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Chapter 445: Brother-In-Law, You Animal!

Chapter 445: Brother-In-Law, You Animal!
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Qingfeng Li’s eyes were filled with green light and his Young Master was not clear. There was a voice in his heart telling him to start running and f*ck the two girls in front of him.

Jiaojiao Liu was hiding behind Ruyan Liu. She thought he was too scary; his eyes were too evil.

Seeing how scared Jiaojiao Liu was made Qingfeng Li even more excited; more in heat. The heat in his heat was like the volcano, about to erupt any second now.

Qingfeng Li came in front of Ruyan Liu and Jiaojiao Liu; preparing to have sex with the two.

"Qingfeng Li, wake up, what is wrong with you?" Ruyan Liu screamed with fear.

Yes, fear, Ruyan Liu was scared as well. She felt the Qingfeng Li now was extremely scary, almost like he didn’t know her. His eyes were filled with green light, and within those light there was a bit of red as well.

Human’s eyes are normally black and white, but Qingfeng Li’s eyes were green and red.

Qingfeng Li smirked and grabbed onto Jiaojiao Liu. The poor Jiaojiao Liu couldn’t fight back what so ever; she was like a little sheep.

"Brother-in-law, let me go…"

"Haha, little beauty, I am going to eat you."

"You monster, let me go." Jiaojiao Liu started crying and screamed at Qingfeng Li.

She was still a virgin, how can she have sex with Qingfeng Li. Plus Qingfeng Li was her brother-in-law; it would be incest and wrong.

Ruyan Liu’s face changed. Seeing how Qingfeng Li wasn’t clear in his mind, she poured all the water in the tea cup onto Qingfeng Li’s face.


All the water onto his face made him come back to his senses suddenly.

Seeing the pale and crying Jiaojiao Liu in his hand, Qingfeng Li asked: Jiaojiao, what are you doing hugging onto me. Huh, how come you cried as well. Your sister is still beside us; this wouldn’t make us look good.

What, I am hugging on to you?

Jiaojiao Liu was baffled. She almost wanted to kick Qingfeng Li, but considering how strong her brother-in-law was, she gave up the thought. She was still feeling pissed off though.

Bastard, bastard brother-in-law, you were the one that held onto me; wanted to have sex with me. Now you said that I was the one hugging on to you, just how thick skinned could you be.

Ruyan Liu’s brows tensed up and asked, "Qingfeng, you really don't know what just happened?"

"What happened just now?" Qingfeng Li asked.

To be honest, he really didn’t recall what just happened. In his memory, he remembered that Jiaojiao Liu was pouring him tea and bringing him apple. Afterwards Jiaojiao started sweating up and made the pajama stick to her body, revealing her body shape.

After that, Qingfeng Li couldn’t remember anything. His mind was fuzzy; at that moment, it was as if he was controlled.

The feeling wasn’t good. Even now Qingfeng Li couldn’t understand what happened; why couldn’t his brain recall anything.

After confirming that Qingfeng Li really didn’t know what happened, Ruyan Liu said, "Qingfeng, your eyes were filled with green light and you wanted to have sex with Jiaojiao and I. Did you really forget?"

What, I wanted to have sex with you two?

Qingfeng Li was baffled. Jiaojiao Liu was Ruyan Liu’s sister, and the sister-in-law of his. It would be ok to have sex with Ruyan Liu, but definitely not Jiaojiao Liu.

Qingfeng Li couldn't believe it, but both of the girls said he was like that before. No matter how Qingfeng Li tried to recall, he couldn’t remember what happened before.

Ruyan Liu took out a piece of tissue and wiped away the water on Qingfeng Li’s face, and said, "Qingfeng, sorry, I poured water onto your face because you weren’t clear. You wouldn’t get mad at me would you."

Ruyan Liu was feeling perturbed. After all, everybody took care of their facse. Pouring tea onto his face was kind of an insult.

To be honest, Ruyan Liu didn’t want to pour tea onto his face either, but she had to. For the sake of Jiaojiao, Ruyan Liu could only pour tea onto his face.

Qingfeng Li felt the tea on his face, and was out of words. But he knew Ruyan Liu did it to save Jiaojiao; it was all his fault after all.

"Ruyan, it wasn’t your fault. Sorry, I really can't recall what just happened." Qingfeng Li apologized.

He knew that Ruyan Liu wouldn’t lie. Plus, seeing the reaction of the two girls, they weren’t lying. Thus, he really did do something wrong but was stopped by Ruyan Liu.

If Ruyan Liu didn’t pour tea onto his face, he would have done something unforgivable.

"Qingfeng, I remembered you were never like this before. What happened to you?"

"Ruyan, I don’t know either. For the past few days I have been feeling weird; everytime I see some good looking girl I would be in heat. You saw it on the plane; after seeing the stewardess I became excited."

"Qingfeng, when did you start feeling this?" Ruyan Liu was confused.

Hearing Qingfeng Li mentioning the stewardess on the plane, she suddenly remembered. Qingfeng Li’s eyes were exactly the same as now; like a hungry wolf.

Ruyan Liu was getting jealous of the stewardess, but now after thinking it thoroughly, Qingfeng Li wasn’t acting normal back then. This was because she was right beside him, Qingfeng Li wouldn’t have looked at other women.

Qingfeng Li recalled all his previous experiences and said, "I became like this after coming back from the Holy Land of Miaojiang. To be specific it was after drinking a cup of tea from the saintess Ziyi."

Qingfeng Li tensed his brows and told them what happened recently; focusing on what happened in the holy realm.

Ever since he came back, his body wasn’t feeling normal, but couldn’t locate exactly where was wrong.

After hearing Qingfeng Li’s description, Ruyan Liu dropped dead silent. She was extremely intelligent; in a short period, she understood what was wrong.

"Qingfeng, if I guessed it right, the girl from the Holy Land put something in your tea. It might have been poison or something else.." Ruyan Liu said after thinking about it.

Qingfeng Li nodded and said, "It was my guess too but I feel like I wasn’t poisoned. I only become like this when I see beautiful women."

Become excited from seeing beautiful girls?

Ruyan Liu didn’t know what to say. This guy really was shameless.

No, he wasn’t shameless, he was poisoned and could not control himself. Ruyan Liu comforted herself in her heart, but she still felt a bit pissed off.