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Chapter 444: Jiaojiao“s Scared

Chapter 444: Jiaojiao's Scared
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"Jiaojiao, you got skinnier." Seeing Jiaojiao’s face, Ruyan Liu said sadly.

Regarding this sister, Ruyan Liu loved her a lot. This was because Jiaojiao Liu was nice to her, at least better than Liu’s family.

Remembering Liu family pissed Ruyan Liu off. This was all because they forced her to marry into the Wang family. Even her own parents were forcing her. Jiaojiao Liu was the only one disagreeing with the decision.

Ruyan Liu knew the last time when she was calling to say good bye with Jiaojiao Liu, it was Jiaojiao Liu who told Qingfeng Li. That led to Qingfeng Li going to Beijing Wang family to mess up the wedding.

One could say that if Jiaojiao Liu didn’t tell Qingfeng Li, then right now Ruyan Liu would have been dead already and would never be able to see Qingfeng Li ever again.

In a way, Jiaojiao Liu saved Ruyan Liu.

Hearing her sister’s caring voice, Jiaojiao Liu felt like home, "Sister I missed you so much. Ever since you left for Jing Capital, I had nightmares everyday and wasn’t able to sleep well at all."

Jiaojiao Liu was crying a lot. After Ruyan Liu left, she found out how dependent she was on her sister; Ruyan Liu became the most important person in her life.

During this time, Jiaojiao Liu would have dreams about her sister every night. Her dreams were all everyday scenes of her sister cooking for her, shopping for her, tucking her in with the blanket, etc.

In Jiaojiao Liu’s head, it was filled with the shadow of her sister.


Jiaojiao Liu was crying a lot. This was because she saw the dearest person in her life. If she were to see anyone else, she wouldn’t have cried.

The relationship between the sisters was extremely deep, and this moved Qingfeng Liu. One really had to say, Ruyan Liu having a sister like this was extremely joyful.

Of course, Jiaojiao Liu having Ruyan Liu was joyful too. These two women had been through a lot and this made their relationship even closer.

Ruyan Liu used her finger to wipe away the tear on Jiaojiao Liu’s face and said, "Stupid sister, stop crying. I am back; I won’t leave you ever again."

Ruyan Liu had decided; she will now live in Eastern Sea City. She doesn’t want to go back to Jing Capital ever again, nor the Liu family. This was because she didn’t want to see them.

"Brother-in-law, thank you for getting my sister back." Jiaojiao Liu said to Qingfeng Li with tears in her eyes.

Jiaojiao Liu wasn’t acting cruel towards Qingfeng Li anymore because of what happened to Ruyan Liu.

Qingfeng Li had brought Ruyan Liu back and her resentfulness towards Qingfeng Li was now gone. Her face was filled with gratitude.

"Oh the sun came out from the west. I remember someone said I didn’t have a good heart and I was Shimei Chen?" Qingfeng Li said jokingly.

Regarding how Jiaojiao Liu called him Shimei Chen, Qingfeng Li was extremely discontent. Shimei Chen was a man who gave up his wife. How can she compare Qingfeng Li to him?

"Brother-in-law I am sorry. You are not Shimei Chen; you are a good man." Jiaojiao Liu said with her face reddening.

She knew that what she said to Qingfeng Li was a bit too much. Qingfeng Li was a good man; apart from joking with her time to time.

"Qingfeng, Jiaojiao is still young. Please forgive her." Ruyan Liu said; pitying Jiaojiao Liu.

Even though she didn’t know why Qingfeng Li was pissed, she could guess. It was certainly that Jiaojiao Liu was pissed from Wang family and scolded Qingfeng Li emotionally, thus making Qingfeng Li mad.

But Jiaojiao Liu did it because of her, so naturally, Ruyan Liu wouldn’t be mad at her. Regarding Qingfeng Li, it was her man, obviously she wouldn’t be mad at him either.

The two all did it for the sake of her. Ruyan Liu didn’t want them to get mad at each other; she wanted the two to befriend each other.

"Ruyan, I was just joking with her, how could I get mad at her?" Qingfeng Li said with a smile.

He wasn’t someone with a small mind, plus Jiaojiao Liu apologized whole heartily. Naturally he forgave her.

They went inside. Jiaojiao Liu was extremely diligent; personally pouring water for Qingfeng Li and Ruyan Liu, even calling him "brother-in-law" intimately.

"Brother-in-law, drink some water."

"Brother-in-law, here eat an apple slice."

"Brother-in-law, here eat a banana." Jiaojiao Liu treated Qingfeng Li passionately; even making Qingfeng Li feel shy.

Passionate, she was too passionate. Seeing how she treated them, she was someone with good manners.

Because Jiaojiao Liu was wearing pajamas made of silk, that was extremely thin, and from the way she moved, there was a layer of thin sweat that wetted the pajamas. This accentuated her body shape since the pajama was sticking to her skin; her white chest, plump butt, and long legs. She was extremely well built.

Qingfeng Li’s eyes were filled with green light again. It was like he was going to eat her.

"Sister, brother-in-law’s eyes are scary, they are emitting a green light." Jiaojiao Liu said with fear.

To be honest, Jiaojiao Liu never seen these eyes from Qingfeng Li. He was like a big bad wolf, going to eat her like a rabbit.

Jiaojiao was scared. She backed off to Ruyan Liu and hid behind her.

Ruyan Liu looked at Qingfeng Li with dissatisfaction and said, "Qingfeng, Jiaojiao is your sister-in-law, how can you look at her with those eyes."

But after she finished her sentence, she was confused. This was because she saw the green lights in his eyes, but this time it was towards her.

Qingfeng Li’s Young Master was filled with heat. There was a voice in his body telling him to stop holding back and have sex with the girls in front of him.

Hearing the voice in his body, Qingfeng Li suddenly stood up.

He walked slowly towards Ruyan Liu and Jiaojiao Liu; almost like he was going to eat the two girls.

"Sister, I am so scared, what happened to brother-in-law?" Seeing how Qingfeng Li was walking towards them, Jiaojiao Liu said with fear.

She was really scared because she felt that the current Qingfeng Li wasn’t her brother-in-law. He was more like a pervert.

Even though brother-in-law liked to joke with her time to time, but in front of her sister, he wouldn’t dare to be like this. In addition, he wouldn’t have these heated eyes.