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Chapter 441: A Warm Goodbye As Qingfeng Heads Back

Chapter 441: A Warm Goodbye As Qingfeng Heads Back

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The next day at five in the morning, the sun hadn’t risen yet and it was still foggy everywhere.

Smog, this word had become extremely prevalent lately. Many cities were suffered from smog, but Jing Capital was the worst. Air pollution, exhaust emissions, littering and so on, were all the major culprits of causing smog.

However, Qingfeng still got up early in this smoggy day since he had to go back to the Eastern Sea City.

Kidnapping the bride and destroying the Wang Family were the two main reasons why he came here. Now, since he finished his mission, he would eventually need to return to the Eastern Sea City. Not only Xue Lin but also his other friends, Xiaoyue Zhang, Wanqiu Xia were all waiting for him to go back.

Eastern Sea City was his real home, his home sweet home.

The Lion Demon King and the Green Dragon Demon King also insisted on going with Qingfeng as they wanted to protect their Young Master, yet, they were both refused by him. Instead, Qingfeng asked them to investigate the Conqueror’s Badge. After all, the Conqueror’s Badge was a crucial link with the ten Demon Kings.

In terms of the Wolf Fang team, Qingfeng didn’t get them to go to Eastern Sea City but instead gave them a crucial task. He asked them to collect the information about the masters from all around the world since he would have need of it in the future.

Know your enemy and know yourself, then you will fight hundreds of battles with no danger of defeat. Every single master from all around the world was invincible and they all had their own secret tricks. Qingfeng wasn’t scared of anyone but he wouldn’t underestimate any of them, either.

Throughout history, many powerful characters eventually died because they underestimated their enemy.

One could be formidable and arrogant, but should never underestimate masters from different places. Every single master didn’t make their way there for no reason.

Qingfeng only brought one person on his way back to the Eastern Sea City, and that was Ruyan Liu.

When they walked out of the hotel, they saw hundreds of people were crowding at the gate. These people were the heads and young masters of different families from Jing Capital as well as the core disciples of different heads.

"What are you all doing here?" Qingfeng looked at them confusedly.

There were just way too many people. The Young Master Meier Li, Zhengjiang Li, Daoming Li and Wuqin Li from the Li Family; Jianlin Liu and Xifeng Zhang from the Liu Family; Poju Ye, Red Butterfly Ye and Lengxue Ye from the Ye Family; Guobao Pei and Song Pei from the Pei Family, and so many others.

"Goodbye, dear Wolf King," Everyone said loudly while bowing.

Qingfeng didn’t know how to react to them. These people basically are trying to please him by coming over and saying goodbye to him.

When Qingfeng just arrived in Jing Capital, nobody cared about him. People looked down on him and didn’t take him seriously at all. But now, everyone saw him as a horrifying threat since he destroyed the Wang Family, killed the Dragon King, and shocked the whole city.

This was a world of masters. Masters tended to be well respected no matter where they go.

Especially when Qingfeng walked out of the hotel with Ruyan while holding her hand in public, everyone was astounded.

"Ruyan, listen to Qingfeng once you get to the Eastern Sea City. Remember I have told you that he was a man of great capability, right?" Jianlin looked at Ruyan while giving her advice concernedly.

Qingfeng felt sick when he heard what Jianlin said. What a fake father-in-law. You forced Ruyan to marry into the Wang Family before and now you are complimenting me once I destroyed them?

He remembered he had never been complimented as capable by Jianlin, yet, he started to make this up all the sudden. What a fake person, for god's sake. No wonder he could become the family Young Master with such thick skin.

But certainly, even though Qingfeng was mad about him, he could only crush him in his mind since Jianlin was still Ruyan’s father and it would be inappropriate to hit him.

Qingfeng took a glance at Xifeng. What he tried to imply was obvious. Mother-in-law, didn’t you used to look down on me, huh?

Xifeng flushed her face awkwardly. She certainly got what he was trying to imply based on his gaze.

Yet, people had to keep their heads down under someone else’s roof. Xifeng had no choice but say, "Ruyan, I’ve told you that Qingfeng was a capable and powerful man. Listen to me, you have to treat him better.

Qingfeng really lost his words. No wonder these two people were paired together, they had all the skills to flatter people while knowing that they were lying.

He still clearly remembered when he was in the Eastern Sea City, Xifeng was constantly humiliating Qingfeng by saying he could do nothing and insisted on Ruyan marrying Shaoyang since he was from a prestigious Family and had power. Now, she actually turned the table and started to compliment him back. What a fake person.

Ruyan also lost her patience for them. How could their parents suddenly try to flatter Qingfeng and say he was a capable man when they used to look down upon him?

To be honest, Ruyan would have already punished them if they were somebody else, Yet, she held herself back. After all, they were still her parents.

This was the reality of the human nature. When you are broke or have no social status, people would look down on you and try to step on you to flatter the rich and the powerful. Once you become stronger and better, they will come back and switch their targets.

Huaxia was a society based on relationships among human as well as based on fawning upon the rich and the powerful people. The rich and the powerful were always right, and the poor and the powerless were always wrong, regardless of what they said.

"Don’t worry, I’ll take care of Ruyan," Qingfeng smiled at them faintly and went into the car with Ruyan, heading towards the airport.

He really didn’t like his mother-in-law and father-in-law, that’s why he treated them coldly.

Jianlin and Xifeng stared at each other and both could sense their regret in each other's eyes. They might have been able to become a powerful family if they trusted Qingfeng before. Unfortunately, there were no regret pills in this world.

A lot of other large families from Jing Capital were still standing at the back and watching Qingfeng leaving. Look at all those complicated looks, huh?

Let’s put it in this way. For decades, only one person was able to have all the large families from Jing Capital come out and watch him leaving with respect. This person was no one else but Qingfeng.

From now on, Qingfeng had become a demon and a legend of Jing Capital, which was a threatening existence to all the families.

The flight has already booked by the Green Snake Dragon last night. Qingfeng and Ruyan passed the security check with their boarding pass and went on the plane by following those beautiful flight attendants.

All the flight attendants looked pretty with their navy fight attire, black tights, and black high-heels. The airplane was literally mingling with their charm and beauty.

For some reason, Qingfeng couldn’t hide his thrill and excitement when he looked at those flight attendants.

"Hey, where are you looking at?" Ruyan said angrily as she glared at Qingfeng.

Why would you ignore a beauty sitting right beside you but staring at other girls? Ruyan still felt a bit mad even though those flight attendants were, indeed, beautiful.

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