island wouldn’t be able to do anything even if they got it. This made Qingfeng slightly less concerned.

Speaking of people from Pacific Island, Qingfeng suddenly recalled a super master. His name was Zhiyuan Ma. He was tremendously strong as he was the captain of the Royal Knight Regiment in Britain. A year ago, he had a battle with the ninjas form Pacific Island and took a badge. Would it be the Conqueror’s Badge then?

Zhiyuan Ma or the Ninjas form Pacific Island, these folks are extremely formidable that Qingfeng would not want to underestimate them.

"Lion Demon King, get up. We can always take the Conqueror’s Badge back if it was just stolen," Qingfeng said calmly and confidently.

Who cares what those island ninjas do. They will have to pay for what they stole.

"Yes, Young Master." Lion Demon King nodded and said while standing up.

Qingfeng then got in a car with both Demons and Young Mastered towards the Conqueror’s Hotel.

They returned to the Conqueror’s Badge hotel in an hour. When Qingfeng went back to his room, he slightly paused and looked in front. Ruyan was already up, she was walking in the room in a red dress.

Ruyan was, indeed, a beauty. Her delicate face, her starry eyes, her soft lips, and her slender body was like a piece of art. People used to be impressed by how she looked in a dress. Yet now, Qingfeng found the dress she was wearing looked a bit puffy.

"Ruyan, did you gain weight?" Qingfeng said while looking at her puffed-up dress.

Did I gain weight?

Ruyan’s face turned dark when she heard what Qingfeng said. She felt like her mind was shook as if it was overrun by millions of crabs. She wanted to kick Qingfeng’s butt at the moment.

Did this asshole just ask whether I gained weight? Sir, I am pregnant! But of course, Ruyan wouldn’t tell this to Qingfeng since it was her secret.

Ruyan rolled her eyes and complained," You are the one who gained weight! Don’t you know girls hate it the most when you say they gain weight?"

While seeing Ruyan a little mad, Qingfeng immediately grabbed her little hand and tried to comfort her, "It’s alright, I like you regardless."

This poor Wolf king had no clue that Ruyan was pregnant. Even though he was a medical expert, he couldn’t see though Ruyan’s body.

"Stop saying that I gained weight."

"But you really did. Look, your tummy got bigger."

"Asshole, I’m going to pinch your skin off. Stop saying that," Ruyan said angrily while pinching Qingfeng.

Qingfeng held up his hands and smiled, "Alright, alright. You didn’t gain weight. You are a gorgeous, skinny beauty."

Ruyan nodded as she was pleased by what he said.

Girls will be girls. They always liked to hear sweet lies instead of facts.

For some reason, Qingfeng felt like his body has gain more intense power since the last injury, which made him have a more potent sex drive. He looked at Ruyan filthily and wanted to have sex with Ruyan.

Yet, Ruyan kept rejecting him by saying she wasn’t feeling well. Qingfeng was so confused. In the past, Ruyan would always allow me whenever I wanted it. How comes she rejected me now?

In fact, Qingfeng didn’t know what was going on. Ruyan had been pregnant for a while and it looked pretty obvious based on her body. See, Qingfeng already spotted that her tummy was bigger and thought she gained weight, even if she was in a dress. He would definitely figure it out once they had sex.

Ruyan wouldn’t compromise, at least now since she didn’t want Qingfeng to know she was pregnant.

Qingfeng was a bit frustrated after received Ruyan’s rejection, but he didn’t push her since he knew Ruyan had been through so much recently.

After dinner, Qingfeng walked towards the Li Family since he wanted to check how Grandpa Chen and Meier Li have been doing.

Qingfeng still clearly remembered when he first arrived at the Li Family, nobody paid attention to him nor came out to see him.

But at this point, when Qingfeng returned to the family again, everyone walked out to the gate and welcomed him in a polite manner.

How would they dare not to be polite, huh? Since Qingfeng destroyed the whole Wang Family, the news had spread out in the whole Jing Capital. Qingfeng was like a devil in everyone’s mind in Jing Capital.

Qingfeng found it funny when he saw everyone in the house looked pale and frightened. Am I that scary? I wouldn’t eat you up anyway.

Yes, I destroyed the Wang Family, but I wouldn’t do that if they didn’t try to kill me first. They asked for it. Why would I try to get the Li Family into trouble if you didn’t offend me? Of course, Qingfeng was just thinking this in mind, he didn’t plan to explain anything since it could be a good thing to see they were actually scared of him

"Grandpa Chen, is everything okay in the house?" Qingfeng asked with a faint smile.

Even though Qingfeng had assigned Meier to be the family head, a lot of things were still controlled by Tianchi. Since Meier was just a girl, she didn’t know a lot of things about the family yet.

"Qingfeng, the Li Family has become the top family out of the other three in Jing Capital since so many other petty families surrendered to us. This wouldn’t have happened without you." Tiangeng Chen said with joy written over his face.

In fact, the Li Family haven’t had this reputation since the Conqueror, the top master in Jing Capital, went missing ten more years ago. Right now, since Qingfeng shocked the whole town, the Li Family gained a lot of prestige from him and were able to pull ahead of the other families.

Qingfeng nodded and wasn’t so surprised. He turned back and asked," Meier, how do you feel about being the head of the family, is everything still good so far?"

Meier replied excitedly, "Yes, yes! Everything is good. Thank you, cousin. I’ll follow your instructions and get the Li Family to become stronger and bigger."

Everyone looked at Meier with jealousy. The daughter had become the Young Master of the family, it might only happen once every hundred of years.

Qingfeng nodded and complimented her. Later, he spent some time walking around in the house, recalling some places where he used to hang out when he was younger.

It was ten in the evening when Qingfeng returned to the Conqueror’s Hotel. He didn’t like to sleep in the Li House. Sleeping in the Conqueror’s Hotel, instead, felt way better.