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Chapter 446: We Will Host Another Wedding

Chapter 446: We Will Host Another Wedding
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"Qingfeng, for now don’t interact with anymore cute girls. If you felt like you cannot control yourself anymore, remember to pour water onto your face." Ruyan Liu said.

Ruyan Liu was extremely smart; she found a temporary solution already. If Qingfeng Li was to react again, he only had to pour water onto himself. On the plane when his eyes were turning green, it was the coffee that solved the problem. Just now when his eyes turned green again, he regained control from the tea as well.

Ruyan Liu knew that water was the key to solving Qingfeng Li’s problem.

What, I can’t interact with girls and even have to pour water onto my face?

Qingfeng Li looked at Ruyan Liu with an unwilling face; he was not happy.

Forbidden from looking at beautiful girls, this was even more painful than death. Ruyan Liu was a beauty as well … does that mean he couldn’t look at her. In addition, there was Jiaojiao Liu as well.

Regarding pouring water onto his face, this made him wordless. It was truly a sad development.

But Qingfeng Li knew what she said was right. For now, he really couldn’t interact with cute girls; he had to control himself. If anything like that were to happen, he would be in danger.

"Qingfeng, I am tired. You should go back too." Ruyan Liu wasn’t feeling well in her stomach and said.

She was already tried from flying. After all, she was pregnant. She was trying super hard to talk to Qingfeng Li before, but Qingfeng Li almost raped the two of them and scared her real good. Now she was extremely tired and only wanted to sleep.

"Ruyan, rest well, I will leave first." Qingfeng Li said caringly.


Seeing how Qingfeng Li stood up scared Jiaojiao Liu. She immediately backed off, like a scared rabbit.

Qingfeng Li looked at Jiaojiao Liu and thought, "I am your brother-in-law, why are you so scared?"

Of course he realized that he scared her a moment ago. He could only leave the villa depressingly.

"Sister, what happened to brother-in-law?" Seeing Qingfeng Li leave the villa, Jiaojiao Liu tensed her brows and asked.

"Jiaojiao, you can’t tell anyone else what happened to your brother-in-law, okay?" Ruyan Liu said quietly.

She knew that if anyone were to know what was happening to Qingfeng Li, it would spread and Qingfeng Li’s reputation would be tarnished.

Jiaojiao Liu nodded and agreed. She wasn’t dumb. Naturally she knew that things like this could not be spread around, or else Qingfeng Li would be finished.

"Sister, why won't you tell him that you are pregnant?" Jiaojiao Liu asked.

In her head, her sister being pregnant was good news. Naturally, she should tell her brother-in-law. But her sister never mentioned anything in front of him. Jiaojiao Liu was confused.

"Jiaojiao, don’t tell him or anyone else about my pregnancy." Ruyan Liu told her with a face full of complications.

For a woman, there were two most crucial moments in life. One was to marry, and the other was to give birth to a child. Ruyan Liu obviously wanted to tell Qingfeng Li that she was pregnant, but she couldn’t because Qingfeng Li was already married. This was a pain in her heart.

Ruyan Liu felt tired. After chatting a bit with Jiaojiao Liu, she walked towards her bedroom. She wanted to sleep and rest well.

After leaving Ruyan Liu’s home, Qingfeng Li walked towards the hospital.

At he Number One Republic Hospital, inside the emergency room.

Xue Lin was lying on her bed and holding onto the picture she drew. Tears started flowing out of her eyes and she was feeling extremely sad.

Remembering the wedding between her and Qingfeng Li made her heart ache. They originally planned to host a huge wedding between the two, and a lot of relatives and friends came, but in the end, a car crash happened.

Xue Lin’s body was injured so she could only rest in the hospital. She learned from her mother that Qingfeng Li went to Jing Capital, but she didn’t know why he went because Qingfeng Li didn’t tell her.

When Qingfeng Li walked into the room, he saw Xue Lin was crying. This made him extremely sad. Who dares to make his wife cry?

"Honey, why are you crying?" Qingfeng Li asked, his heart full of in pain. He would rather himself cry if he could make Xue Lin happy.

"You are back?" Seeing Qingfeng Li walking in, Xue Lin stopped crying and her face filled with joy.

"Yes, I am back. Tell me, who made you this sad, I will go take care of him."

"No one made me sad, it is just me."

"Don’t worry, you will get well soon."

"No, that isn’t the reason I am sad. I am sad because we didn’t host a wedding." Xue Lin said quietly with a sad tone.

She really wanted to have a wedding with Qingfeng, a wedding that just belonged to the two of them. But because of the car crash, they had to cancel their wedding.

Men might not understand, but for women, a wedding was something crucial in their lives. A life without a wedding was not a complete life.

After hearing Xue Lin, Qingfeng Li suddenly understood everything. Xue Lin was sad because they couldn’t host a wedding. This was an easy one to solve; they could just host another one.

"Little Red Riding Hood, don't be sad. When you get well, we will host another one, an even bigger one. I will get the whole world to attend our wedding." Qingfeng Li said with a smile.

In order to make her happy, Qingfeng Li called her Little Red Riding Hood. This was a small secret between the two.

Xue Lin’s face became red and said, "Big bad wolf, are you being honest? We are going to host another big wedding?"

Xue Lin felt extremely blessed. The happiness came too quickly, she almost couldn’t contain it.

The previous wedding costed a lot of time and money and invited a lot of friends and relatives, but it wasn’t successful.

A car crash before a wedding was a sign of bad luck, and normally people wouldn’t host another wedding. But Xue Lin didn’t expect that Qingfeng Li would host another wedding for them.

"Little Red Riding Hood don’t worry. I will stick to my promise. When you get out of the hospital I will host a global wedding. When that time comes, even the president of the Wolf Continent will come." Qingfeng Li laughed.

He decided that he was going to host a world level wedding for Xue Lin. He was going to make everyone come to their wedding.

He was going to tell the world that Xue Lin was his wife. He wanted to make her the happiest girl in the world.