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Chapter 442: The Terrifying Lust Gu

Chapter 442: The Terrifying Lust Gu
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Ruyan pinched Qingfeng harshly when she saw he was still checking out the flight attendants. "Stop checking them out."

Ruyan found Qingfeng was acting weird since she knew he wasn’t as horny as this in the past. What made him feeling so erotic recently?

Qingfeng stopped looking at the girls and his sexual desire was calmed down gradually.

"What happened to me? Why would I get excited when I see pretty girls?" Qingfeng also felt confused.

People have a preference for aesthetic things as men tended to check out pretty girls. It is not a big problem since it’s just another way to adore aestheticism.

However, Qingfeng wouldn’t feel this horny even if he had always been checking out girls all the time in the past. Things have gone somehow weird.

Constantly feeling horny like this was definitely not normal for him. He always had a good immune system and could recover from any damage, even severe injuries, really fast.

Qingfeng felt like his body started becoming weird since he came back from Miaojiang. He tended to get aroused easily as long as he saw pretty girls.

Let me think ... since when did I start becoming like this? Oh, Right! It seems like it happened when I left the room of the Saintess Ziyi, or more specifically, after I drank the cup of tea she gave me.

Qingfeng was a smart guy that could detect the clues from the cup of tea given by Ziyi. Since he started to become so horny after he drank that tea.

Ziyi Miao, Saintess, Miaojiang?

Qingfeng took a deep breathe and started to formulate an unpleasant hypothesis. Did Ziyi put some sh*t in my cup of tea?

Qingfeng was, indeed, smart enough to come to the conclusion that Ziyi might have poisoned him based on his body condition.

However, Qingfeng got it wrong. Instead of poisoning him, Ziyi just dropped something else which was even more horrifying. Since poison could be detoxified, but that thing couldn’t.

Ruyan was slightly pissed since she saw Qingfeng was still staring at the flight attendant. Didn’t this dude realize I’m sitting right next to him? Why is he still checking out the girls.

Ruyan pinched Qingfeng again as a punishment. Anybody could notice the complaints showing on her face.

"Ruyan, don’t worry. I promise will no longer stare at those flight attendants," Qingfeng consoled Ruyan immediately after he saw her anger.

Women would be women, they all got jealous easily. Ruyan would definitely be jealous if Qingfeng kept his eyes on other girls like that.

He tried hard to focus and finally calmed himself back down.

Even though Qingfeng was a medical expert, he couldn’t figure out what had happened to his body. Who knows what the hell Ziyi actually did to hide this from Qingfeng.

"Then tell me, who looks prettier? Me, or the flight attendant?" Ruyan asked while glaring at Qingfeng charmingly.

"You, of course! You’re the prettiest," Qingfeng said without thinking.

He told a couple of jokes to Ruyan with some women handling tricks he was adept at and made her happy again.

Women would be women. Sweet words could settle them down within 3 minutes no matter how jealous or angry they are. Unfortunately, not many men were good at this like Qingfeng.


At the moment, Miaojiang Holy Realm.

Ziyi was facing at a black jar in her room. In the black jar, there were several Gu insects, and all of them were a pure color, such as white, black, purple, blue, and green and so on.

Suddenly, a colorful bug came out from Ziyi’s body. People who saw it would be surprised since it was a rare bug.

In fact, there were only two colorful Gu Insects, also as known as Lust Gu, throughout the entire Miaojiang.

Lust Gu literally means feeling horny, which is something to do with women.

In fact, it really had something to do with women. As long as a man had this in his body, he would tend to become more sexually aroused and excited once he saw women.

This Ziyi was definitely not doing something good to Qingfeng by putting this Lust Gu into his drink. She was punishing Qingfeng for seeing her naked body.

Certainly, despite being horny, there was also another dark side. Qingfeng, who drank the Lust Gu down, would also live under Ziyi's control for the rest of his life.

What Ziyi truly wanted was controlling Qingfeng. Once he has been controlled, Ziyi would spare no effort to punish this dude and even ask him to wash her feet.

Boo, that dude doesn’t even deserve to touch my feet. I should lash him while having him sit right in front of me. Ziyi looked viciously.

Ziyi was getting really excited once she thought she could lash Qingfeng soon.

However, the poor Qingfeng still had no clue that a girl was currently planning to get him into trouble from afar.

"Ruyan, are you thirsty? Let me make you a coffee," Qingfeng said as he notice the fatigue on Ruyan’s face.

Ruyan used to be energetic all the time, though. Why was she getting tired easily these days?

"Sure." Ruyan nodded as she also felt the dryness from her throat.

Besides reducing the thirst, drinking coffee also helps you focus. Look at Ruyan, she almost fell asleep on the plane.

After a while, a charming flight attendant walked in with a cup of coffee. Her oval face, her small nose, her light but delicate make-up, her brows, her slender and tall figure, everything she has make her look absolutely stunning. Besides, with her model legs under her navy blue uniform and her black stilettos, the seductive charisma she carried was hard to be forgotten.

Qingfeng suddenly seemed to realize something when he saw the flight attendant. He had seen her before, yet, he couldn’t remember her name.

Qingfeng still remembered clearly the time when Xue Lin and him were being attacked by the Skeleton League and the Hell League and how he destroyed both of them later on with the Wolf Fang team after they went to Tiger Continent.

Qingfeng brought the Priest, Xuanji Lu with him when they were flying back. At that time, they saw this flight attendant on the plane.

At that point, the priest was trying to talk to the flight attendant yet he was completely ignored by her. Instead, she seemed to be interested in Qingfeng and gave him her business card, even though Qingfeng had lost it by accident later.

He didn’t expect to see this pretty flight attendant on the plane again! What a coincidence.

"You?" The charming flight attendant has certainly recognized Qingfeng as she smiled excitedly.

She had marked him in her brain since she saw him on the plane last time, although she was slightly disappointed that he didn’t call her since she gave him her card.

The flight attendant even dreamed about Qingfeng some nights. She thought that she might never be able to see him anymore, and she was so happy that now they actually saw each other again.