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Chapter 447: Xue Lin Was Touched

Chapter 447: Xue Lin Was Touched
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"Big bad wolf, thank you." Xue Lin’s face became red and she said, moved. Her eyes even shed a few drops of tears.

She didn’t expect that Qingfeng Li was going to host another wedding for her, a global level one, saying that he was going to get the president of the Wolf Continent to come.

A man willing to host two weddings for a single girl showed real devotion and love. Xue Lin was extremely moved.

"Little Red Riding Hood, if you are that moved, then give me a kiss." Qingfeng Li said with a smile. Seeing her face made his heart heat up once again.

He didn’t know why, but whenever he saw her, he would become passionate. So passionate that he wanted to do it with her.

Xue Lin said shyly, "It’s not good, we are still in the hospital."

"Don't worry, no one is going to come in."Qingfeng Li said.

After finishing his sentence, he hugged onto Xue Lin and gave her a deep kiss. She tasted sweet, like a melon.


Just when Qingfeng Li was going to continue, coughs sounded behind them. He turned his head and saw a beautiful nurse standing behind them.

The nurse was wearing a white uniform with a delicate face and perky nose, but her tits were huge; filling up her uniform. It was almost like within the next second, they were going to jump out.

The nurse wasn’t any other one but Yanran Zhao.

Yanran Zhao’s face was red; she felt extremely awkward. She was going to measure Xue Lin’s temperature, but didn’t expect to see what she just saw.

She was still a virgin, and had never been in a relationship. Qingfeng Li’s beast like motions scared her. Of course, at the same time, her heart was beating quickly.

This Qingfeng Li! The hospital is for caring for the sick, not a theatre. Doing stuff like that in the broad day light is really shameless.

Seeing Yanran Zhao come in, Xue Lin’s face reddened up as well; obviously feeling shy and awkward.

But she was a Chief Executive Officer after all. In just a few seconds she calmed down and readjusted herself.

"Nurse Zhao, what is wrong?" Xue Lin asked.

Yanran Zhao said, "President Lin, I am here to measure your temperature."

Yanran Zhao took out an electronic device and asked Xue Lin to put it under her arm.

During the measuring time, the three didn’t talk at all.

After five minutes Yanran Zhao took out the device and said, "36.5 degrees, that’s pretty normal."

"Qingfeng Li, come with me and get some saline for Xue Lin." Yanran Zhao said.

They were supposed to have two nurses this morning, but because the other nurse had an emergency, it was only Yanran Zhao this morning. She was extremely busy, and thus wanted Qingfeng Li to help.

Number One People's Hospital was a huge hospital. A lot of people came here to get help for health related issues. There were a lot of departments, such as the Pediatrics, Radiology, cardiovascular and osteology etc.

Even though the hospital had lots of nurses, after being divided to the different departments, there weren’t many left. In addition, there were even less specialized nurses.

For example, Xue Lin’s room was the VIP room. Only people who were reputable could stay in rooms like these. Other people could only stay in normal rooms.

Rooms like these were the best and nurses for these rooms were normally reputable as well; normal nurses wouldn’t be able to work here.

Yanran Zhao’s major in university was a specialization in nursing. In addition to her relationship with her father, the hospital’s head, she was able to get placed here in the VIP room.

Nurses that worked in the VIP rooms had extremely high wages and a better reputation when compared to even other doctors.

For example, billionaires’ housekeepers were normally higher status than company managers. This was because they could interact with billionaires, but managers were just people working for the company.

Qingfeng Li followed Yanran Zhao into the nursing room; preparing to carry the saline.

The nursing room was extremely big. It was filled with different medicine, needles, bags of saline, and other hospital items.

Xue Lin’s saline was expensive; imported from other countries. It was only on top of a white cabinet. Yanran Zhao stood on a chair to grab it.

Qingfeng Li was standing under her. Seeing Yanran Zhao’s face and chest made him became in heat as well; his eyes were filled with green light once again.

Qingfeng Li’s eyes were extremely evil; he wanted to rip off the nurse uniform and rape her.

When he was kissing Xue Lin in the room and was interrupted by Yanran Zhao, he was already trying hard to suppress his urges. Now seeing Yanran Zhao’s beautiful body, his heart became excited again.

Just when Yanran Zhao grabbed onto the saline and was about to come down, she was scared by Qingfeng Li’s green eyes. It made her lose balance and fall to the ground.

Yanran Zhao screamed because falling from such a high chair would definitely hurt her.

But contrary to her expectation of falling onto the ground, she fell into the embrace of Qingfeng Li.

Qingfeng Li’s eyes were filled with green light. Like a hungry wolf, he kissed onto Yanran Zhao’s plump lips.

"No..." before Yanran Zhao could finish her sentence, her mouth came into contact with Qingfeng Li’s mouth.

My first kiss is gone; Yanran Zhao didn’t know what to do. It was her first kiss. She never even had a boyfriend before.

This first kiss of hers was safely kept for 20 plus years. She wanted to give it to her first love when she finally meets him. But now it was stolen away by Qingfeng Li.

Qingfeng Li’s actions was extremely rude because his mind became blurry again. There was a voice inside his body telling him to have sex with the nurse.

"wuwuwu, you bastard, bullying me." Yanran Zhao cried.

She was extremely sad. She originally was going to get saline for Xue Lin, but Qingfeng Li kissed her. By his actions, it was almost like he was going to have sex with her as well. This was the nursing room; sex was obviously not permitted.

Yanran Zhao was crying a lot, with tears pouring out of her eyes. Along her face, the tears dropped onto Qingfeng Li’s face.

The warm tears dropped onto Qingfeng Li’s face and cleared his head again. The green light in his eyes disappeared along with the heat in his heart. His mind suddenly became clear.

F*ck, I made the nurse cry.