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Chapter 443: The Bitterness of the Beautiful Stewardess

Chapter 443: The Bitterness of the Beautiful Stewardess
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Seeing the excitement emanating off of the stewardess made Qingfeng Li happy. He was proud that he was charming enough to even attract the stewardess.

Men all wanted other women to like them. The more women that showed interest, the more charming the man is.

Even though he was the Wolf King, he was still a man. Seeing how the stewardess liked him, naturally he would be happy.

But Ruyan Liu was sitting on his side, so Qingfeng Li wouldn’t dare to say anything; he only nodded. He didn’t want to know what will happen if Ruyan Liu became more jealous.

"Here is your coffee sir." The stewardess’s face was red and her heart was beating fast.

Not knowing the reason, ever since she saw Qingfeng Li last time, his image was burned onto her heart. Last time, the two talked happily; ignoring the Monk on the side.

But this time the stewardess felt jealous because the person sitting beside Qingfeng Li wasn’t the Monk, but a beauty.

Even though the stewardess was beautiful, when she saw Ruyan Liu’s looks, she was still surprised by Ruyan Liu’s beauty.

This woman was too pretty, and seductive. Her face was like a rose in its prime. Her lips were like red wine. Her eyes were like stars in the sky.

Even though the beauty in front looked beautiful, the stewardess wouldn’t give up. When woman saw another beautiful woman, they will not admit defeat.

Qingfeng Li asked for two coffees; one for himself and one for Ruyan Liu. But this stewardess only had Qingfeng Li in her eyes. This pissed Ruyan Liu off.

When stewardess passed the coffee, she purposely lowered herself and exposed her tits.

Qingfeng Li went into heat once again; with green light shining out of his eyes. He was like a wolf; wanting to expose the stewardess.

"His glare is scary." The stewardess was scared from Qingfeng Li’s green eyes. Her hands fiddled and dropped the coffee onto Qingfeng Li’s pants.

"I am so sorry. Here, let me take care it for you." The stewardess was apologizing and extended her delicate hand to wipe away the coffee on Qingfeng Li’s pants.

Qingfeng Li was baffled, "What happened to me, why would I get so excited from seeing a woman?"

To be honest, Qingfeng Li was starting to doubt his own body.

Before he liked any beautiful woman because everyone would love a beauty. It would be weird if a straight man didn’t like a beautiful woman.

But, it would be even weirder if a man were to like every single woman he encountered.

There were tons of beautiful women on this world. If one were to like every single of them, then he would become a pervert.

"What happened to my body?" Qingfeng Li’s brows tensed and he was extremely confused.

Even though his medical skills were extremely high, he wasn’t exactly sick. He was planted with the Gu Parasite. Qingfeng Li knew nothing about it.

The stewardess took out her delicate hand and wiped away the coffee. She whispered, "Let me get you another one."

Qingfeng Li said ok. After being burned by the coffee, the heated feeling in his heart disappeared temporally.

If it wasn’t for the coffee, he wouldn’t be able to control himself. This was a depressing matter.

In a short moment, the stewardess brought another coffee. Because of Ruyan Liu, Qingfeng Li was scared to chat with the stewardess; this made the stewardess depressed. She wouldn’t stop glaring at Qingfeng Li.

The stewardess was baffled, "This man loved to talk to me before, why won’t he talk to me anymore."

After three hours.

Qingfeng Li and Ruyan Liu arrived in Eastern Sea City. Because Ruyan Liu had motion sickness, her face was extremely pale. Qingfeng Li stopped a taxi and went towards the Noble Palace.

"What is your relationship with the stewardess?" Ruyan Liu wasn’t feeling happy.

Because she saw the two were exchanging looks back and forth. No, not exchanging looks, it was more the stewardess looking at Qingfeng Li with a bitter feeling.

Qingfeng Li was baffled and dismal, he said, "This was only the second time I met the stewardess. Please don’t think too much."

"Really, then why did she look at you with such bitter eyes?" Ruyan Liu was still a bit doubtful. A woman’s sixth sense was scary; she saw right through the stewardess.

"Maybe because I am too good looking. Obviously, the stewardess likes me." Qingfeng Li said narcissistically.

You look good and thus she likes you?

Ruyan Liu was baffled and said, "You are too narcissistic."

"Really, didn’t you secretly like me before?" Qingfeng Li said with a thick skin.

But after thinking, Ruyan Liu really did have feelings for Qingfeng Li. After knowing each other for a while, they did the nasty, and finally got together.

Like the saying went, if you want to get a woman’s heart, you have to first get her body. Getting her body meant that you got half of her heart.

Qingfeng Li was able to change the subject. This made Qingfeng Li sigh and feel safe.

What am I even scared of?

Qingfeng Li didn’t understand. 'Yea, I shouldn’t be scared. I didn’t do anything with the stewardess, what was there even to explained. Women are impossible to understand.'

Whatever, Ruyan Liu is my woman. Listening to the lady is a must for a good man.

Qingfeng Li sent Ruyan Liu back to her villa. After knocking, Jiaojiao Liu came out in her pajama; she looked extremely delicate.

Jiaojiao Liu didn’t see Qingfeng Li’s eyes and said, "Sister, you are finally back, I am so happy!"

Seeing her sister was finally back made Jiaojiao Liu super happy. During the time when her sister went back to Jing Capital, she was like a child without mom; no one would tell her what to do.

But, in reality, Jiaojiao Liu was a child without mom. The Liu family never treated her like family. In her whole family, only Ruyan Liu was nice to her; treating her like sister.